Motorcycle Scarf

Women like being fashionable that is why a motorcycle scarf is beneficial for them not only because they could use it for added protection but also to help them make a fashion statement. Known also as bandana, it is considered to be the most flexible and versatile fashion accessory there is. The ones made from cotton materials are inexpensive and quite frankly… are not as good as the silk variety. They come in a wide array of colors, patterns, textures and designs and they are very easy to launder and dry. In addition they are very easy and light to wear unlike other pieces of clothing accessory. There are hundreds of styles for using a motorcycle scarf but you should be familiar with the proper way of doing them.

Of all the styles there is, the Skullcap is said to be the trickiest and most challenging but then as they say if takes a bit of a challenge before you get it and actually not forget it. For one to be able to wear a bandana, one must need to know how to fold and tie them properly.

Almost all the styles begin with some kind of base. To learn it by heart you must practice it over and over again until you are good enough to make all the styles in one waive of a hand! The different bandana bases include: triangle base; adjusted triangle base; bind base; rolled bind base; square bind base; rolled square bind base; and the perfect bind base. After you have familiarized yourself with the bandana bases, you could go on with the bandana styles. For the Head Styles: skull cap; scarf look; over the face; and headband. For the Body Styles: protect the neck; necklace; bracelet or wrist; leg, knee or thigh; and bicep, elbow or forearm.

There is also another style known as “pocket”. This is done by bringing the bind bases together and then you tuck the folded end into your pocket, and you are done. After you have been familiarized with the bandana basics, you may proceed to adding some more edge into your look by putting some adornment into your bandanas.

You could add bling, brooches and even jewelry. You could actually use rhinestones, charms and iron on decals. You could also attach bits and pieces with a thread, glue or even safety pins. If you are more eccentric in detail, you might want to add unusual but charming metallic buttons. Laces, tassels, small badges and pins could also be added. You could be downright playful and creative in making your own motorcycle scarf or bandana. You could go as far as acrylic paints and glitter. You could sew your name or embroider it with your favorite emblem or design. You could always use your bandanas, even for an everyday use. Just be creative and be confident when wearing it.

Who says motorcycle scarves are just for boys? With more than a dozen ways to wear them for ladies, you’ll never run out of style. Trying to look tough and able is the way to say it, but there are also styles that show more of a lady. Wear your motorcycle scarf and make a statement.

Silk Scarf Worn Bandana Style

In most cases, bandanas consist of large pieces of cotton material. To create a fashionable bandana, the designers often take the basics and twist the norm. This could be the style and/or the material. If you want to create a new, yet practical look, grab a piece of silk and use it to make a bandana. This incongruous combination of fabric and style makes it very noticeable.

The traditional place to wear a bandana is around the neck. It can be pulled up to cover the head or placed around the forehead. You can replicate each type by starting with the basics – a single square silk scarf. You then fold it in half slantways. If you want to start off easy, create a headband. Do so by simply rolling the fabric from the bottom corner upwards into a tube-like length of material. Place it around your forehead tying it into place at the back or side with a sturdy knot.

You can also create a variety of looks if you decide to wear it around your neck. Folding it lengthwise or to form a triangle may be necessary for some styles. If you decide upon a triangle, simply place it in front. You then tie the material at the back. Alternatively, you can cross the right and left pints of the fabric at the back, bring them forward and tie off.

Since Johnny Depp strode the screen as Captain Jack, the popularity of the pirate, biker or skull cap style has increased. To obtain this favorite effect, you begin by folding the square silk fabric in half transversely. Next you position the longer edge over the top of your forehead drawing both the left and right points to the back to tie firmly beneath the hair. The knot may be tied either above or below the fabric trailing down the back. If you want to emphasize the feminine, leave the knotted ends loose. They will then trail down your back. If this is not your preference, simply tuck them out of sight.

