Wear an Infinity Scarf

The first way to wear your infinity scarf is one of the most common ways that people wear this accessory. It is very simple to do and you can adjust to your liking and according to what outfit you are wearing. You simply place the scarf around your neck and then twist it and wrap it around your neck again. You should now have two layers of the scarf around your neck that you can play with. Wear one layer longer and have the other one closer to your neck or you can wear both of them right in the middle right next to each other.

The second way to wear an infinity scarf is to simply keep wrapping it around your neck until you have gotten the desired look you want. This gives you an illusion cowl-like neck or another layer besides your shirt. How many times you wrap the scarf will all depend on the type of scarf and what material it is made from. Just be sure that you don’t wrap it too tightly so that it is still comfortable to wear. This look is best worn for an outerwear appearance for colder weather and can be a great way to cover up your neck and upper chest from the cold.

You can also use your infinity scarf as a shrug or shawl if it is big enough as well. This is a great way to cover up your shoulders when you have a strapless shirt or short sleeve blouse on it cooler weather. Take your scarf and place it around your waist. Take the scarf that is in front of you and pull it back behind your head so that it is positioned around your shoulders. Adjust it as necessary so you get the perfect look for your outfit.

These are just three of the different ways you can wear an infinity scarf. The best way to get good at styling your scarf is to simply play around with it and practice to see what looks best with your outfits.

Black Men’s Watches

Yes, black exudes grandeur. The color elicits mystery and passion hence men are somewhat drawn to the enigma and charm that the color spreads. Possibly this is why the black mens watches make a bold and elegant fashion statement and have stood apart as the ultimate accessory in delineating his attitude.

Superior craftsmanship, brilliant design and a sophisticated attitude – Yes all these and much more illustrates the new range of black affordable watches, which has now taken the fashion world by storm! And the best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to add signature to your style statement because these are inexpensive and stands as quite a realistic option in delineating your style quotient without being loud or hoarse.

It is all about being in fashion and what better way to be a part of the recent trend than by sporting the all black watch? Let the style and color of the watch say a lot about your taste, ego, power and masculinity without mouthing any! The fact has been etched and hallmarked in bold that wearing the ultimate rich and contemporary, sophisticated and classy, fashionable and trendy range of black watch, send the ultimate message that you are definitely the trendsetter.

Today’s men undeniably need something bolder, something stronger and also something durable, which can in fact bear the wear and tear of regular use. Possibly this is why the affordable watches for him has been also carefully designed, while keeping the men’s needs in mind. The watches stand as the logo of superior craftsmanship for them who work and also play hard. Quite ideally therefore, the watch range goes beyond than just looking trendy or elegant, classy and contemporary.

He is sporty hence his watch needs to be water resistant as well. Check the watch’s ability when considering a water resistant all black watch –

  • 100 feet or 30 meters: This indicates that the watch is able to withstand only a splash of water. You cannot wear it when swimming or diving.
  • 165 feet or 50 meters: Sure you can wear the watch in the shower.
  • 330 feet or 100 meters: This indicates that you can actually wear the watch when snorkeling or swimming.
  • 500 feet or 150 meters: That’s right; you can wear this watch when scuba diving.
  • 660 feet or 200 meters: Worry not and simply go further deep and down with the watch.

