Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Beautiful sunglasses add alluring elements to anyone’s best summer outfit. There’s more than this year’s top fashion to be sure in the design of sunglasses. This country now has sunglass manufacturing standards for the prevention of minimal levels of harmful ultraviolet rays. Other countries have similar rating methods. Standards on some eyewear about impact resistance also exist. There is not a doubt about the hours of engineering required to develop popular summer eyewear.

There’s a genuine homage to the 1950’s sunglasses in Dolce&Gabbana’s current line. Ruby red plastic frames are reminiscent of Marilyn (Monroe not Manson). Rhinestones haven’t had this much of a workout since Liberace died either. Retro has long been a trend with the youth market. The sunglasses lines of D&G as well as many other houses are following this retro trend straight into the mainstream fashion market.

When glitz is not appropriate Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses are still a sound choice. Tried and true styles like aviators and variations on those traditions will be at home at a pool side power lunch. Whether Hollywood or Silicon Valley there is a D&G style that feels right. Visiting a Jackson Pollock exhibit with friends? D&G sunglasses styles will not be outdone by contemporary art.

Eclectic and artistic, D&G clothes and accessories would outshine Dale Chihuly public glass displays. Women who want to look as if they just walked out of the pages of Vogue all know that there is no more modern look than that of D&G. Leave dowdy behind and join the ranks of trendsetters.

The look of D&G sunglasses is one that must be accompanied by the handbags of the same line. Each is a work of art. Nothing bolder exists on the fashion horizon than a crocodile handbag in outrageous colors. Truly no one who carries the bold look of this haute couture imperative should leave home without D&G sunglasses this summer.

Most of the D&G sunglasses can be found in the neighborhood of $200. There are certainly more expensive designer names than the label “DG” on sunglass frame arms. None are as unique as this popular maker. For less flamboyant beauty try style #18913. Four color combinations are available but in beige frame with brown gradient lenses (both “Dolce” and “Gabbana” spelled out in rhinestones); it is surprisingly sophisticated.

Stay Warm with Winter Hat

Get a soft, round, flat-crowned beret for a sophisticated, European look. These days, berets mostly come in hand-woven wool, wool felt or acrylic fiber. You can top any outfit off with a beret, most specifically a simple black dress, or straight leg jeans and a blouse. These floppy hats are a sure-fire way to stay warm and well-dressed this winter.

For a more casual, street-savvy look, rock a beanie cap this winter. You can pair these head-hugging, brimless caps with jeans, leather jackets and boots for an edgy, urban flair to any winter outfit.

If you are interested in a classier look, get a fedora, or a brimmed, felt hat that is creased lengthwise down the crown, and pinched in the front on both sides. Even though the fedora was originally a men’s hat, it has become popular among women in the last few years. Fedora’s are a great hat to complement trendy evening wear. Pair it with dress slacks and a sexy top, a blazer and dark-wash jeans or even a dress or skirt with heels or boots. Wherever you go in this hat, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Now, equipped with some knowledge on the hippest hat styles around, you can stay warm and fashion-wise this winter. And for all you hat-doubting non-believers, just remember that you lose a lot of body heat through the top of your head!

Designer Scarves

Scarfs are a great thing to purchase because they are one of those things that never go out of style no matter how different trends seem to change. They allow you to get new wardrobe without having to buy new clothes. These are high quality accessories that should be found in your closet along with ties and bows. This way, you don’t have to spend your savings on every fad.

When you are considering color, you should think of how it will compliment your skin tone. If you have a light complexion it wouldn’t be wise to buy something too bright. Same thing goes if you have a darker complexion. Also, it has to go well with your coat or jacket. At first, it’ll be difficult to find a color to balance out the two, but you’ll eventually find one.

Think about opposites when matching your coat with scarfs. The coarser and thicker the coat, the finer or thinner the math should be, vice-versa. It is just a matter of how you mix and match it. For example, a black one would go well with a brown coat. Or a black leather jacket with a thick white one. Both looks are great for males and females.

This tip is for the ones who love to wear suits. The rare three piece suit which has recently been popularized, works really well with scarf. A trench coat on top of a cashmere-made accessory makes a man look really good and made up. Pair a black suit with green one, blue suit with red one, and a gray suit with blue one.

If you are the type of person who enjoys the simplicity of casual clothes then a short or medium piece is the one for you. There’s nothing like seeing a man/woman walking down the street wearing jeans, a leather jacket and triangle-folded scarfs wrapped around their neck. Women can pull off wearing bold colors that are brighter, while men may want to wear more subdued colors.

