Hoop Diamond Earrings

Hoop earrings with diamonds often come in two variants. The first type is hinged somewhere along the loop and doesn’t have posts or clips. The curve is simply secured on the wearer’s ear. The design makes the jewelry comfortable to wear. The second type uses curved wires that form a hoop just below the earlobe. The hoop is often beveled, which makes it appear puffy and heavier, while in fact, it is light and hollow.

Both types of hoop diamond earrings are highly fashionable and can be worn with various outfits and on different occasions. As with other jewelry that include diamonds, a number of factors determine the price of these earrings; the four Cs diamonds, or clarity, color, carat weight, and cut information, are among them.

The kind of metal that holds the diamond also matters. Gold, white gold, and silver are the most popular precious metals used in making hoop earrings. Style and craftsmanship, apart from affecting the price of the earrings, also decide the accessories’ capacity to accentuate one’s appearance and highlight the wearer’s best qualities.

Hoop earrings are a good buy, not only as fashion items, but also as investments. That said, it is best to find a trustworthy store that offers a collection of quality and beautiful diamond jewelry pieces.