Fox Backpacks

    • with the “Fox” name and emblem in neon yellow. Zippered compartments, mesh pockets, and other storage areas are joined by a padded laptop sleeve in this design.
    • The Fox Natch Backpack is quite similar to the Flash, save that it features a slanting plaid design of white, light grey, taupe, and black. The same array of zippered pockets and compartments is present in this Fox backpack, as is the padded laptop sleeve. A single small “Fox” logo and the face of the fox itself appear on this bag in black.
    • The Fox Victory Backpack brings a hard-hitting biker aesthetic to the backpack design already seen in the Flash and Natch. A Fox head flanked by stylized wings and a skull and crossbones design accompanies jagged red and black “Fox” lettering that has much the same lightning bolt feel as the font used for SS emblems. Below, black on medium grey script declares “Honor Among Riders”. There is a laptop sleeve and other zippered spaces.
    • The Fox Shards Reload Backpack is designed the same as the Flash, Natch, and Victory, with a laptop compartments and zippered pockets. The backpack is medium grey and features a large, white, embroidered outline of the Fox backpack head, and blue “Fox” lettering.
    • The Fox Let’s Ride Backpack features extremely stylish grey herringbone cloth contrasting with black canvas. The fine, rich texture is offset by a black silhouette Fox head and herringbone lettering. There is a laptop compartment, zippered spaces, and a headphone port.
    • The Fox Step Up 2 Backpack is made up of blue and grey canvas with a large, bold, sweeping “fox” emblem including the fox’s head in front of the X. Numerous zippered compartments, a padded laptop sleeve, and two adjustable straps provide plenty of cargo carrying space.
    • The Fox Cyborg Backpack is a mix of plaid flannel and canvas in an ashen but striking plaid of light grey, dark grey, and black. Storage includes a padded laptop sleeve plus various voluminous, zippered pockets, including two large quadrangular compartments on the back. The Fox head appears on a knightly, heraldic shield that is quartered with the fox head, a checkerboard pattern, angled stripes, and a Gothic-lettering “F”.
    • The Fox Metric Backpack is a fairly simple black backpack with thin white and blue stripes suggesting wind, and a white and blue outline fox head to accompany these decorations. This Fox backpack for men includes a laptop sleeve, zippered compartment, and cargo straps for items that won’t fit inside. It, too, is made of canvas.

When you need a reliable way to carry your laptop when travelling, you can count on Fox backpacks to provide it. Most of their backpacks contain a sleeve that will help keep your laptop safe from jolts and bumps, regardless of how active you are. Fox backpacks are just as tough as you are.


Bracelets With Western Motifs

A cuff bracelet is generally constructed in one piece, out of a solid material. This material is usually metal, and can be any kind of metal. Lightweight aluminum is easy to wear and affordable. Stainless steel is durable and classic. Precious metals such as silver and gold add sparkle and shine. The metal will be pressed or hammered into a thin sheet and cut into a rectangular shape (or sometimes a more elaborate shape). This shape is then curved into a C shape that fits on the wrist. The bracelet is rigid, but just flexible enough to allow size adjustments for the wearer’s comfort. It is generally worn rather tightly, so it does not move around irritatingly, get in the way of one’s hands, or make distracting noise.

A cuff bracelet can be utterly plain and still be lovely, but why stop there? Showcase your western style with a traditional motif. The silversmiths who make these gorgeous bracelets often have a library of hundreds of motifs to choose from to customize your jewelry, as well as having a number of ready-to-wear pieces in stock.

Animals are a very popular choice for Western motifs. This makes sense, since cowboys and early settlers lived close to the land. Cows and horses are a very common feature, as well as sheep, pigs, and many other farming animals.

Western scenes are another popular category. These often depict cowboys competing in rodeo events such as bullriding or barrel racing. Scenes showing cowboys riding into the sunset or kneeling at a cross are also well-loved. Symbols such as hats, horseshoes, and even a poker hand are also available.

Religious and patriotic imagery are very common in Western culture. From simple symbols such as stars or crosses to elaborate scenes and images, there is something for everyone. American and Christian images are the most common, but other choices can be found as well.

Women’s Eyeglasses

Choose something that is comfortable

The first thing that older women who are shopping for eyeglasses need to address is comfort. Secondly, they need to pick a frame that suits their facial shape.

Have a purpose in mind

Women over 50s are already used to wearing eyeglasses. When choosing a new pair, they need to have a purpose in mind. Whether they opt for bifocals to correct farsightedness and nearsightedness or if they need glasses for reading, they must pick a pair that suits a particular purpose. For women that want to look their best there are several designer frames that they can choose from. They should identify a purpose and then go shopping for them at the right place.