Come winter time, hand knitted sweaters and thick jackets are the basis on which type you’d want to match it with. The main reason people wear these clothes are to keep their body temperate, but if you look hard enough you’ll find some products with the same quality for winter but with fantastic designs. What better way to get warm than with a designer made scarf.

When it comes to which style you want to purchase that all depends on you. There is a wide selection of styles on which you can choose from. You can retro and buy the 80’s or 70’s items or go for a more formal one like a Pashmina. Make sure that what you purchase is one you’d like to wear for more than one occasion.

Scarfs are made to enhance the beauty that each person possess, so don’t be afraid to try out new things even if you’re the only one who seems to be doing it. Creativity needs to be played out whenever you dress, especially when you’re dealing with designs and colors as each one has something to offer. Go and find out which you like best that’ll best suit your disposition and lifestyle.

Cat Earrings

Cat earrings have developed over the years from the well-known, basic studs, into more dramatic styles. There are some delightful drop styles which come in not just gold or silver, but in many vivid colors to suits multiple personalities and dress styles.

Quite popular are the drop style which can also incorporate flowers, symbols or artistic additions onto the cats’ body. This gives the wearer not just a plain item to announce their passion for cats. It also provides another outlet for expression of personality by combining another interest area in conjunction with the passion for cats.

It is important to consider the size of the persons ear lobe when deciding upon styles. If the person has a small ear lobe or if it is for a child, the weight of the earring may be an issue. Whilst many metals are light weight, more expensive items in sterling silver can become heavy if a larger style is selected.

To combat the weight issue associated with larger styles, hollow metal is often used or other non-metal substance such as light weight acrylic. Whilst some people may feel plastic is a cheap alternative to metal, there are advances in manufacturing constantly occurring which can produce a high quality product without the plastic or cheap feel to it.

An advantage of acrylic is that it is light weight, but also does not have the cheap plastic feel and it can be printed on in a multitude of colors. This can suit many different fashion styles and can even be worn at more expensive occasions. It also does not fade or chip easily making it a versatile, long wearing choice.

Besides the weight of the main body of the cat earring, it is important to consider the metal used in the post or hook in the ear. For some people they may be allergic to some metals and have an allergic reaction. Many cat earrings have posts or hooks which are manufactured with surgical steel to minimise allergic reactions and improve wearability.

Additionally, due to the nature of a drop style, the links utilised in the cat earring should line up and not contain gaps. Gaps may stretch open over time and there is a risk that the cat earring may become lost from the post. A higher quality item should have sturdy connection points between each part of the cat earring.

Checking these small details prior to purchase will ensure a higher quality, long lasting cat earring which will give the wearer many opportunities to enjoy their feline or many years to come.

Design A Snap Back Hat

Meet The Snap Back Hat

You’ve seen these hats your whole life. These are the immediately recognizable baseball caps, sometimes called trucker hats. The basic construction is the same no matter where you buy them: flat or curved bill, bendable rim with 5-6 triangular fabric panels that meet at the crown. The whole thing is topped with a button and has an adjustable exposed snap fastener at the back of it.

Things That Affect The Design Of A Snap Back Hat

  • Location. When you design a snap back hat, chances are you’ll have the graphic embroidered right on the front, above the bill. You could also have embroidery on the sides or anywhere else on the fabric, but the bill is the most common place for graphics.
  • Workable Area. Any image must fit within the embroiderable area. If it’s the front of the cap, this is generally 2 1/4 inches tall by 4 1/4 inches wide. Keep these parameters in mind when you create your graphic.
  • Detailing. Don’t overdo the details. Fine details will be lost on an embroidered hat and if the design is too busy, clarity can be lost once the image is shrunk down to fit on the cap. Stick with clean and simple lines for the best embroidery. Skip the details and aim for the big picture.

Getting Help From An Embroiderer

Of course a good embroiderer is the key component of creating a great hat. Before you hire one to help you design a snap back hat, ask them a few questions. This will give you an idea of their capabilities and experience with these types of hats. Expertise is important because these caps have some curve to them, which can be tricky to embroider on.

