Designer Handbags Selection Criteria

  • Designer Handbags: The Varieties of Designer Bags and Accessories such as totes and evening bags are vital in order to make a style statement. Women who are photographed at gala red carpet events or other significant gatherings with noteworthy attendees need a variety of designer bags for various functions to ensure that they present a well-coordinated and sharp fashion statement. The designer bags they carry should be appropriate for the event and the function as well as correlate with their clothes.
  • TYPES of BAGS: A person eager to make a fashion statement at all times should have a good selection of designer luggage, backpacks, laptop bags, briefcases, satchels, cross body handbags, totes, shoulder bags, wallets, purses, clutches, as well as cosmetic or jewelry bags in various colors and materials that reflect their unique style and sense of fashion.
  • MATERIAL: Designer bags are available in patent leather, suede, canvas, straw, cotton, metal, rubberized leather, embroidered leather, cotton canvas, printed, knitted cotton, PVC and leather, printed cotton canvas, plaid felt, printed vinyl, leather trimmed nylon, textured leather, block printed leather, hand textured leather, perforated leather, canvas and PVC, raffia tasseled, crystal embellished satin, and more. When choosing a designer bag, the buyer should decide on the material and texture based on the major criteria for the purpose of the bag. For instance, a clutch that is to be used with evening wear can be embellished with crystals, while a laptop bag should be differentiated by using textured leather or something similar.
  • SIZE: Another important factor when choosing designer bags is size. Again, the size of the bag should be in line with its function. While clutches to be used with evening wear should be small and sleek, tote bags can be in different sizes depending on where you plan to take them. A person who wants to make a style statement through their luggage should have luggage in a range of sizes from small overnight bags to large pieces of luggage for use when you need to pack a lot of clothes and other items
  • COLOR: Apart from purchasing a variety of types of bags, you also need to make sure you have them in a variety of colors. This is especially true for clutches and evening bags. Women will need to own evening bags and clutches in colors and embellishments that complement their various evening wear. Women should have a couple of evening bags and clutches in black and white apart from their favorite color. For instance, if you choose to wear a lot of purple because the color enhances your looks, make sure that you own designer bags such as totes, clutches, handbags, and satchels in complementary colors. This will enable you to mix and match designer bags with the various outfits depending on what the day will involve.

Ways to Wear a Pashmina Scarf or Shawl

The Bolero Jacket

A bolero jacket has its uses. They keep your shoulders warm on any number of occasions while still displaying your outfit. A common use is in churches during weddings or christenings. These institutions require covering the shoulders. The added benefit is a bolero also keeps the chill out when you are sitting in these less than well-heated places.

If you do not have a bolero jacket handy but do own a pashmina scarf or shawl, you can create one easily. Drape the fabric around the nape of the neck making sure the material covers the shoulders. Seize the two ends remaining at the front. Pass them back beneath your arms – but do not cross them. Tie in the back with a single knot.

While simple to create, this look is handy if you want to alter your overall appearance during the evening. You could adopt this style for the actual church event then change afterwards for reception party. You could also wear this to and from any event but abandon it for the actual event.

The Simple Wrap

It is also easily possible to adopt the pashmina scarf for an elegant and classic look suitable for either day or evening attire. Put the pashmina scarf around neck at the back. Make sure the material barely cover each shoulder and that the shorter piece of material is fully open width-wise as it lies in place at the front of the body. Next, cross the lengthier piece over the shorter piece. The fabric end will now be on the opposite shoulder. The material positioned at the neck’s front lies in a tidy arrangement some inches apart from the skin. As a finishing and necessary touch, attach a brooch to the fabric hanging beneath the shoulder where the fabric now has a free end at front and a loose end draped at back.

The Classic Drape

The common practice for wearing a pashmina scarf is to drape it around the neck so the loose ends hang at the front of the body. If you want to upgrade the look for elegant eveningwear, reverse the process. Place the scarf across the front of your throat. The ends can trail gracefully down each side of your back or, alternatively, you can secure them once slightly above your waist.

Scarves Rock

Scarves also add color and pattern which can help to boost any outfit and bring it from ordinary to va-va-voom!

Furthermore, scarves add dimension to outfits because there are thousands of ways you can wear a scarf when you change the type of scarf, the knot you use or even the accessory you use, such as adding a scarf ring. Although there are so many ways you can wear a scarf, so many styles could be overwhelming so we wanted to break it down into 3 easy tips that you could use for any outfit.

