Western Show Clothing

Color is key when deciding what you are going to wear out on the ring. You have to make sure your horse looks just as good as you do. Making an impression with your outfit, as well as your horses is a big part of the judging process.

Make sure before you pick the color that, it is appealing both on yourself and your horse. Remember your horse is a lot bigger then you and will stand out more, don’t be overlooked. You don’t want to be overly flashy but you want to be unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd

If you’re bottom-heavy, you might consider a dark chap color to minimize your thighs.

If you are on the taller side, a darker hat can visually compress you a little.

If you are busty, then layers are going to be your best friend.

If you are trying to create a bigger or more adult look go bold don’t be afraid of accessories.

Color is your friend, never be afraid to take chances on an outfit. Risk taking can be beneficial to your success in a horse show competition. The more you pride yourself in your appearance the more judges will take notice.

There are many different ways to boost your look. Make-up and jewelry make a big difference when showcasing your horse. Don’t over do it with the make up and don’t wear any jewelry that could possibly snag your outfit or worse harm your horse. The last thing you want to do is hurt your partner in the ring.

Speaking of material, make sure you pick an outfit that made out of quality fiber. You don’t want to wear something that will irritate your skin or cause you to perspire too much. Judges will notice all the details and that will be one of them.

Wearing Chiffon Dresses

  • Wear them with all body types – You do not have to worry about looking bulky or fat in this fabric, even if you are overweight. This is because it is a flowing material that does not make you look awkward. In fact, a great thing about it is the fact that it can make you look highly elegant regardless of the shape of your body.
  • Be careful about the sheerness – These dresses are very light and sheer, which means that you will have to wear them with multiple layers of clothing. When choosing what to wear under these dresses, you must be careful. For example, wearing dark undergarments can ruin the look of your dress. The best tip is to either buy a slip of the same color as your dress or to get a white one. These slips are highly affordable and can save you a lot of embarrassment.
  • Minimal accessories – The overall look of chiffon dresses is that of simplicity and elegance. Unless you prefer otherwise, you should keep it this way. Pair your dress up with modest jewelry. Ideally, you should go for a decent set of earrings and a pendant. A simple clutch can also look highly elegant with these dresses.
  • Go for both long and short dresses – Some people only make long dresses out of chiffon, thinking that the flowing material is meant for such dresses. This, however, is not true. While you certainly can make some amazing long dresses out of it, the material is also ideal for short dresses. You can get a short dress stitched to fit your physique perfectly. However, to make sure this does not become a problem, you must buy the material carefully. It should be slightly stretchable so that it will not tear easily.

All in all, you can look absolutely stunning in these women dresses as long as you know how to carry them. You must also focus on the quality of the fabric, since this will determine the final look of your dress. As long as you get the dress stitched properly, you can be rest assured that you will look amazing!

Types of Wedding Tiaras

Pearl bridal tiara

This is one of the most popular tiaras that people usually use for their wedding day. This type of tiara can fit to your off white or ivory dress. You can combine this tiara with a beautiful white wedding gown. Most people usually combine this tiara with a pearl necklace on their neck. There are a lot of types of pearl wedding tiaras. You have to choose one of them based on your needs, preferences, and your budgets. If you have low budgets for your tiara, you can purchase the tiara with fake pearls. This is much cheaper than the tiara with real pearls.

Colored bridal tiara

This tiara is very suitable for people who love colorful jewelry. People usually combine colorful crystal in this tiara. The colored bridal tiaras are available in many different colors, such as blue, red, silver, and gold. You have to choose the best tiara based on your appearance. If you have dark hair, you may want to choose a faux tiara. The blue or pink tiaras are very suitable for people who have light colored hair. Choosing the best color of your tiara can be very important to support your overall look. If you choose the wrong color, this could take away form the natural beauty you will want on your wedding day.

Crystal bridal tiara

If you want to purchase an elegant tiara, you should consider purchasing the crystal bridal tiara. Crystal tiaras are very beautiful and fun to wear on your hair during your wedding day. There are many different types of crystal headbands available on the market. You can choose three or four strand bands with Swarovski crystals on top of your tiara. If you only want to use little sparkle on your tiara, you may want to use only one strand crystal tiara.

