Cloche Hat Styles

  • Knit or Crochet Cloche. While not exactly historically accurate knit Cloche hats are very fun to not only wear but make. They are also relatively easy. A great beginner knitter or crochet project. No need to spend a lot of cash on a pattern book. Free cloche knit patterns are easily found online.
  • Fabric Cloche. A much harder to find pattern is for fabric Cloche hats. Some patterns are made with two pieces of fabric and shaped around your head with gathering stitches. Other patterns piece together triangle shapes to add style and functionality.
  • Ribbon Cloche. Very unique 1920’s Cloches were made of long strands of ribbon, layered, and stitched into shape. With the right pattern this Cloche is sure to set your apart at your next prohibition rally.
  • Turban Cloche. The discovery of king tuts tomb in the 1920’s meant that all things middle eastern were the fashionable rage-including turbans for ladies. These stylish hats were of long piece of fabric wrapped around the head and tucked into place. They were often adorned with features or jewels and worn for more formal occasions.
  • Beaded Cloche. The highest, most elaborate, and most time consuming Cloche hat to make would be the beaded Cloche. Most modern sewers don’t have the patience to hand bead a hat but if you do then the results will be amazing. Don’t guess. Get a good vintage pattern to follow before embarking on this project.