Match Scarf Knot Style With Mood

  • Belt beauty – This is for the corporate gal who is ready to take on any challenge. Fold the scarf or roll it long then thread it through each loop of the belt. Tie a regular knot in front and let the ends fall. You can turn the knot to the side for a little change in this bold style.
  • Sporty Sally – This type is for those who have an energetic style. Run the scarf like a bandana across your shoulders. The right way to do this is to fold it into a triangle first and then start rolling the broader end towards the narrower part. Roll only half the scarf and then throw it around your shoulders. Keep it in place with a simple knot.
  • Neat winter look – If you could not be bothered with people who are careless about things in their life but are the serious kind of woman then the double ascot knot is for you. Fold the scarf long into a belt like strip at least five inches in width. Put it around your neck with one end hanging at least one half longer than the other. Take the longer side and run it around your neck bringing it back to fold through the first loop of the scarf. Do this twice if you wish and then adjust according to length.
  • Head wrap – Want to tie up your hair in a trendy and neat way? Use a scarf in combination with your headband. Fold the scarf square and use the crease fold to align the scarf with your hairline. Take both the ends back beneath your hear and make a single knot. If you have a long enough scarf, you can bring the loose ends back to the front and tie another knot or simple let the scarf ends fall over your shoulders. A variation of this is the crown wrap in which you do not fold the scarf square but fold it all the way into a six inch wide belt. Then, align it with the hair and tie as before. The gypsy variation of this type of scarf use is when you tuck in the loose ends of the scarf instead of letting them hang beyond the knot.
  • Gym visit – This is just the ideal way to wrap your scarf if you are heading for the gym. Take an oblong scarf and fold it into half. You then have to pleat it lengthwise and place it across the front of your forehead. Hold it in place, take the ends back, and tuck them into a knot. You can slide it to the side and let the loose ends hang. However, whether you are going for a date or to a business meeting, you can toss a scarf around your neck without a knot and you are ready to go. It will still make you look trendy. That is the magic of scarves!

Modern Art of Scarf Tying

The Simple V Shape

When young women today wear scarves, they like them simple, casual and chic. This version is the simplest of all. Take an oblong scarf, or one that can be folded into an oblong shape, and fold it in half lengthwise. Put it around your neck and thread the two loose ends through the folded part. Leave it a bit loose not tight round your neck. Drape it to your left or your right side as this looks a little more chic than having it fall down the centre of your body. That is all there is to it.

To get the casual chic look, make the loose ends a little uneven as your fold it in half. This looks less formal. If necessary, use my secret tip and pin the scarf in place with a small safety pin from the inside of your top, dress or jumper. Make sure that the safety pin is hidden in the folds of the scarf.

You can also turn a left-over piece of light-weight material that is longer than it is wider into a casual V-shaped scarf. Use the same folding technique above.

The U Shape

This is not new. It is Gen Y’s favourite way to wear a scarf as it is a very simple technique that looks good. For this you also need an oblong scarf or one that can be folded into an oblong shape. Start with the centre point in front of your neck. Throw the ends over your shoulders and back around to hang down the front of you. Simple!

Here is how to get the best out of this style to create age-smart, casual chic. Make sure it is not tight on your neck. Pull it down a bit at the front so your face shines. If you have it tight around your neck, no-one is fooled because everyone knows that you are trying to hide your neck wrinkles. Confidence brings compliments. Adjust the scarf so the ends are a little unequal. This avoids the formal, totally balanced look of our younger days. A variation on this is to twist one of the ends around the U shape while letting the other side hang free. If you want the scarf to stay in place, use the safety pin technique mentioned above.

Another version of this is a scarf with metal rings in the centre. From these rings hangs a pendant. This scarf style is ideal for draping in the U Shape as the pendant hangs in the centre of your body. It may become a modern classic but, if it only stays around for a few seasons, you can always slide it off the scarf in the future.

If you are wearing a square scarf folded into an oblong shape, pull the front out to make a V shape down your chest. Then make the end finish shorter than the bottom of the V.

Versace Sunglasses Style

Versace sunglasses are luxurious and glamorous with elegant style and design. These sunglasses are among the world most popular setting trends in style since 1978. Be in style with Versace sunglasses…ultra-stylish and elegant, absolutely fashionable. Wear glamour; wear medusa glasses for an elegant, exciting, sexy trendy look backed-up by their excellent quality, amazing design and style for identifying yourself. Change your image with VERSACE sunglasses.

The Versace sunglasses collection is for those who can be bold, sexy, strong, confident and unique through an absolutely distinctive personal style. The Versace brand inspires itself in vintage designs, classics reinterpreted with an exciting and modern taste. Fans are delighted with the eyewear and sun wear collection, a line that is filled with incomparable glamour and luxury.