Rhinestone tiara

Sparkling rhinestone’s can be very suitable for people who are looking for the beautiful and glamorous look on their wedding day. The rhinestone styles are available in many different colors, such as silver, gold, red, or blues. Some rhinestone wedding tiaras also have radiant floral arrangements. They are equipped with some crystals and pearls to make them more beautiful. If you want to have a beautiful tiara for your wedding, the rhinestone tiara style can be your perfect choice.

Satin wedding tiara

Satin tiara can give you perfect elegant appearance with a touch of some vintage looks during your wedding day. Most of these are equipped with small pearl or crystal ornaments. People love using this tiara because it is very beautiful. It can fit everyone’s hair easily. These tiaras can be combined with your crystal evening wedding dress perfectly. That is the reason why many people love using this tiara for their wedding.

Belt Buckles for Men

Belts come in various styles-fabric used, color, prints, and weave patterns-but in this article, we shall focus on the belt buckle and how it affects a man’s fashion sense. Buckles say much about the type of man you are-from the posh, pretty, and proper, to the adventurous, devil-may-care, and rugged.

A buckle is typically made of metal because it needs to be strong. That same reason makes it look strong, respectable, and responsible. After all, it holds things together and is at the center of everything (horizontally: of the belt and of the body; vertically: of the body) just like a man. On the contrary, a real man holds his family together and is at the center of operations from whatever profession he has.

Although used by both sexes, history tells us that buckles were rarely used in female fashion with the exception of the early Middle Ages.

There is no limit to what one can do to stylize a belt buckle. It can be made from really expensive materials such as platinum, gold, bronze, and silver. It can also be made to accommodate precious stones and accessories. There is nothing wrong with wearing a luxurious buckle especially if you are the type who can afford one.

More recently, western-style belt buckles have had a reincarnation in the fashion world. Western belt buckles feature extravagant designs and carvings mimicking graphics that pertain to the cowboy lifestyle. They are usually oval in shape and look great with the classic shirt, jeans, and boots look.

There is also a market for custom-made buckles where there is no limit in styles, materials, and designs.

Apart from the aforementioned kinds of buckles, there are also the basic types which all buckles adhere to. The snap buckle is made of a spring-driven clasp on one side with a hollow opposite end. A clip buckle is made of thin plates of metal secured by spring or magnetic clips on the other end. The classic tang buckle has a metal ring with hinged flaps (tangs). It secures itself in place through holes along the other end of the belt.

Finding the right buckle boils down to personal style and fashion sense. For men, belt buckles complement a strong and macho appearance when worn with confidence. They can also project certain moods and less-serious fashion styles for the hip and modern. Surely, a belt buckle is an important part of one’s style.

Wearing A Hat That Flatters Face Shape

The triangle face

If you have a triangular shape you can wear almost all hat styles and look incredibly gorgeous. The triangular face features a large forehead with a pointy chin and wide cheekbones. You can try out various styles, but stay clear of those with crowns and are narrower compared to your cheekbones. Practically any hat style will work for this face shape.

The square face

This kind of shape features a broad forehead, forehead as well as chin. If you have a square face shape, hats that have a larger brim will do the trick for you also slightly tilting the hat balances of your broad chin. Some of the best styles to the square shape are fedoras with a wide brim, round brims together with slouch brims that have the ability to balance the face.

The round face

This shape is full, round and does not have any angles or points. The recommended hats for this face shape are big hats. Asymmetrical shapes or wide brimmed hats or those you can wear with a slight tilt have the potential of highlighting your facial features.

The long face

The long face can be compared to a long oval. It’s known for its sleek, elongated shape without points. The worst enemies for this face shape are deep crowns that exaggerate the face line, instead try out hats with wide brims. Go for hats that fit properly.

Heart shaped face

Any heart style can work for this face shape. Featuring a wide cheek bones you must be careful as to choose a hat with narrower crowns as compared to your cheekbones. Some of the worst styles for you are fedoras together with tribly styles. Recommended styles are berets, boaters, sailors, turbans cloches as well a picture hat.

The oval shape

Hats that have larger brims are most appropriate for this face shape, but you can try out different hat styles and still look fantastic but ensure that they are proportionate to your height. Tilt your hat slightly to the eyebrow right across the hair or brow line.

