Fishtail Parka

The first use of the fishtail parka came around in 1951. It was utilised by the U.S. Army who provided the parka to soldiers who were engaged in combat in the Korean War. The nature of the parka was sufficient enough to provide protection from the elements while not being restrictive with regards to movement. Obviously this would need to be a major factor in providing clothing for soldiers but there was a high level of functionality with these parka coats.

There are three main types of fishtail parka produced by the U.S. Army in relation to mod culture. The initial being the M-1948, followed by the M-1951 and the M-1965 versions. The M stands for Military and the number symbolises the year that the coat was made and standardised.

The style of the coat gave the coat its name

With respect to the fishtail element of the name, this is down to the fact that the coat is notably longer in the back than it is in the front. The coat was designed in this fashion to allow it to be tied around the wearer’s upper legs to provide added protection from the elements. It is commonly believed that they are waterproof but this is not the case, especially not in some of the more extreme weather conditions that soldiers were exposed to in the Korean War.

There is a notable difference in the style of the hoods. The M-1951 has a hood which is permanently attached to the outer shell. A separate wool-lined real fur hood attachment buttons into the (shell) hood. The latter M-1965 has a hood that can be detached from the rest of the parka. A similarity that both parka coats share is a warm removable lining.

The coat was designed to be worn with layers

One of the most important elements of the parka’s was that they were designed and created to be worn over clothing layers. This means that in themselves, the coats do not provide a great level of protection against the colder elements. While some would view this is an issue, the flexibility in being able to add or subtract layers underneath the coat depending on the conditions ensured that whatever weather conditions were prevalent, the soldiers would be able to wear the parka in a variety of conditions. Given that the U.S. Army provided other garments that could provide insulation to a great number of degrees below zero, the fishtail parka could be worn in all sorts of conditions. It has since been discontinued for use by the U.S. military but its style and benefits made it a big favourite with many soldiers.

It is easy to see why the elements that made the fishtail parka a big hit with soldiers in varying conditions would blend well with the needs of mods. Riding on scooters would expose mods to changeable weather conditions and the length of the coat would provide an added element of protection for their fine clothing. Given how important appearance was to mods, there was a desire to arrive for a night out in pristine condition. The length of the fishtail parka ensured that suits and clothing underneath the parka would be properly protected from splashes and the weather.

Another huge factor in the popularity of the fishtail parka lay in its wide availability. These coats were available in great numbers and at an affordable price from army surplus stores across the country, providing mods with the perfect garment to complete their look. The issue of functionality was always close to the decision making process for many mods, and the fishtail parka managed to tick every box of what a mod was looking for. These days of course, authentic fishtail parka’s are rare and very sought after. This is hardly surprising when you consider the poor imitation copies found on every High Street.

Make a Spring Dress

One of the cheap yet creative ways to upgrade your spring clothes is to pick a ribbon belt. Just take a belt and wrap around your small waist. Belts add a stylish feel to your outfit and define your waist too.

A flower brooch is another amazing detail to add on your waistline or on your fashion bag. It is definitely an easy way to incorporate into your spring dress. Buy flower brooch pins of your choice and create different amazing looks with your spring clothes. Moreover, you can use this stylish detail as a colorful hair accessory for dressing up a spring dress cloth.

You may go for a retro style look by wearing a fashion tee with vintage flair. Pairing your dress with bright red lipstick and styling your hair will make you look elegant and graceful for your party.

Investing in a colorful tote bag is always a sensible decision that makes any outfit extraordinary special. Buy a floral print tote bag or choose a canvas tote bag in vibrant and electrifying colors like yellow, pink, sky blue, emerald green or fuchsia.

A long statement necklace will look stand out with your colorful pattern and will easily grab the attention of others. Make sure that it is not too heavy against your spring clothes.

Look for a comfortable pair of shoes that perfectly goes well with your spring dress. A pair of strappy sandals will be a great choice that will allow your toes to breathe comfortably. Furthermore, choosing a pair of ballet flats in bright color that will flatter your tote bag is also advisable to shop.