  • What is your level of experience embroidering snap back hats? The more experience they have, the better. They’ll be familiar with all the little tricks that can make the project go smoothly and have plenty of experience to draw on when working on your project. Embroiderers who work with these type of caps regularly will also have the tools needed to ensure your design is centered, solidly constructed and not flawed in any way.
  • Do you use hoops and stabilizers? Hoops and stabilizers hold the cap in place while it’s being embroidered. Without these tools you run the risk of crooked or puckered designs.
  • Do you have frames to fit my caps? Embroidery is done by computers nowadays. Frames work with the hoops and stabilizers to keep the cap centered and where it should be as it gets embroidered. Just as there are many different hat styles, there are many different sizes frames; you need one that fits your hat or the design will be off.
  • What file format do you use? Again, designs are embroidered by computers, not people; therefore you need to provide a digital file of your design that can be loaded into the computers that control the embroidery machines. You’ll probably have to provide a stitch file (.EXP, .DST, etc.) or an outline file (.CND, etc.). Most embroiderers will be able to digitize the image for you.

BVLGARI Sunglasses

BVGARI sunglasses are adorned with Swarovski crystals. Acetate frames make these fit more comfortably than other polymers would. The affect of a beautifully bejeweled face is nothing short of stunning. Additionally, there are differences in the broad range of styles and colors. For instance, those who tend toward spring or summer facial, eye and hair tone will find Cicladi model 8005B ($430) in cream to be very flattering.

Likewise the 8024 ($430) in honey would be splendid and truly is apart from the pack. Metallic gold frames on style 8020B ($475) are among the more unusual colors as are the styles available in caramel. Alissa shield sunglasses($650) bring together the functionality of shields with crystal-encrusted parenthesis logo on Havana (brown tortoise) frames. All would be fabulous choices for those with autumn coloring.

Winter coloration will be complimented by most of the BVLGARI sunglasses colors. The mainstay of these being of course vibrant dark colors. Many styles of shield sunglasses and a few aviators are included among the BVLGARI sunglasses.

BVLGARI sunglasses carry one of three different logo styles. The Cicladi (concentric circles), Cerchi (circular) and Perentesi (parenthesis) logos adorn the acetate frame arms of differing styles. Prices range from around $350 to $650 for most BVLGARI sunglass.

Men are not left out of the BVLGARI sunglasses line. There are several variations of classic men’s frames like shields and aviators to name a few. There is even an unisex style for the couple who likes to coordinate their wardrobe choices. That is logo wraparound sunglasses style 8025 which offers full protection from light entering around the outside of sunglasses.

Ways To Style A Scarf

Ascot Knot

This is similar to the way you tie shoelaces. Wrap the scarf all the way around your neck, and without letting go of the ends, cross them behind your back and bring them back to the front. One end should be longer than the other. Cross the long end with the short one and pull the long end through the loop. Arrange the ends so that the shorter end is covered by the longer one across your chest. This is the most recommended way of tying a scarf for cold places. Remember to put the ends of the scarf under your jacket/coat and not let them hang outside.

Fake Knot

This style requires a medium-length scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck such that the ends hang flat across your chest. One end should reach your mid-chest while the other should reach your upper waist. Make a knot on one end and slip the other end through it. Pull the knot to tighten. If the knot is too tight for the other end to pass through, loosen the knot without undoing it. Note that a patterned or chequered scarf is better for this purpose since the knot will be easier to see.

Once or Twice Around

For this style, choose a long scarf. Hang the scarf around your neck so that the ends sew hanging across your chest. Now throw one end of the scarf across your opposite shoulder and then bring it back to the front for a once-around. In case of twice around, pass the long end of the scarf around your neck once more to make a snug fit. This style can either be moderate or warm and can be worn with all kinds of coats and jackets.

Aviator Scarf

Scarves, in general, are versatile accessories. For one thing, you can tie them in several ways. Here are some basic techniques in tying silk scarves so you can make the best use of them: For a casual look, simply fold a silk scarf in half and make a loop by pulling both ends through. You could also wrap a silk scarf around your neck a few times and tuck in both ends so they are not visible. Just throwing a long silk scarf around the neck once can add a dramatic effect to your attire without going overboard.

A popular style in tying silk scarves is known as an ascot. You do this by placing a scarf around your neck just as you would when you’re doing a necktie with the ends of the scarf facing away from you. Now, pull down the left end so that it is a few inches longer than the right one. Wrap the left end of the scarf around the right. Repeat this step for a second time and then take the left end and tuck it into the loop all the way where you can see it facing you. Adjust the ascot to make the top flap flow downwards while the rest underneath are kept out of sight.