Some of the most popular versace sunglasses Styles these days are the 2059B, with beautiful silver frame and gradient gray glass; 2066, which are gunmetal frame with gradient lenses; 2064B, these black/gray gradient lenses have a lovely decorated frame; 2052, Black/Gray Gradient with small discreet frame; 4111B, Havana, Brown Gradient lenses with big fashionable frame; 4098B, Brown lenses with tortoise frame; 2021, Gunmetal frame with gray/gradient lenses; 2057, Beautiful Silver, Gray Silver Mirror lenses;

4115, absolutely trendy Orange/Brown Gradient lenses and last but not least my personal favorite, the 4069B a light weight plastic model that can adapt to every age and face structure.

A pair of gorgeous Versace sunglasses can tell a lot about you. They look very hot on every face.

Neutral Brown Scarf

Accessories are what make an outfit work. It usually is a make or break situation, really. Sometimes, it is better to not have accessories on you but sometimes, an outfit needs a little extra touch of this. A brown scarf might not be the first choice that comes into mind when looking for an accessory but the subtle effect that it gives to an outfit is actually much better to the more obvious results of wearing a bright pink scarf or even a green scarf.

If you want an earthy feel or a warmer touch to your outfit, you should go for a brown scarf. It tones down whatever crazy colors that you have on you. It may look really bland at first but if you style it the right way, it can do wonders to your ensemble. Wearing a scarf in this color can also make you look really relaxed and not too dressed up. It basically just gives you a down-to-earth laid back look. Whenever you want to take this approach, make sure that you know how to mix your colors. Brown is not always complementary to other hues.

The best way to style a brown scarf is by going boho. This way of dressing up is really big in a Fashion sense and it actually requires a great deal of creativity and experimentation to make something like this work and look chic and not at all hideous. Warm tones can automatically achieve this boho look. All you really have to do is pile on layers of clothes, mostly loose tops and then top it off with a scarf. Of course, there are so many aspects to this genre. If you are unsure what to do but you want to attempt such way of dressing up, it is best to go online and look for pictures of celebrities that love to sport this look. There are also a lot of video tutorials that can instruct you on what to do and how to do this well. After going over them, surely, you will be able to perfectly pull off this kind of look.

A green scarf in a warm hue is very complementary to a brown scarf. Both colors are part of the warmer tones and wearing them can either make you look really fashionable in an eclectic way or make you look really dull and hideous. You just have to be careful with what colors you match them with. Wear textured pieces in order to avoid looking plain and monotonous. Just because you are wearing a brown scarf does not mean that you immediately come off as boring. Use your creativity to prove people wrong. Brown can be as chic as any other color there is.

Pink Ed Hardy Hat

Ed Hardy’s unique brand of artwork is highly respected in the tattoo world, and his images have been popularized since the 1980’s, but first pioneering his tattoo artwork in his San Francisco studio in the late ’70’s. The clothing line has these images embroidered into them, which make them exclusive.

The original hat style was a trucker’s hat, similar in shape and form as a baseball cap. Now, however, you can purchase very nice Ed Hardy decorated hat that you wouldn’t want to work on the engine with. The Pink Ed Hardy hat comes in a limited number of styles and designs, and even has a small offshoot line of rhinestone covered caps.

These hats are beautiful in their design and artwork. There are images of dragons, snakes, roses, birds, skulls, or a combination of two or more, all embroidered beautifully and with added rhinestones for a wonderful and eye-catching sparkle. These hats are done mostly in pink fabric that is both sturdy and lightweight. You can seriously make an impression at a party or the concert with a hat of this caliber!

These exciting hats are of limited quantity; so if you buy one new, keep it nice. Down the road, there may be a serious collector needing your hat that would pay a dear price to have one! Collect them all, so you have a different one to wear as a statement or accent with your other clothing styles and situations.

Cuff Watches

The wide range of new womens watches is now available in many colors and various sizes to help you in creating almost an instant style statement. Versatile and stylish, this range of watch is definitely not at all boring or mundane. No, these are certainly not designed for any particular gender, neither they do scream hoarse ‘high fashion’ from the rooftop, on the contrary they send the right air to define your attitude, style and sex appeal.

