Button Down Shirts


Ensuring the proper fit of your button down shirt is possibly the most significant yet overlooked aspect. If you actually want to look your best, put on a dress shirt that fits you well. A shirt that is too loose will devastate your image or it will puff out in the front under a jacket. Obviously you never want to look schleppy, so always choose a shirt that builds a form-fitting appearance.


While choosing a shirt collar, carefully consider your facial features. If you have a narrow, lean face, go for a point collar. Those having full face and chin can benefit from a wider and significantly spread collar.


When it comes to choosing colors of button down shirts, always go for classic colors that give you high levels of sophistication. White is a versatile, foolproof color choice for dress shirts but you can play with colors. Choose colors according to your complexion. Darker skin complexions can balance with any shade. Fair complexions can go for light, soft as well as dark colors. Opting for the right colored button down shirt makes you look more professional.


Pick out a tie that balances your body type. Shorter men are advised to avoid bow tie and go for silk tie to elongate the torso. However, tall and skinny men can wear the bow tie but they are advised to choose the long, narrow ties.


There are a number of options out there to decide on but selecting natural fibers is a prudent choice if you want to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time. Cotton fabrics like royal oxford or pique are a great option for business attire. Crisp cotton fabrics are a suitable choice to make a refined look. Cotton polyester blend resists wrinkling and stains while giving a different look. Some other natural fabric choices are linen, silk, broadcloth, hemp, bamboo and more. Cotton dress shirts with wrinkle-resistant property are a perfect choice for those who don’t bother to iron the shirt.

Use T-Shirt Printing to Advertise Your Business

T-shirts are a fantastic medium to get a message across or forming a sense of unison whatever the occasion. Increasingly popular, printed tee shirts now appear on a range of occasions, from industry conferences by way of stag and hen dos.  There are a variety of custom t shirts printing techniques currently employed. Depending on your particular needs, T-shirt printing UK market providers will suggest a choice between screen printing, transfer printing or direct to garment (DTG) printing.

Ad logo

Here at the Ad logo, we focus on various forms of t-shirt printing and creating personalized garments for many occasions. We have a huge selection of customizable workwear options, for example, polo shirt printing for a uniform look. T-shirt printing boasts many applications outside of the business community such as sports kits, college hoodies, and event clothing.

Have you ever worked unattainable for very long hours with a t shirt printing design by yourself or possibly a client, just to contain the printer tell you just how your design won’t work for t-shirt printing? This problem isn’t that uncommon and I wish to will give you a few easy tips about how to prepare your artwork for printing on t-shirts.

It is therefore wise to take into account the t-shirt and the message prior to it or you might end up coping with hassle have not intended to cause. That said, many individuals use t-shirt printing to show a fun message or show something humorous so it is not as if every self-styled t-shirt is likely to carry a thing that will annoy others. The choice of what goes onto your t-shirt is entirely up to you, and it is this freedom that interests many individuals.

The history in the printed press goes back an extremely good way and yes it was well heralded if it first arrived. This was due to the fact it allowed data and knowledge to become recorded and passed along to other people and down through the generations. This was a huge boon and each printing process advance ever since then has owed a debt of thanks to the initial movement. That is not to state that the current types of communicating and printing are not of value, the truth is, some are extremely informative and may say a lot with regards to a person.

While the heat press machine and also the vinyl cutting machine is a couple of one of the most frequently used custom T-shirt making techniques, there are a few additional options available, too. In this article, we’ll talk over some of the various ways of T-shirt printing so that you can pick the right option to fit the bill.


Everyone appreciates great drawing ability and care about detail. There’s nothing better than going to an effectively executed masterpiece on the tee, which you’ll study all day.

Streetwear for Spring

Monochrome/Bold Stripes

Now’s the time to go out and get your hands on some black or white styles, so you can save yourself some money before the trend really takes off. This is one for the cash-strapped (which, let’s face it, in this climate is pretty much all of us); if you go for a black and white striped top, you’re incorporating two of spring’s biggest trends, so you get two trends for the price of one! If you have a fuller frame, stripes can be unflattering, but if you go for vertical thin stripes, this can actually elongate your frame, and give you the appearance of being taller and thinner. It’s difficult to pull off the black and white thick horizontal stripe, without looking like a burglar who’s lost his mask and swag-bag. So, whatever your size it’s best to stay away from this and instead stick to just a couple of single stripes over a solid background.