A lightweight cardigan sweater or fleece jacket is a great fashion trend of all time that can easily be paired with spring clothes. A fleece jacket or cable knit cardigan can amazingly transform your spring look. So, choose wisely and invest in a stylish fashion jackets.

Origins Of Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is a direct evolution of the old tradition of masquerade balls, the practice of dressing up in elaborate dresses and suits, combined with extravagant decorated masks concealing the partygoers’ faces. They originated in 15th century Italy as part of the Carnival season, a festive period preceding Lent, where rich foods would be consumed and costumes would be worn as part of a lengthy celebration.

Carnivals never spread too far outside of Italian cities, though the art of the masquerade proved more popular. By the 17th century they were widely used as a part of celebrations across Europe, and reached England in the 18th century.

However, they were soon met with wide moral opposition. Masquerades were limited to the cultured upper classes, and the anonymity they afforded individuals in the public eye often led to casual and unrespectable romantic encounters, which became the topic of many short stories and plays published in the era. Seen as a sign of depravity there were many attempts to deter the practice, but none were successful, particularly after Queen Victoria expressed her affection for the practice herself, cementing the popularity throughout the 19th century and onwards.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries they became more casual, and a wider selection of the public would indulge in masquerades. Costumes became less extravagant and more topic, with individuals impersonating famous characters from poems and plays, such as the works of Shakespeare or defunct Roman gods. By the 20th century celebrations focused almost entirely on impersonation of some kind of recognisable figure, and the unique extravagance and anonymity of the masquerade began fading into obscurity. Rather than hiding your identity, the intention was to make both your identities clear, who you were and who you had successfully imitated.

From this point onwards fancy dress became recognisable in the form we see it today, simply becoming cheaper and more prevalent as time moved on. But it’s interesting to note the similarities between our current parties and the traditions of old. Much like the masquerades were seen as debaucheries, many use fancy dress today to show a little more skin than they’d usually be permitted, and the old factor of escaping your identity for a night is still present to an extent. Over six centuries we’re still dressing up for similar reasons, it’s just the costumes themselves have changed.

Thinning Scissors

Professional cosmetic stores sell this kind of specialized scissors which has a wide variety of types and prices that differs according to the shape and its quality. Inexpensive shears will tend to be less sharp than expensive ones. Thinning shears comes with different teeth designs. The more teeth the shears contains, the less hair that can be removed. The less teeth the more hair. Most often, these scissors are made up of stainless steel but sometimes mixed up with other metal called cobalt to help strengthen the scissors. In addition, the highest quality scissors are coated with titanium just to increase its sharpness and life as well.

Have you ever wondered why the one stylist could give you an amazing cut and the others cannot? More than likely, the better-quality cut was the cut that utilized by these kinds of shears.

The problem with such shears is that, it is quite easy to go overboard. Thinning on the wrong part of the hair shaft or thinning too much would lead to a disastrous hair cut. When it comes to thinning or texturizing, determination plays the key role. If the hair is thinned too much, you will be left with a bald spot. It may take several days for your hair to grow to cover the over-thinned area. At this point it should be mentioned that thinning shears should only be used by a licensed hairdresser who understands the best use of this specialized hair cutting tool.

Whilst, this tool is helpful to reduce bulginess in thick hair. Most important thing is, the tool is not appropriate for all type of hairs. The proper usage of this device helps to blend hair throughout the layers which will reduce sharp edges or unnecessary clumpiness with limited stress for the hairdresser.

Moreover, thinning scissors must not be used near the hair roots because the scissors will not adequately remove the volume. It also lets to create uneven spikes that will show through the rest of the hair. Bearing in mind when using thinning scissors, never remove too much hair. Otherwise, it would result in a stringy looking hairstyle.