Grab some scarves from your collection or your favorite boutique and follow these three basic steps on how to wear a scarf.

  • The Fold and Loop- this kind of fold is best worn when your scarf is a light-weight pashmina. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and wrap it around your neck. One end of the scarf will be a loop and the other end with be the tail ends of the scarf. With the loop end, take the scarf tails and pull them through. This knot is also called the European Loop and is great over a coat or with a blouse.
  • The Basic Neck Wrap- This style is good for long and narrow scarves. You just simply wrap around the scarf on your neck once and let the tails of the scarf hang down your back. This style is appropriate for indoor wear and also look great when you want to add small detail but nothing to take away from the main focus of another fashion accessory.
  • The Square Cowboy- Small to medium sized square scarves are appropriate for this style. Fold the scarf once in a triangle and then place the long folded edge around the front of your neck, with the scarf tails at the back. Then you will tie the scarf tails in a basic knot (just like you would tie the first knot when tying your shoes). You can do another basic knot so the scarf doesn’t slip off or you can use a scarf ring.

Shapes of Sunglasses

The hipster trend has taken many styles of generations past and created an entire fashion sense accordingly; this genre is slowly taking over the fashion world. The three main subcategories for the geek chic style consist of the most typically seen: wayfarer frames, cateye frames, and perfectly round sunglasses frames. The thick plastic wayfarer style frames were the first to take off, and can now be seen just about everywhere; and they are just as cool whether made as eyeglasses or sunglasses! Cateye styled frames are usually directed more toward the female population, and add a little extra sass to your look! The perfectly round sunglasses (and eyeglasses) frames resemble John Lennon’s look quite a lot, and that style has sure made a comeback!

The rest of the styles of sunglasses come in the form of all: classic styles! While this category can be broken down even more, we’ve taken the three biggest subsections to try and help you decipher what style looks best on you! These three styles and shapes include the strict and serious aviators, large bug-type sunglasses, and classic sports shades! The aviator shades took off a few years ago, and while they’ve always been pretty in-style with police officers, were readily available for just about everyone in any age. This classic look isn’t going out without a fight, and are still just as cool! Most of the larger bug looking frames were also taken from past generations’ styles; while they are more directed to women, there are certainly large, thick plastic frames for men as well! Lastly, sports sunglasses actually can come in all different shapes and styles; however typically they all have the same general look. On top of their style, they typically offer more durability than other types of sunglasses.

Most of these rules can actually be applied to eyeglasses frames along with your perspective sunglasses, so keep that in mind when you’re on your next shopping trip – no matter which you’re looking for! You can find these styles on all spectrums of the quality and pricing scales. Choose to spend tons of money (usually on designer frames, or perhaps at your local glasses shop), or opt to spend less on high quality, cheap glasses online. We hope that this guide has offered you some assistance in determining which sunglasses style fits you best. Good luck shopping to protect those eyes from the sun!

Tricks to Wear Pearls

  • Formal occasions– When you dress up for a formal occasion such as a black-tie dinner party, it’s best to keep your accessories simple to achieve a classic and elegant look. A beautiful single-stranded freshwater or Akoya pearl necklace paired with matching earrings can instantly add glamour to your little black dress. Depending on the colour, you may even want to accessorise your outfit with a multi-coloured pearl strand or a bracelet to achieve a more contemporary look. For a bold and flamboyant style, South Sea pearls can be great to highlight your face and neck. With their large size and stunning gold colour, you can be certain heads will turn wherever you go.
  • Weddings– As a symbol of health and purity, pearls are perfect for bridal wear. On your wedding day, select a shade of pearls that matches the colour of your wedding dress. If your gown is white, then the bride’s pearl jewellery should be white as well. If there are pearls on your wedding gown and veil, the colour of the pearls you select to wear should match closely to those on your dress and veil. Remember to keep your look chic and elegant and not to wear too many pieces. The princess length (17-19 in.) or the choker (14-16 in.) is probably the best to complement your dress. After all, you want the focus to be on your dress and not on your accessories. To accentuate your neckline, dangled pearl earrings will bring a very romantic look when paired with a sophisticated up-do hairstyle.
  • Work– When choosing pearl jewellery to wear at work, go for something that is stylish but simple. You want to keep your look professional and not over-exaggerated. Pearl stud earrings are the all-time favourites and a beautiful strand of pearls can give you a confident and polished look. Pearl pendants are also a great choice when you want a more subtle and contemporary effect.
  • Casual – With everyday casual attire, pearls can be fun to wear. Be bold to try out pearls with different shapes and colours. You would be amazed to see how they transform your look. Multi-coloured pearl strands work very well with a simple white shirt paired with jeans. Layering up your neck with a long necklace can create different effects that are fashionable and stylish. Once again you want the pearl jewellery to complement your attire and bring out your personality. Accessorise your outfit with Tahitian pearls can give you an exotic and sophisticated look.