Accessories are where it’s at for spring-time 2013. The bag is this season’s accessory of choice; it must be stylish, with a high-end vintage feel, but the focus is all on storage space. For streetwear aficionados everywhere, 2013 is going to be year of the gadget. So, it’s vital to have a bag that’s as practical as it is fashionable, with lots of compartments, able to store and protect your growing accumulation of uber-cool gadgets.

Patterns/Bright colours

We are so pleased that bright colours and patterns are back this spring. But, best of all, we get to say hello again to our old friends – the Bermuda shorts! We’re having to pinch ourselves, because we can’t quite believe it’s true. But yes, Bermuda shorts are back and they’re better than ever. Try teaming a pair with a simple graphic tee and patterned snapback (Quintin currently have some awesome ones), to finish the look off. For girls, you can incorporate this trend into your spring style by infusing patterns and bright colours with a little bohemian embellishment – think beading and chunky jewellery, over some ragged denim cut-offs for a fresh, festival-chic look.

UGG Boots

UGG boots were first made in Australia in the nineteenth century and since then they have been used by people for decades. At first, UGG footwear were introduced as well lined sheepskin boots that included woolen filler and a ring of wool at the front of the shoe which was used to keep the feet warm of the person wearing it. These boots were used to keep the feet warm in extreme cold areas and they served this purpose well.

A lot of people also wonder about the unusual name of UGG footwear and why such a name was given to these boots. There is an interesting story behind this. You will be surprised to know that “UGG” is actually a slang term for the word ‘ugly’. This unusual and sarcastic name got really popular among people. In fact, this slang also contributed to the rise in popularity of UGG boots. This is the reason why after so many decades they are still known as UGG boots.

The UGG boots have a rather eminent history as they were given a new nickname FUGG boots (Flying UGG footwear) in the late 1930s. This is because they were used in large numbers by pilots who used these shoes while flying at high altitudes to keep their feet warm and cozy. Despite their unpleasant looks, they got famous with the time because of the protection and defense they provide against the cold. They became popular because of their function and a lot of farmers, laborers and other common people across Australia could be seen using UGG footwear in cold weather.

UGG footwear became a fashion symbol in 1960s and this was because people of that time were enthusiastic and passionate about surfing and UGG footwear provided great comfort and warmth to their feet after coming back from surfing in the cold water. Young surfers from round the globe showed great interest in UGG footwear in the second half of 20th century. This became the reason for the high demand for UGG footwear. This also gave rise to a new fashion in the late ’60s and these boots became the favorite of young people. All types of UGG footwear became popular but the sheepskin UGG boots were the most popular of the lot.

Although some of the manufacturers call these boots sheepskin boots, people from all over the world still know them as UGG boots. The history behind these boots and their unusual name is so old that it is highly unlikely that people will ever let go of that name. This name is still liked by young and old who do not even know the real reason behind the name given to these UGG boots.

Essential Items for a Girls Wardrobe

The Little Black Dress

You may have heard this like a million times, a little black dress is one of the most essential items for every girl’s wardrobe. A little black dress will never disappoint you. Whatever may be the occasion, you can never go wrong when armed with this dress. You can wear it to the office with some simple silver accessories or can wear it to a party with some chunky jewelry. Wear it with a bright colorful scarf and stockings and you are perfectly dressed for a girl’s night out. Make sure you buy a dress according to your body type, try working on your strengths, and accessorize right.

A White Shirt

This is one more piece of clothing that is very versatile. A white shirt paired with blue jeans is a classic combination. You can wear it to work and pair it up with a black, blue, grey, or cream trouser or skirt. In fact, you could pair it with a bottom of any color of your choice. Pair it up with denim shorts, just peeking out beneath your shirt, and you are dressed for the beach. Accessorizing right is the key to any look. If you pick the wrong accessories you could even go wrong with something as simple as the white shirt.

Beige Heels

These heels will go with any look because of the sheer nature of the color. Beige is a color that can easily blend in with any type of look. It also has a calming effect, as in if your look is too loud you can balance that out with beige heels. Now, the choice of heels completely depends on your comfort level and confidence. You can go in for stilettos, wedges, pumps or kitten heels according to you’re the dress you are wearing. The most preferred heels are pumps as they are suitable for both work and parties

A Bright Scarf

It is a chilly winter morning and you are all covered up in a dull and boring overall. What you need is a dash of color that would lift up your whole outfit. A bright red scarf, or blue, or yellow scarf could give you that effect. You can also go in for other colors but make sure you choose the bright ones. Avoid colors like black, grey and beige; because the idea here is to add a dash of color to a boring outfit and not just to add another layer of clothing. These scarves would also blend in seamlessly with your little black dress and the classic white shirt.

