Aigle Footwear for Men

Aigle shoes have been around for more than a century and have attained legendary status for producing some of the best outdoor shoes in the world. These shoes include hunting boots (Parcours), horseback riding boots (Eucyer) and nautical boots worn by sailors, who love the comfort and sense of style Aigle shoes always give them.

Aigle makes a wide range of boots for men, women and children. These boots are basically made to protect people from the weather elements whenever they are outdoors. Aigle footwear remains famous for upholding 3 main ideals. These ideals include quality, function and classic elegance. This is why Aigle footwear remains popular for outdoor living and with a wide array of shoes that suit personal tastes and preferences.

One of the most popular Aigle shoes for men on the market is the Aigle York Leather Ankle Boot which is a perfect example of what the French footwear company tries to achieve with every pair of shoe that they put out. Aigle York Leather Ankle Boots are a combination of style, simplicity and utter quality. They come with a host of options whether you want to wear them in business or casual surroundings.

The Aigle York Leather Ankle Boot comes in pitch black leather with elastic gores by the side. They are created to accommodate padded insoles and relaxing threaded rubber soles. They measure 6.5” from the highest point of the shaft to the lowest point of the sole. You can basically wear them with anything in your wardrobe.

There is also the Start XL Rubber Tall Boot that is made from black waterproof rubber and characterized by a moisture absorbing lining made from polyamide foam. Start XL Rubber boots are well designed with padded rubber soles and insoles for ultimate comfort. These shoes can last you for years because they are ruggedly elegant.