Popular Hats and Caps

In a survey about men’s perspective about fashion items, one item about which men agreed that it is a great fashion accessory was caps, hats and head wear. Modern Popular hat styles for men include the baseball cap, the cowboy hat though it is popular in only some parts like Texas, and the newsboy or messenger caps. The most popular hats and caps with women are straw hats, felt and velvet hats, cotton knitted hats, and as winter accessory they like to don wool bucket hat or wool beret. Woolen hats are also there for men and that too stylish ones, of which embroidered hats and caps are most liked by men.

Women love it when their hats are embellished with fur, bows, satin ribbons and the like, so that they may look stunning in formal dresses too. There are … Read the rest

Messenger Bag

Today, women are no more restricted to the same old designs of the tote bags or to those age old clutch bags. Nowadays, the incredible ranges of the messenger bag for women stand as the hot new trend. Indeed, it is no secret that these women bags have taken the whole fashion world by storm and you can actually see them on almost all ages, from the professionals to the college goers. Indeed the stylish range of the messenger bags for women seem to be almost everywhere and are also available in an array of patterns, designs, styles, trends and shades that you can practically think of!

The messenger bags for women are nothing new. In fact, these have been around since ages. The recently released patterns and styles, messenger bags have stood apart as the most sought after pieces … Read the rest

Simple Choice of Silver Earrings

If the earrings fit your face in lending for the pomp and pageantry, Tiffany earrings add the magnetic effect of this splendor. Silver earrings became highly popular in the late Victorian period with the sapphire. Tiffany earrings, in particular, have caught the attention of the Edwardian period. Its rich color and attractive sheen were the perfect depth and liveliness of imagination, developing models of age. Since then, their popularity has never waned. To date, ruby earrings stay as the choice of many.

Classic Design is the definition of Tiffany works, and each masterpiece of the beautiful Tiffany would last for generations. Tiffany’s design had never met ups and downs of fashion, and it will not be outdated because it’s completely on top of the tide.

From traditional to modern design, Tiffany, with all kinds of earrings has created a mysterious … Read the rest

Pashmina Scarf

Pashmina scarves are one of the most consistently used accessories of all time. Not only are they simply gorgeous, they are really comfortable to wear. The fabric itself really feels soft and amazing. Having a pashmina scarf can give you the highest quality that you can ever imagine. That is why people will never get tired and bored with wearing these wonderfully created scarves.

Today, pashmina scarves have become more and more creative and attractive to look at. Manufacturers of such scarves all over the world have grown more competitive with their products as the demand of the consumers when it comes to style and quality have skyrocketed especially amidst the recession. There are really a lot to choose from in the market. Designs have incredibly varied from one brand to the other. After all, each one of us has … Read the rest

Wholesale Belts

If you are one of these people, you might want to consider buying wholesale belts directly from suppliers or manufacturers. This way, you could get all the belts you want at lower cost because wholesale belts are usually priced much lower than those you purchase individually from the stores. You can search belt manufacturers that sell wholesale belts at a discounted price. This would be better because you are dealing directly to the manufacturer so you could get the cheapest rate possible for your belts.

Dealers of wholesale belts have a wide variety of belt styles and designs that you can choose from. Have you ever been in a situation when you have spotted a very nice belt in the store and then the next day you came to buy it only to find out that it has already been … Read the rest

Ins-And-Outs of Diamond Earring Styles

Without a doubt, a gem set in the luxuriousness of yellow gold makes a wonderful present and will be a surely treasured precious gift. A sure favorite shared by many women over the ages has been the diamond earring encased in yellow gold that dangles from a stud in the ear.

With the beauty and elegance that this type of earring creates, it is no wonder that many women fall in love and treasure these gems. Treasured so much that these items will become a loved jewel in your lady’s jewelry case forever. As stunning as diamond earrings set in yellow gold may be, may women are now opting for diamonds set in white metals, such as gold, silver and platinum. The white coloring of the gold, silver or platinum creates a more flexible styling that your lady will appreciate, … Read the rest

Cloche Hat Styles

  • Knit or Crochet Cloche. While not exactly historically accurate knit Cloche hats are very fun to not only wear but make. They are also relatively easy. A great beginner knitter or crochet project. No need to spend a lot of cash on a pattern book. Free cloche knit patterns are easily found online.
  • Fabric Cloche. A much harder to find pattern is for fabric Cloche hats. Some patterns are made with two pieces of fabric and shaped around your head with gathering stitches. Other patterns piece together triangle shapes to add style and functionality.
  • Ribbon Cloche. Very unique 1920’s Cloches were made of long strands of ribbon, layered, and stitched into shape. With the right pattern this Cloche is sure to set your apart at your next prohibition rally.
  • Turban Cloche. The discovery of king tuts tomb in the 1920’s
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Look Effortlessly Stylish Daily

  • Buy clothes that flatter your figure and not just ones that are fashionable (this is a good way to learn the distinction between stylish and fashionable). For instance, if you have wide hips then skinny jeans will not suit you at all. Buy jeans and pants that have a slight flare at the bottom to balance out your look.
  • Pick up classic pieces that can be used in different ways to create myriad looks. A well-fitting blazer or a wonderful pair of pants can be matched with many other clothes. The blazer, for instance, looks entirely different when worn with a flowing skirt instead of trousers. Your wardrobe should also contain a good leather jacket, a well-cut knee length skirt and a classic sheath dress in black (or navy blue or brown).
  • Get rid of things that have been sitting
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Use a Head Scarf As a Bracelet

One unique and unexplored way of using a head scarf is to wear it as a bracelet. This hasn’t been as widespread as other scarf uses but is equally charming and chic.

Using a scarf as a bracelet is fairly simple. Many stores offer special bracelet scarves suited only for this purpose. These may be smaller than most head scarves and may be made with beads and other charms. However, you don’t need to buy a specialized bracelet scarf – your own head scarf will do. This is simply what makes the head scarf such a great accessory; you can use it in countless ways.

You can begin by folding your scarf to a desired size. Ideally, bracelet scarves should be half an inch to one inch in thickness at a minimum, for maximum visibility. You can do thicker widths … Read the rest

Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci luggage and purses are the mainstay of the company’s line. Red plastic frames with the interlocking logo($240) or horse bit sunglasses($325) either way there’s a great match with other items in the Gucci repertoire. Contemporary or cute these styles take the wearer for a drive uptown or to a day at an amusement park. Any mood or function–Gucci is there.

Fashion colors are to be found on many of the Gucci sunglasses styles. Pink, sand, dark mauve, blue, brown, black and gray are frequently used on these. Any Gucci handbag can be matched to a well coordinated pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Men’s styles in Gucci sunglasses tend toward the conservative. With prices ranging around $250 to $340 for many styles this designer label isn’t the most costly around. Many logos on men’s styles consist of “Gucci” written out. The … Read the rest