Guide to the Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress, as the name suggests is a dress often worn to cocktail parties. In the 21st century, how often do one of those come up? This dress is worn to many informal events and parties. Use your imagination and imagine a dress that is worn to a dance or a ball. It could be long or it could be short and resembles a ballerina dress.

Because this style of dress can be a long dress, there are times you will find them in the evening dress section of a store or of an online fashion boutique. Do not be mislead, an evening dress is a completely different type of dress. An easy rule of thumb to differentiate the two is this:

  • The evening dress is often worn to a formal event like a prom or a wedding.
  • The cocktail dress is worn to an informal event like a get together with some friends.

Luckily for you, in the 21st century, most of these dresses will be above the knee length.

Most cocktail dresses will look like a ballerina’s dress, but do not wear it as if you’re a ballet dancer. Do not wear flats, shoes, or sneakers with the cocktail dress. Wear pumps or heels. Though it is an informal dress, it is supposed to look classy and fancy. You will find that most cocktail dresses will come with embellishments and embroideries.

This dress is to be worn with a clutch, avoid big bags, shoulder bags, or messenger bags.

Wearing one in the winter can be a bit daunting but do not be intimidated by the short length of the dress. You can wear long socks, stockings, or leggings with the cocktail dress. When picking a jacket, you may choose to wear a trench coat or pea coat. You may also wear a shorter jacket such as a moto jacket. Scarves go nicely with almost any dress whether or not you’re indoors, so wear a scarf! Do not forget gloves and a hat.

Buy Vintage Adidas Clothing

Adidas started out producing quality footwear and then in the late 60s branched out into clothing and accessories. Today there is a demand for these vintage items such as footwear, bags, jackets and shorts.

Perhaps the endorsements that Adidas have secured over the year from elite athletes and celebrities has helped Adidas to position itself as the sport brand of choice for both sports people and fashion gurus.

Some vintage Adidas clothing and footwear can sell for many times the original price. If you are lucky enough to find an item that has hardly been worn and in its original packaging then you could be sitting on a nice sum of money. Recently a pair of Adidas Rubens in their original box sold on eBay for £300.

Vintage Adidas shorts have become a popular item since a number of celebs have been captured wearing the super short shorts. It seems that Adidas shorts can easily be left in a drawer or box for years before they are released and put on eBay.

Many of the Adidas street fashions we see today originated from clothing produced for major sporting events such as the Olympics and The FIFA World Cup. The Adidas jackets worn by footballers while singing their respective National Anthem are now being worn on the high street of almost every country. Of course there is the opportunity to buy replica items as part of the Adidas Originals range but collectors of vintage Adidas would much prefer to wear the real deal from that era.

The infamous trefoil logo wasn’t designed until the early 70s and is more commonly used today to represent the Adidas originals brand. Prior to the trefoil the main distinguishing mark of Adidas was the 3 stripes which were originally added to footwear to improve the stability around the middle. The trefoil and the 3 stripes have become iconic symbols that are easily identifiable and will surely continue to be for many years on.

Adidas have always adhered to 2 core values which are quality and performance. This has been evident through the history of Adidas and probably why Adidas and vintage Adidas clothing has been so popular among sport enthusiasts and high street fashion junkies. When you purchase either new Adidas or vintage Adidas you can be confident that you are buying an item built around style and performance.

Knitting Shirt

Basic Knitting Shirts

They come in a wide variety at colours and styles for both men and women. They are knit golf shirt that can be used for casual, daily wear; they are also very suitable for sporting purposes, if you’re a sportsman. For instance, you’ll feel great when you wear a knitting shirt to the golf course. As for women, they can choose knit-fitted shirts. Men can use loose-fitting knit shirts which usually come with short sleeves. Depending on the style of the knitting shirt, it may come with a left-side breast pocket and a collar that can be rolled down or up.

Premium Knits

They are usually made with fine knit materials that make them to give the feeling of softness when worn – they are generally comfortable to wear. Similar to a basic knitting shirt, you can use the premium options for sports like golf. Besides, you can use them as formal wear. Premium knits are a good choice for golfers.