Typically designed while keeping the fashion forward ladies in mind, the leather band of the cuff watches are rather narrow and a bit more ornately designed to cater to her sheer feminine taste, however, most of the cool womens watches come with a unisex appeal.

The fashion world has been dashing about the style of the cuff watches for women. The designer watch range for women however features small watch face with thinner bands. The face usually comes in arrays of shapes such as oval, triangular, square, rectangular and even in diamond patterns. You no more have to limit your style to boring white, somber black and neutral greys rather you are free to choose from the wide assortment of colors ranging from blue, pink and green to red, purple, orange, yellow to match with your every mood and style. What if you like to sport in a rather bold look? Relax the incredible range of boyfriend watches are here to take care of your need. The good news is, the cool womens watches with cuff leather bands are serviceable for business as well as for the sports enthusiasts hence these are available in waterproof versions.

Hello ladies out there – it’s time to add a bold dash to your beauty with the masculine appeal and feminine charm of the boyfriend watches. Get ready to shop cuff watches for women online to proclaim your style statement with a bang. Indeed a simple analog face, framed by the bold and soft appeal of leather is indeed an iconic wardrobe staple. Versatility is perhaps the key to any watch that work well for casual or formal attire and this is exactly where the bold and beautiful range of the cool womens watches play its part. Yes, you should get ready to get a lot of attention almost everywhere you go.

About Fall Sunglass Styles

  • Aviators
    Classic Aviators are always in style, true, but they look especially good in the fall. And newer Aviator designs have been getting more and more popular. In the past few years aviator styles have gotten larger and brighter, and metal frames no longer have a monopoly on Aviator designs: plastic frames are now very much in vogue. One of the best things about Aviator glasses is that they are versatile and have a style that is irrespective of the wearer’s gender or age.
  • Colored Frames
    It’s not just the lenses that are allowed to stand out nowadays. The color and design of the frames can be a huge fashion asset. This fall, choose muted beiges and yellows. Berry and honey shades are also in style and they look great with that tan you’ve been working on all summer. Another popular trend in frames that’s coming back is the faux tortoiseshell styles.
  • The Lennon Sunglasses
    The small, round lens sunglasses made so popular by legendary singer songwriter John Lennon are more popular than ever this year. New takes on the Lennon glasses include thicker, plastic frames of different colors.
  • Jewel Studded Shades
    Elaborate sunglass design elements can turn a simple frame into a piece of jewelry. A class fashion designers like Gucci and Dior are putting out more and more lavish sunglass styles, and many other brand names are following suit. This fall, check out some of the more flashy shades out there. Jewel studded frames lacquered in black or gold are guaranteed to make you stand out as soon as you walk into the room. Luxury and opulence, when it comes to sunglasses, is definitely in.

Hoop Diamond Earrings

Hoop earrings with diamonds often come in two variants. The first type is hinged somewhere along the loop and doesn’t have posts or clips. The curve is simply secured on the wearer’s ear. The design makes the jewelry comfortable to wear. The second type uses curved wires that form a hoop just below the earlobe. The hoop is often beveled, which makes it appear puffy and heavier, while in fact, it is light and hollow.

Both types of hoop diamond earrings are highly fashionable and can be worn with various outfits and on different occasions. As with other jewelry that include diamonds, a number of factors determine the price of these earrings; the four Cs diamonds, or clarity, color, carat weight, and cut information, are among them.

The kind of metal that holds the diamond also matters. Gold, white gold, and silver are the most popular precious metals used in making hoop earrings. Style and craftsmanship, apart from affecting the price of the earrings, also decide the accessories’ capacity to accentuate one’s appearance and highlight the wearer’s best qualities.

Hoop earrings are a good buy, not only as fashion items, but also as investments. That said, it is best to find a trustworthy store that offers a collection of quality and beautiful diamond jewelry pieces.