Earring Types

The first earring type is the stud style. The style consists of a post with an earring head holding the gemstone or diamond. This earring style also has many variations such as the diamond stud, gemstone stone or all gold/ platinum stud. A pair of diamond studs is versatile and can be worn with any kind of outfit- from a day in the office to a fancy celebration or wedding. Stud earrings will usually be offered in a many sizes referring to the carat size of the diamonds. They are usually sold under the total carat weight. For example, if you are buying a 1 carat total carat weight pair, each stone would be a half carat in weight. A three or four prong setting is usually considered a ‘classic’ earring style while more elaborately designed shapes are considered ‘designer’ styles.

Dangle earrings are also known as chandelier or pendant earrings and can also have a stud at the top, with a pendant style design dangling below. Other variations of this earring style are a hook connected to the chandelier portion below. There are all metal versions and gemstones or diamond versions. These earrings are usually considered appropriate for fancier events or best when paired with dressier attires.

The last type of earring is the hoop style earring. This earring is another versatile accessory and can be worn by literally anyone. The hoop is a round or oval shaped design that hooks into the ear with a post. Available in almost any size, there are very small hoops, medium sized hoops and large ones. Variations include diamond lined hoops, inside out diamond hoops, and all gold or platinum hoops. Hoop earrings appeal to women of all ages because they can be simple designs to more elaborate depending on the pair. There are many clip on versions of this instead of the post going through the ear, for people who do not have pierced ears.