Like A Sailor With A Striped Scarf

Against your really plain tee, these striped scarves can really make a huge difference. Going for a striped scarf is actually being on the safe side because you can choose from so many kinds of patterns available in the market right now. However, it is quite understandable that some of us might not be very comfortable to go from basic plain colored scarves to more daring designs such as a striped scarf. This is also fashion appropriate for men who might not be fond of the idea of wearing heavily patterned scarves.

What is really interesting about this striped scarf is it is actually the perfect accessory to complete a sailor themed look. Naturally, it is the blue and white stripes that instantly give off that look. You can either go with narrow stripes or go bold and big with wide-striped scarves. You can pair this off with just a plain white tee and shredded shorts or whatever floats your boat, really (no pun intended).

The holiday season also brings a massive number of people wearing these striped scarves. The red and white or green and white combinations are very popular during this season. One might remember their childhood while they enjoy those hard candy canes of the same colors. Just remember that while wearing a striped scarf of these two colors, do not over complicate your look further by wearing polka dots or other holiday themes designs and patterns. Just stick to either of the two and keep the rest of your clothes simple.

These striped scarves are also a favorite of punk dressers. Their color of choice is the black and white combination. Considered as the universal choice, it can fit perfectly to any look or personal style. Aside from going for a hardcore look, you can wear this to look more proper in occasions where it requires you to dress in a more formal style. As the case may be, this black and white striped scarf is appropriate for both men and women.

Other styles include the rainbow striped scarf which probably only the more girly population favors. The very many colors all rolled into one can be a perfect winter accessory. When you wear this, for sure, there would not be anymore a dull feeling or the gloominess that this season usually brings. In fact, it all looks really exciting! Furthermore, you do not even have to bother with other accessories like jewelry because having on a bright and rainbow striped scarf can absolutely brighten up your whole look.

Different Scarf Styles

  1. Embroidered scarves carry the unique work-pattern found in traditional scarves worn during the Roman times and hence, are reminiscent of their history. One can see a marvelous display of appliqué work by the expert artisans. Another common scarf happens to be made of wool. It has always been in demand for being warm, comfortable and convenient to carry. Made from fleece of sheep, it can match any of your winter wear.
  2. A hand-painted piece is an example of beautiful interplay of skill and creativity at its best. It usually exhibits a play of intricate designs and colors to cast a lasting spell on the wearer.  This unique accessory can be made from fabrics including cotton, wool, chiffon, satin or georgette. It can be used for any purpose from being a simple neck scarf to hip scarf, beach scarf and what not.
  3. Next is the knitted scarf.  This piece is used as a fashion accessory and has become an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. New experiments are being done by the artisans to bring exclusive designer pieces for the fashion conscious milieu. Common fabrics used in making a knitted one are wool, pashmina or cotton. Available in different sizes and shapes, it can be worn as a winter, head or neck scarf.
  4. A scarf in silk is believed to have its origin during 1000 B.C. when it was worn by warriors of a renowned Chinese Emperor Cheng.  Such is made from woven fabric material and helps to keep the body warm and comfortable during the winters. However, it’s equally good to be worn during the summers or just in any season you like as it adds flair to your personality.
  5. A bandana scarf is becoming increasingly common these days, thanks to the changing fashion trends. It is derived from the Hindi word ‘bandhana’, which means ‘to tie’. It has beautiful play of contrast and matching colors with bold, exquisite designs to go with any of your outfit. It adds a sparkle to any simple or drab piece of clothing.
  6. A beaded scarf is embellished with beads of varied colors and sizes to give it a special look. Beads used in making such exclusive pieces of clothing can be glass, plastic and metallic beads. Different designs and patterns are made using such beads on the cloth. A sequine scarf is somewhat similar to the beaded version. However, the difference lies in the fact that it is decorated with star-like adornments to form exclusive designs.

Whichever scarf you may choose, one thing is for sure… it will add color and flair to any of your outfits.  They happen to be a wonderful fashion accessy in the lives of many men and women.

Types of Long Skirts for Women

The straight type

This type of long skirt is ideal for both formal and casual occasions. Chic and stylish, they can make you look both elegant as well as poised. For a sexier look you can opt for those skirts that have side or back slits, revealing some bit of your legs. The satin ones are best for this purpose.

A-line Skirt

The best part about these skirts is that they suit all body types and it is very easy to team them up with something too. If it is printed then you should go for those neutral-colored simple blouses that you make look fresh and off-the-cuff.