Choose an appropriate material

Older women often need to wear eyeglasses for extended periods of time. They should therefore select a suitable material which in turn is anything that is very light and also very comfortable. Rimless eyeglasses are light as well as durable and a good option. Metal eyeglass frames make a woman look more elegant and the style quotient too is unbeatable. Plastic eyeglass frames are light in weight and available in various sizes and colors.

Size matters

Women in their fifties and beyond seldom look good in over-sized frames. They also do not look good in delicate frames in small or large sizes. The best option is to pick a size that suits their facial shape. Round and oval frames look good on older women and so is a good choice.

Color options

Older women will do well to avoid funky colors like purple, red and yellow and green which are more suitable for younger women. They should go with neutral colors such as grey, beige, black and brown. Mature women look stunning in silver and gold.

Skull Bandana with Various Styles

Pirate design skull bandanas

Probably the most popular (or at least well known) design is the classic black or red colored pirate style head scarf. It goes well with almost every type of attire and accessorizes your dress well.

Skull caps in bandana style

These skull caps which are styled as bandanas are one impressive form of art and creativity. The fabric which is generally used is of polyester on the inside and nylon on the outside for good fitting and comfort. This type of unique material combination helps to soak the moisture and keeps your head sweat free.

Skull face masks

This is a version that covers your face completely. It is especially popular among bikers and snowboarders.This is also the version that is most often worn for functional purposes. It shields your face from insects and dirt when riding a bike. And when snowboarding, you can wear one made from thermal fleece and it will prevent your face from freezing.

Skull bandana for the kids

The designs made for the kids come with the logo of superhero characters like of the batman (bat logo) or the superman logo etc. The other type of designs may include the art work inspired from famous cartoons like Powerpuff girls or Popeye etc. They are designed in such way that they could be accessorized in various ways like as wristbands, skull caps, scarves, head bands etc. They not only make the kids look stylish but also act as a shield against cold and keep them warm.

Generally, the kids literally throw a tantrum when they are told to wear ordinary scarves or caps. However, when they see the same scarf or cap in batman laced design, they are enticed to it and wear it voluntarily. This is also one other reason why parents buy these designed or printed head bandanas.

Get Scarf Savvy

Well, girls, there is quick fix solution, and it’s called a scarf. I’m not just talking about wearing wholesale scarves the traditional way, draped around your neck, though there’s definitely a time and place for that look. I’m talking about the many creative, fun, and even flirty ways scarves can be worn today. Read on for some ideas to totally upgrade and update your look, and take it to the next level!

First of all, scarves aren’t just for the winter or fall months anymore. For those hot summer days, when the sun is beating down and you have absolutely no interest in adding one more item of clothing to what you’re already wearing, try tying your hair up with a light, brightly colored scarf. It’s a great way to stay cool and keep the hair out of your face. Pair it with a jean skirt for a casual match and you’re good to go!

Another fun way to wear wholesale scarves is by folding them width-wise and using them as headbands. Pick a scarf with a color in it that matches the shirt or skirt you’re wearing, and your outfit will look more put-together, and reflect the effort! Bright scarves are great for adding some color to an otherwise all-black outfit, and pick a more muted color if your outfit is already loud. Mix and match and don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

Love to wear skirts and dresses? Scarves make great belts! The best thing about it is the variety you can get when you swap a regular belt for a scarf; the sky is the limit when it comes to colors, styles, and textures of wholesale scarves. Just don’t forget to choose a thin scarf if you plan to use it as a belt.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our old stand-by, the good old, oh-so-classy scarf around the neck. Yes, it still looks great after all these years, and it’s a wonderful way to take a simple dress or pair of slacks from casual, to business. It takes you from the office to dinner and a movie in true style.