If you just discovered the allure of silk scarves and you’re not sure which scarf to wear with what, you will never go wrong with scarves in solid colors and simple patterns. Another great advice for beginner shoppers is to keep their wardrobe in mind. Look for a silk scarf that will create a nice contrast when placed next to the shirts or the suits you have. In addition, you would also benefit from having silk scarves in different weights or blended with other fabrics. A scarf with a silk-wool blend is perfect to wear at night or during cold months while lightweight silk scarves are ideal for indoor use or in warm weather.

Silk scarves come in so many designs so your choices are surely not limited. If you’re looking for something unique, you can choose an Oriental silk scarf which incorporates beautiful calligraphy in the design and has a fringe for further accent.

You can wear it either side and it is long enough so you can just let it hang loose from your neck with the ends flowing down in front of you. You can also wear a Harvard silk scarf this way because this variety is also rather long.

Other popular designs that you may want to add to your silk scarf collection are navy blue Oxford-inspired scarves with satin threadwork and Ivy League-inspired scarves in deep red and black. These are classic designs that bring a timeless style to your wardrobe.

Perhaps the hottest item in men’s scarves today is the aviator silk scarf, which is beautifully fringed and is wider and longer than a typical scarf. One side is folded lengthwise over the other so it appears to have two layers. The white aviator scarves are the bestsellers but it’s also available in black. It looks great paired with almost anything from a leather jacket to a denim coat to a business suit.

From scarves with traditional designs to those with fringes, unusual lengths, edgy patterns and surprisingly bright colors, you will find the perfect silk scarves to pull your look together. And whether you’re feeling daring or you just want a touch of style, the right kind of silk scarf worn and tied properly is the perfect accessory.

Ways to Wear a Short Scarf

Scarves can be categorized as short scarves or long scarves. Some long scarves are called shawls. Scarves and shawls have different purposes and they create different style effects. There are tremendous ways of wearing a scarf or a shawl. Knowing these different ways would help you optimize the entire possible fashionable looks that can be created by these accessories.

There are three ways of wearing short scarf for a more fashionable look. It can be worn as a head wear, as a garment or as an accessory.

We can identify some reasons why people wear scarf as a head wear. It can be worn for protection such as from the heat of the sun, as a uniform or as an identity, or as a fashion. Wearing short scarf as a head wear has different functions too. There is a specific way of wearing a scarf as a head wear if you are going fishing, dining, strolling or partying.

There are also varied ways of wearing short scarf as a garment. How would you wear a scarf if you are going swimming in a beach? How would you wear this same scarf if you are going dining with your love or with your family and friends? How would you wear a scarf if it is summer or if it is winter?

Most significantly, there is a long list of ways on how to wear short scarf as an accessory. Would you want to sport to a party that same bag you bring everyday to work? How would you create a different look for your bag through a short scarf? Tired of plain pony tails? How would you want to flash a fresh look on your hair through a scarf by not covering it entirely? How would you tie a scarf on your neck? And so much more…

Knowing how to wear a short scarf as a head wear, a garment or an accessory is very essential because it can top all the possible looks you can create from an outfit in a much fashionable way. Orienting yourself on how to experiment from your apparels and other accessories by accessorizing them with a short scarf is not only fashionable but is also practical.

Fedora Hats

The fedora hat is a genuine fashion statement that both men and women have enjoyed for a number of years. Most men are interested in the fedoras because it makes them feel as if they are a gangster or bad boy like the late Al Capone. Other men like the feel of being like Frank Sinatra and enjoy a good fedora to get that feel. No matter what the reason is for the purchase of the fedora, there is one thing that all users have in common. Once they try on the hats and get a feel for the fedoras, the users are hooked on this style of hat and will prefer to wear this hat when compared to other hat styles.

Women also like the fedoras not just to wear themselves but they like the look of the fedora hat on the men. Recently it has become more of a fashion statement with the younger generations wearing them as well. Some of the younger generation that has been seen wearing the fedoras includes the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber. Since Hollywood has a big impression on the younger kids and teenagers, it would make sense that if the two hottest acts in the country start to wear something stylish such as the fedoras that your children and teenagers are asking for one as well.

Fedora hats can be bought in a number of different price ranges which allows you to be able to purchase an item for the children and teenagers in your home which allows them to fit in and feel as if they belong with the kids of Hollywood. When attending school and when you want to look good in front of your friends and people who are not your friends, you are always looking to purchase an item that will make you look as if you are one of the cool kids while still keeping to a budget. This applies for not just children and teenagers but as adults as well. Adults are always looking for a way that they can feel cool when looking to hang out with the adults who were always one step closer to the fashion world than what you were. Fedora hats allow you to be that person with spending the least amount of money possible.