Finally, it is suggested that there are more advanced techniques to thinning the hair and making different hairstyles using specialized thinning tool but are best left to the professional stylist or hairdresser. Also, it is recommended that these type of devices should never be used on the same hair for more than three times in a single year.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

For most occasions it is often better to err on the side of being overdressed rather than underdressed. However a beach is the one place where it is glaring obvious if you have grossly misjudged the expected dress attire. So here are some tips on what to wear to a beach wedding:

  • First, look at the invitation for a stated dress code. If it is not on the invitation, then you can find out by contacting someone. Generally, the bride is busy with wedding details so it often appreciated if you contact the Mother of the Bride or the Maid of Honor to find out the dress code for the event.
  • If asking for the dress code leaves you with vague answers then you need to go to the standard beach wedding guest uniform… a nice dress with stylish sandals. Wear a dress that is slightly more formal than a dress you would wear to a backyard barbecue. For sandals, you don’t want to wear your normal flip-flops. Try something a little fancier with a little bit of embellishment on the sandal. Because you will be walking through the sand, it is not required to wear a heel.
  • Another option is a skirt with a tank top. You want a skirt that is a little flowy and will look great blowing in the ocean breeze. For a tank top, you want to choose one in a a lightweight fabric like silk. To dress up the outfit, pair the tank top with a great statement necklace that will bring some panache to your top. For example, if you are wearing a blue silk tank top pair it with a great statement emerald necklace or take a cue from your surroundings and wear with a chunky coral necklace.
  • Jewelry should be kept simple. This is not a Royal Wedding so there is not need to arrive dripping with jewels. Wear one statement piece and keep everything else simple. For example, if you are wearing a statement necklace, be careful of over-accessorizing with a large ring, a blinged-out bracelet, and earrings so large they could have their own zip code.
  • The ocean breeze can also reek havoc on your hair, so make sure to choose a style that will look equally good when it is windswept. Otherwise, you may be forced to tear a page out of someone’s wedding album when you see that your hair is forever memorialized as “woman who looks as it she was attacked by a pelican.”

Make choosing what to wear to a beach wedding easy on yourself by following those simple tips. A beach wedding is light casual and evokes the natural relaxation that comes from the beautiful ocean landscape. Remember that feeling, let it inspire your wardrobe choices, and you will be sitting pretty at your next beach wedding.


Cotton Ripstop Shorts


The best thing about these shorts is that they are really comfortable to wear. They are soft and supple and so you can wear them for a long period of time. They are made up of lightweight cotton material and so you can wear them on hot summer days while you are out playing your favorite sport, such as golf. These types of cotton shorts never compromise on the quality and comfort factor. They are quite easy to maintain as well. You just need to wash them regularly for keeping them fresh.

Fashion prints

Cotton Ripstop shorts come in a wide range of options and fashion prints. You can opt for your favorite fashion print depending upon your choice. I am pretty certain that you are going to find a suitable option for yourself. The fashion prints are varied and stylish. Once you visit a suitable website, you will come to know about different fashion prints in which these shorts are available. You are certainly going to enjoy wearing them no matter what it takes.

Cotton Sleepwear


The apparel’s fabric can affect the level of comfort you experience. Some fabrics are rough while others easily wear out. Rough fabrics can bruise your skin and lead to skin friction. This impedes your sleep cycle and deprives you of rest. Soft varieties, on the other hand, can also make you uncomfortable especially if they keep slipping off. One of the best fabrics around is cotton. Many people and experts recommend using it. You will find how beneficial it is if you check customer reviews.


The primary reason for cotton’s popularity as a sleepwear is its hypoallergenic nature. Compared to other synthetic materials, cotton clothing prevents allergic reactions. It is also resistant to dust mites. This is the ideal option if you suffer from asthma and any other allergies. You can also prevent skin irritation and similar issues.

Cotton is a natural fabric. This means it encourages good air circulation. It absorbs body moistures, and it gets rid of it easily. It draws heat from your body and keeps its strands dry and cool. You can also breathe better with cotton nightwear. Choosing this type of apparel during humid or hot weathers makes staying cool a breeze.


This is only fibre variant that becomes stronger when soaked or wet – another reason why hospitals prefer it to other items. It will not rip, even when repeatedly sterilized or exposed to high temperatures. Cotton clothing is also popular for being a wash-and-wear variant.¬†Cotton is versatile; fire fighters even use it as their uniform. You can coat it with a variety of things and it will still feel comfortable. It gives you a range of benefits for your money’s worth.