Australian Outback Hats

  • Akubra Hats Akubra has been a manufacturer of Australian outback hats for over a century although only under the name ‘Akubra’ since 1912. The hat business was started in Tasmania in 1874 by Benjamin Dunkerly. He was joined in 1902 by Stephen Keir I, who married his daughter. Akubra has been in the hands of the Keir family ever since and is now run by Stephen Keir IV. You can’t get much more traditional than that! Akubra hats are typically made from rabbit fur felt. The higher quality hats are made from wild rabbit pelt and the most popular style is the ‘snowy river’. You may be familiar with this style if you have been watching I’m a celebrity get me out of here!
  • BC Hats BC stands for Bill Conner, the man who invented the first mouldable brim outback hat. He did this by inserting a wire into it. Conner originally made a number of different leather goods including sandals which were still his biggest selling product even in 1969. However, outback hats soon became synonymous with the BC brand. Conner’s original outback hat style is called ‘The stockman’. You may have even spotted royal-to-be Kate Middleton out in one on occasion!
  • Barmah Hats What is great about Barmah Hats is that they are flexible and you can fold them down into their accompanying canvas bag. This unique feature makes them perfect for travelling. Barmah Hats are made from a range of different leathers including kangaroo, crocodile and cattle.
  • Wombat Leather Hats Wombat Leather hats are a relatively young brand of outback hats originally from the UK but made with traditional Aussie spirit. A number of different styles are available in a variety of different leathers including full-grain, split and suede. Wombat Leather hats are easy to get hold of in UK and Europe which means you can buy one in preparation for your trip or when you return from Australia if you are worried about your new hat getting squashed and ruined on the journey.
  • Cork hats Cork hats are traditionally worn by Australians to keep flies out of their faces. Just kidding! I don’t know anyone who wears a hat like that and I’m not sure it would work either. Cork hats are probably best reserved for fancy dress parties!

Ear Style With Hidalgo

Finding the proper earrings can seem like a difficult task for even the most style adept individual. Earrings need to be fashionable and functional all the while still standing out amongst the various hair styles that you sport throughout your everyday life. However, Hidalgo designer jewelry really helps to make things easier during your quest for the perfect pair of earrings through their extremely extensive styles and collections that can fit even the most picky person.

Even though hoop earrings are nothing new in the fashion jewelry world, in fact they might even be considered the oldest form of earrings from ancient history, newer varieties of hoops are still popping up in the creative imaginations of designer jewelers. Hidalgo hoops come in their own specialized selections. If you are looking for encrusted circlets though, you need to look no further than Hidalgo hoop earrings. Their micro pave technology was easily implemented into their stylized hoops to make it seem as though tiny gemstones were completely covering the circles in your ears. Those who are more set on an exact type or color of gemstone should not feel restricted in their choices as long as you are looking in the Hidalgo earring catalog. Hidalgo colored diamond earrings look wonderful on anyone, meaning that exact styles and varieties that you wear depend on your personal style choices and exact likes. Hidalgo fancy pink diamond earrings are a great way to embrace the current fashion world’s obsession with pink ice diamonds while looking into certain cuts and earring styles which properly fit your hairstyle and face shape. Yellow diamonds should not be underestimated either. If you really want to add that happy color shimmering around your face, Hidalgo fancy yellow diamond earrings can truly make your outfit brighten up and bring it into style.

Match Earrings With Outfit

There are many fashion accessories we can choose such as; necklaces, bracelets, rings, handbags, and etc., we will be discussing how to match your fashion earrings with your outfit.

  • To match earrings with an outfit, first you have to know the color of the outfit you are wearing for that day. If you are wearing a multi-colored outfit, you should pick a solid color pair of earrings. Pick a color that matches or come close to a color matching a color in the outfit. If the outfit is a single colored outfit you could pick some multi-colored earrings like a patterns such as; animal print,flowers, shapes, art deco designs and etc.).
  • You should pick a style that fits your personality, there are many styles of earrings such as; feather earrings, wood earrings, hoops, beaded earrings, shell earrings, thread earrings, studs, thread earrings, and many other styles that you could choose according to your liking.
  • Pick the size of earrings to go with your outfit, this also could depend on your personality, your hair style, your shape of the head, your body size, and your age. For example, someone with a short cut or up-do may choose to wear big earrings because you can see the earrings better with those types of hair styles.
  • Whatever earrings you choose for that day, make sure you fill good in your selection.