Women’s Knits

These days, women can find a wide variety of specially designed knitting shirts that they can wear for various purposes, be it casually, formally or for sports. These types of women’s clothing are usually made with regard to the body shape of women. You can get a basic stretch shirt; you can buy a cardigan that is even suitable for formal use, most especially during the winter season of the year. Also, you can find knitting shirts that have long sleeves or short sleeves; you can find sport shirts, including other types that are suitable for all occasions.

It is worth stating that these types of shirts are usually long lasting. They only require special care and they are washable with your laundry machine as they typically come with a soft and silky feel for wearing comfort. Whatever may be your taste in terms of colour, design, style and usage purpose, you can find a type that will suit your budget. If you like to get the best deal, you had better opt for wholesale purchase from a credible seller. The Internet has made shopping quite easy – just log on to the web to search for a high quality knitting shirt.

Chic Date Outfit Ideas

  1. Sweet and Sequined. Dark denim jeans, a white tank top, sequined cardigan, hoop earrings, and black or brown ballet flats.
  2. Fresh and clean. White jeans, white t-shirt, white blazer, diamond stud earrings, nude heels.
  3. Sex kitten. Red jeans, black lace top, and black heels.
  4. Leggy secretary. Tie blouse, black shorts, and black wedges.
  5. Feminine in leather. White sheer blouse, white tank top worn underneath, black leather skirt, black heels.
  6. Peasantly happy. Wear a peasant/hippie style dress with black or brown cowboy boots.
  7. Chic Equestrian. Long top, coordinated scarf, leggings, and black riding boots.
  8. Parisian Chic. Black pencil skirt, turtleneck, print scarf, and black heels.
  9. Plaid and grunge. Long plaid flannel shirt, black leggings, black riding boots.
  10. Woman in red. Red sheath dress, denim jacket, and red heels.
  11. Black cowboy. Denim shirt, black jeans, and black ankle boots.
  12. Preppy and proud. Red jeans, white button up blouse, black belt, black cardigan, red or black headband, pearl earrings, and black ballet flats
  13. Military chic. Military style army green jacket, white t-shirt, black jeans, aviator watch, and black ankle boots
  14. Beach bum and proud. Tank t-shirt dress, cross body handbag, and espadrilles
  15. Glittery in gold. White wrap dress, gold clutch purse, gold bracelets, and gold heels.
  16. Lace and denim. Ivory lace skirt, denim blouse, belt tied around the blouse, and nude heels
  17. Sexy spy. Tan trench coat, red heels, and nothing underneath – maybe you should save this outfit for the 10th date!

See there are many date outfit ideas, so no need to worry about what to wear. Learn to enjoy the waters of the dating pool. Learn to go with the flow. Just whatever you do, don’t go towards the light. It only leads the way to catnip, scratching posts, and uploading numerous cat videos to YouTube – if you can find your computer underneath the aluminum cans and newspapers you are hoarding.

Choose Custom Duvet Covers

  • Size
    All traditional types of bedding adhere to a set of standard sizes so that it is easy to choose the right pieces for a mattress. Duvets are slightly more complex, because the materials and filling could change the shape and dimensions over time. Additionally, some of the thick blankets are custom-made to be larger than a standard bed in order to provide extra space for comfort. One of the main advantages of custom duvet covers is that they will fit any size insert. The dimensions are customizable. This will prevent situations where the insert has too much space and works out of the cover. It also prevents the opposite problem of overstuffed fabric because the piece is too small.
  • Fasteners
    Many people choose duvets because of the immense amount of comfort provided at night. The wrong type of fastener on the open end could create irritation when wrapped in the blanket. Custom duvet covers allow the owner to select exactly how the piece closes. Some individuals prefer the convenience of a simple zipper that runs along the open edge. Others find a zipper intrusive and prefer to have it at the bottom. Some also offer discreet ties attached to the inside corners.
  • Fabrics
    One advantage of custom duvet covers is the selection of fabrics that are available. Some people use duvets throughout the year and want a cover using very light materials that breathe. Others are in cold climates and want heavy materials that are still comfortable to the touch. Many custom designers have hundreds of different fabric choices available. This also helps when trying to design a cover that matches distinctive bedroom features, such as patterned curtains or hand-sewn pillows. Custom duvet covers and fabrics will make any bedroom look professionally decorated.