Sunglasses For Face Type


If you have a round face (a full face with a round hairline and chin), your goal is to find a sunglasses frame that will help to elongate it. Look for frames that are equal to or just slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Square-ish or angular frames can help to give you a longer, leaner profile. Avoid very round frames. An additional accessory that can help lengthen your face is a fedora or panama hat.


A square face shape (a strong, square jaw line and a square hairline) can be softened with the right pair of sunglasses. Look for frames with a curve on the lower part, and a frame that is thicker on the top than on the bottom. The frame should, ideally, be wider than the widest part of your face. Avoid rectangular shaped frames, as this will make it look wider. Frames with a light pattern, such as tortoise shell, can help to add subtle curved lines. Another accessory that can help to compliment a strong square shaped face is tie in a classic Windsor tie knot.A bowler hat can also help to add a bit of roundness to your look.


If you have an oval face, this means that the shape is very nice and balanced. You can get away with most sunglasses shapes and styles, but your goal should be to maintain the symmetry of your face. You can wear round, square, or rectangular shapes. Look for frames that are at least as wide as the broadest part of your face. If your ears are more prominent, try adding a gambler hat or a wide-brimmed fedora to your accessories wardrobe.


A face that is either long and narrow or rectangular can benefit from a sunglasses style that will make it appear a little bit fuller. Look for frames that will create visual interest at the sides of your face, such as ones with decorative or contrasting color temples. Avoid frames that have too much weight on the bottom, or where the frame is thicker on the bottom than on the top. If you are oblong, avoid wearing vertical lines close to your face. Look for a hat such as a fedora or derby with a wide band in a contrasting color, which will make your face appear shorter.

Heart shaped or triangular

If your face is triangular or heart shaped, meaning that your face is widest at the forehead and narrowest at the jaw, you should select frames that add balance to the lower half. Frames with a straight top line, such as classic aviators, are a good choice. Rectangular frames are also a nice choice. Look for complimentary accessories that accent your cheekbones, such as a fedora, bowler hat, or panama hat. A skinny tie can also help elongate the face by drawing the eye up and down.

Sunglasses Styles for Spring

It might still be a little chilly, but Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the latest styles for eye wear! Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, but they are also great for complementing your favorite outfits. For those of you craving some fresh ideas to accessorize this season keep these four styles in mind:

  • Small Round Frames: Think John Lennon. The music legend has inspired countless designers to put their personal touch on these classic frames. They work best on an oval shaped face, and can add a chic essence to any outfit.
  • Retro Sunglasses: If “bigger is better” is your sunglasses philosophy think back to the fashion forward 60s and 70s. With a huge range of shapes and colors to make a statement with, your sunglasses collection isn’t complete without a couple pairs.
  • Edgy Sunglasses: Futuristic and original sunglasses are making a run in the fashion world for extraordinary women who want an out-of-the-ordinary look. The unique possibilities are endless from over the top embellishments to never before seen shapes. Step out of the box and find an edgy look that works for you.

Kentucky Derby Hats For Women

Well, it’s indeed amazing to note how Western Style stands as a seamless attention grabber. Simply find a bonnet, some cool boots and a stylish belt and then get ready to get checked out from head to toe. Indeed, it’s all about grabbing immediate attention and if you are serious about making an ultimate style statement then putting a fashionable girls cowboy hats can stand as an incredible idea.

Take it in writing, most people will definitely have some cool and real positive things to say and in fact many may even walk all those miles to ask you where to find a great stylish hat at a realistic rate! So get prepared to get noticed.

To be honest, there are practically not many occasions for women to wear their fashionable head bonnets, like the Kentucky Derby. Yes, it’s more like a fashion parade for hats, which the ladies choose to wear to look fashionable, sexy, stylish, or often out of the world. Since Kentucky Derby grabs global attention, therefore there is also bit of history and culture behind the hats.