Floral Print Shorts

Not many people know that fashion is not just about buying expensive clothes and accessories. But you should also have the sensibilities to carry yourself while wearing any type of clothes. Floral print shorts are in and you can easily take pleasure in wearing them if you wish to impress everyone around you. Now, given below are some of the key things that you should remember while shopping for floral print shorts.

Buying such pair of shorts can become easy if you plan out everything beforehand regarding the type of clothes you wish to buy. You should think about the type of shorts you are looking for. You should determine the style and design beforehand so that you are able to save some time. You also need to think about your requirements.

Once you have finally decided that you want to purchase such pair of shorts then you can consider visiting the market yourself. You can roam around in different designer stores that suit your budget. You should try out different shades and types that look good on you. You should not buy them hastily. Instead, you should spend some time researching and checking the materials. If you are not satisfied then you can return home and surf the net.

Not many people know that online shopping websites offer plenty of information regarding floral print shorts. You can visit some lifestyle stores online that sell men shorts. This will help you in coming across a huge variety of clothes. The benefit of shopping online is that it allows you to save your time and money at the same time.

If you are still facing any difficulty then you can consider talking to a fashion expert. He is the one who could render you the best advice on buying a pair of cargo shorts.

Idea About Vintage Clothing

  1. Vintage apparels are exclusive and unique. Things in the past re-appear again. There are many designs which becomes a thing of past and they are created new again. There is a good possibility that you will discover the exclusive edition of that design in an existing product from that era. However, there is always a possibility that buying vintage item will be unique.
  2. Buying Vintage apparel is a big cost advantage. The cost is usually a fraction of the new items, but can lend your wardrobe a sophisticated look. This is the best way in which one can wear the “best out of style” at a very less cost.
  3. We get the advantage of getting high-quality methods and elements. Some of the materials used before, in fact, are not anymore available today, or if they are, would cost handsome amounts. Some primitive clothes are made of really high standard and processes. Traditional outfits may be used, but it may still be of top amazing, and most classic design shops will not offer poor-quality items. Often, when you buy classic, this amazing will be at a cheaper. Used second hand shops often work as benevolent organizations, importance your money goes to an amazing cause.
  4. Vintage clothes are considered more environment friendly or eco-friendly. The reason because is that mostly the vintage clothes are recycled. Vintage clothes have already been used once, and by wearing them again, you are recycling them. On a larger scale, you are not using your money to pay for the natural resources used in the production of a new item (fuel for shipping, energy to produce, etc.), you are not contributing to pollution (emissions from factories, dumping of dyes and chemicals, etc.), and you are saving those items from going into the entire production process thereby reducing the environmental aspect to a great extent. In this process, one is going one step closer to be more eco-friendly.
  5. Thrift stores are mostly run by non-profit organisations. This gives an impression in the mind of the buyer that the purchase is made for a good cause as well. Some part of these purchase normally goes to the benefit of non-profit organisations.

Searching For Alternative Clothing

The designs are what make alternative clothing, alternative. Plain colours are less common than bright mixtures of shades that wouldn’t normally go together in a high street shop. Designs that take from rock n roll, zombie flicks, and graffiti or tattoo styles are also more commonplace than the usual motifs and designs that you find on the more common clothing items. If you like to express your individuality through the clothes you wear then alternative clothing ranges are where you should be headed.

The love affair with alternative clothing has increased in recent years as more and more people do aim to look different to the rest of the crowd; a move that should definitely be applauded. As such, the rang of clothes, footwear, underwear, swimwear, and accessories has also increased so that you can find any individual piece of clothing or create an entire outfit from alternative clothing. You can certainly fill your wardrobe with items like dresses, t-shirts, and a host of other clothing items.

Choosing alternative fashion doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality either. In fact, because streetwear in particular has been designed for rugged use by skaters you will usually find that these items are created to last and will take regular wear and tear as well as more vigorous use without falling apart and without the unique design fading. You can enjoy standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons thanks to the great looking designs and not the t-shirts with holes in.

Alternative clothing can be used to create a whole outfit or it can be added to an existing outfit to stamp your uniqueness and to create an entirely new look. Labels like Jawbreaker, Akumu Ink, and Kreepsville 666 are among some of the most prominent creators of unique clothing items and they offer a huge collection of ranges and styles to match your preferences.