Get Scarf Savvy

Well, girls, there is quick fix solution, and it’s called a scarf. I’m not just talking about wearing wholesale scarves the traditional way, draped around your neck, though there’s definitely a time and place for that look. I’m talking about the many creative, fun, and even flirty ways scarves can be worn today. Read on for some ideas to totally upgrade and update your look, and take it to the next level!

First of all, scarves aren’t just for the winter or fall months anymore. For those hot summer days, when the sun is beating down and you have absolutely no interest in adding one more item of clothing to what you’re already wearing, try tying your hair up with a light, brightly colored scarf. It’s a great way to stay cool and keep the hair out of your face. Pair it with a jean skirt for a casual match and you’re good to go!

Another fun way to wear wholesale scarves is by folding them width-wise and using them as headbands. Pick a scarf with a color in it that matches the shirt or skirt you’re wearing, and your outfit will look more put-together, and reflect the effort! Bright scarves are great for adding some color to an otherwise all-black outfit, and pick a more muted color if your outfit is already loud. Mix and match and don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

Love to wear skirts and dresses? Scarves make great belts! The best thing about it is the variety you can get when you swap a regular belt for a scarf; the sky is the limit when it comes to colors, styles, and textures of wholesale scarves. Just don’t forget to choose a thin scarf if you plan to use it as a belt.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our old stand-by, the good old, oh-so-classy scarf around the neck. Yes, it still looks great after all these years, and it’s a wonderful way to take a simple dress or pair of slacks from casual, to business. It takes you from the office to dinner and a movie in true style.