This is definitely a long standing tradition hence you may want to find out the right choice for your Kentucky Derby hats for women this year. So first things first; how many hats do you need! Well, you might require a hat for the Kentucky Oaks, for any other events which you may plan to go and then for the Derby Race itself. Usually women wear around 4-5 hats throughout the week.

Well, it’s good to start with a simple and sexy one and use it for the dinner party or for any other smaller event. Then, you may want to work up to your next favorite hat for typically the Kentucky Oaks, which happens before the derby. Needless to say that every woman however reserves the best hat for the actual day!

Cotton Hat Styles

Cotton hats come in various styles and one of the most popular is the fisherman’s hat. Its recognizable design is timeless and remains a favorite not just among seafarers but fashion-conscious men and women alike. These hats usually come in the neutral colors of navy, white and black but they are available in a variety of colors and even prints.

For women, a khaki or white fisherman hat would look great when paired with a simple fitted white tee or tank top and baggy cargo pants or low cropped pants with flared legs. Complete your casual getup with a pair of gladiator sandals or some other white strappy leather flats.

For men, a white fisherman’s hat is the perfect accessory to top off an outfit consisting of a pair of knee-length shorts and a matching short-sleeved shirt. Put on a pair of white boat shoes or sneakers and you have a casual but sharp look that is perfect for various weekend activities.

Another style of cotton hat that you can wear is the golf hat, which has a fun design that is made even funkier by all the available patterns and colors. A plaid golf cap matches a punk getup while a neutral-colored one will match a preppy outfit.

Women can achieve the preppy look using a golf-cap style cotton hat by wearing it with a polo shirt, a nice pair of city shorts and canvas sneakers. A cotton golf cap worn with tailored khakis, a button-down shirt and loafers will do the trick for men.

Other pretty choices in cotton hats are bucket hats and knitted hats, which can all add a touch of whimsy to your outfit. Of course, baseball caps never go out of fashion and you have countless designs to choose from in this category. A baseball cap may be ordinary but depending on its design, it can be a nice addition to your wardrobe.

For the summer, women can exude celebrity chic with large brimmed summer cotton hats. Not only will this hat protect your face and eyes from the sun, it is also incredibly stylish. Rimmed cotton hats are also available for men. When starting your hat collection, buy the plain and neutral-colored ones first. You will find that they easily complement many of your wardrobe pieces.

Stainless Steel Earrings

Stainless steel jewelry has been around for years, and stainless steel earrings are one of the best accessories. They make the best fashion statement on what you wear all day. They are trendy and most of all they have an inexpensive nature with lots of benefits. The earrings are highly versatile, with the different reasons for wearing jewelry; stainless steel satisfies everyone’s tastes and preferences. Stainless steel has the shine and luster just like silver. The earrings can be worn for any occasion, comfort, style and fashion.

To show the nobleness and elegance of our clothes, the style of earrings should be designed with high-quality requirements. If wearing earrings made by too thin material, they do not go well with the thick fabric. Thicker earrings match with thick heavy fabrics such as wool or fur clothing. Clothes made from fabrics like silk or satin one can wear small earrings. Big earrings with rough shape do not go well with fabrics of silk and satin.

Clothing styles, generally casual wear, sportswear or travel are also a primary factor in choosing the style of earrings and materials. Their characteristics are very practical, convenient and comfortable to wear. A lot of earrings can match with these clothing styles depending on the owner’s likes and dislikes. Earrings made from stainless steel can suit with absolutely any clothing style.

Different occasions require different pieces of jewelry, so do various combinations of clothes. For casual events, simpler stud earrings are highly advised. For formal occasions, one can wear bold earrings which match well with your apparel to add more flash. One should make sure to add detail with the best size of earrings to avoid a clumsy and vulgar look. Your full attire should be stylish and match well with the earrings.

Silver and gold pieces of jewelry are mostly affected by wear and tear because they quickly tarnish. The high maintenance costs often discourage buyers, but with stainless steel, you do not have to worry anymore. The metal alloy is unyielding and durable; your earring will maintain the same sheen as if it were new. It resists scratches, dents, and damage. Earrings made from stainless steel are cheaper than gold and silver ones. You are in fashion just by spending a small amount of money, and you can always buy more to add to your wardrobe.