Ruffled Skirts

Just like the name suggests, this type of long skirt boasts beautiful ruffles on it. However, you must not try them out if you are on the heavier side as that will bring more focus upon it. Such embellishments work wonderfully for skinny or slim figures by adding mass to the overall figure.

Wrap Around skirts

It is perfect for all figure types and can be availed in various fabrics, styles and colours at affordable prices online. Go for it when you want to look modish yet attractive. There are several boutiques who design wonderful pieces of such skirts but you have to search well for them.


It is a type of skirt that has a tight fit round the hips and waist but flairs downwards, just like the tail of a mermaid. Go for darker colours for a classier look but you must be careful about the kind of occasion you can wear it too. For instance you can definitely not wear one for a picnic up the mountains.

Flowing Skirt

Flowing skirts are the most comfortable to wear because of its comfortable, flowing nature. However, it is not really in at the moment but it will surely become fashionable after a few seasons. Thus, whatever is your choice regarding long skirts wear one only when you feel comfortable in it and not just because it will make you ooze the “in” look.

Choose A Figure Flattering Dress

The first thing that you need to do is identify your body type. There are four body types, and they are as follows:

  • Triangle: broad hips and thighs with the torso drawing in to narrow shoulders
  • Inverted Triangle: broad shoulders which draw in to narrow hips and thighs
  • Boy Shape/Rectangle: evenly spaced hips, thighs, torso and shoulders – barely noticeable curves
  • Hourglass: this is the curvy figure with large busts and shoulders, narrower waist, and buxom buttocks, hips and thighs

Now, most people fall into one of these categories more than they do the others, but they are not strictly defined. There are a few rules for each aspect of the body shape. For example, there is a rule for slimming wide shoulders, and a rule for emphasising hips if you have none. We describe these rules below, as well as some rules pertaining to each of the four categories. Mix and match these rules according to your particular body shape to find the perfectly tailored solution. We recommend that you note these rules for future reference, just in case you cannot find this article at a later date.

  • Fuller tummy or boy shape: choose a skirt with a fuller body-one that flares out from the hips-to disguise a heavier tummy and to create curves at the hips.
  • Larger rectangular: to slim down a fuller figure, you need to choose floating fabrics and not those that cling too heavily.
  • Fuller tummy that is low set: you need to draw attention away from the larger part of the tummy (i.e. that bit just above the hips), and you can do this by wearing a dress with a higher waistline, or one that has a slight elastication just below the bust.
  • Larger shoulders: you need to wear dresses that sport an asymmetrical neckline. This will draw attention away from your shoulders and towards the bust and neck area. Avoid anything that emphasises the shoulders, such as a frilly collar or voluminous sleeves.
  • Large bust: if you want to downplay your breast size, then choose a square neckline to even out the curves. A v-shaped neckline will emphasise your cleavage, which in some cases can be slimming if you have a wide bust, but not a particularly protruding bust.
  • Small bust: choose a v-shaped neckline to emphasise the bust, but also try to choose a dress with a focal point in that area as it draws attention to the area, which naturally gives them an emphasis.


Start A Successful Clothing Boutique

You should first define the market that you want to cater to. Although many boutiques cater to young girls who are interested in popular fashion, your clients can have more eclectic interests. You can supply the best in retro clothing and vintage shoes or you can target a very young demographic. Choosing a niche that is not dense with competition will make it easier for you to succeed.

This will also help you to plan the development of your inventory. Once you know who you will be buying for, you can start researching different wholesale companies that will allow you to build an acceptable stock at a reasonable price. Rather than purchasing a large quantity of different looks, it is best to start with a few, well constructed outfits that you can sell as sets. Many people like using boutiques because these shops can often serve the same function as personal stylists.

You can market your wares by creating and posting quality content. This will require you to learn the needs of your market and to show how you can fill these needs. For instance, some clients might be looking for ways to minimize their trouble zones, while others may have a difficult time putting flattering sets together on their own. Your blogs and articles can answer these questions while leading people back to your sales pages.

One of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction with a business of this type, is by making everything accessible in one place. This is especially the case when your clients are looking for help in creating comprehensive outfits. Your goal is to keep these individuals from ever leaving your site at any time in the purchasing process.