Basic Wardrobe Checklist

A basic wardrobe checklist is the answer to both of those problems. It will allow you to have the right items that can be easily mixed and matched. Here are six items that should be on everyone’s basic wardrobe checklist:

  1. Ballet flats – These are comfortable shoes that are also stylish. Put away the flip-flops and sneakers and stomp around in your chic ballet flats.
  2. A Men’s White Shirt – This is a versatile item that goes with everything from jeans to tuxedo pants and everything in between.
  3. A cashmere sweater – Classy and timeless, you will get compliments every time you slip this on. Get this item in a black, gray, navy, or brown so that you can pair it with more outfits.
  4. A classic trench coat – This coat can work with almost any outfit and ensures you will be chic every time you put it on. You can also throw this over any outfit and looked dressed up, which is great if you are wearing ratty jeans and a t-shirt to make a quick trip to the grocery store where you will undoubtedly run into someone you know.
  5. Little black dress – This can be combined with other items for a great work ensemble or dressed up for more formal events that occasionally pop up. The little black dress, while versatile, can be seen as a little blasé in fashion circles. The little black dress can be substituted with a little white dress or a little red dress.
  6. Classic black high heels – This is the a perfect option for women who hate shoe shopping (yes, they do exist). Because these pair of heels can be worn with almost any outfit, you can avoid having shopping in the shoe department for years.

This abbreviated six item basic wardrobe checklist is a great jumping off point towards dressing stylishly and curing your fashion blackouts forevermore. When you need to look great, but don’t want to have to think about what to wear, pull out these items. Use these versatile pieces to quickly assemble a no-hassle chic outfit and watch this basic wardrobe checklist continually be the cure for what ails you.