Make A Waistcoat

  1. At first, collect the supplies for making the waist coat; so that they will be available and ready to be used. Otherwise the work will be complicated due to getting up and finding the supplies. The things that you would need are outer and inner lining fabrics, marking chalk, sewing machine, and scissors.
  2. Secondly, prepare the back side of the inner lining of the coat, then spread out the cloth and place the waistcoat of the fabric. Draw the outline of the coat, and then draw another line on the fabric about half an inch away from the coat. Cut it along with the outer line of the coat, and fold the corners inwards
  3. After you are done with the back, fold the coat in half, and then lay it over a new fabric of inner lining material. Mark the fabric half an inch away from the lining, and cut them. At the end you will be left with two pieces, so take the corners of the outer ends where the buttons will be placed, and then stitch them.
  4. Take the outer lining, and place the back sides of the inner lining, and draw a boundary around it. Remove the lining, then make a similar boundary about 1.5 inches away from it. Do the same thing with the front sides of the front cut-out.
  5. Once the entire pieces are ready, cut the extended parts from both ends of the sleeves in a horizontal way. Place the inner-piece over the outer one, and fold the outer part over the inner part of the sleeves, and stitch it. Do the same thing with the outer two pieces individually. Now all the six pieces will be converted into three pieces.
  6. Stitch the outer sides of the front ends in the similar manner to the sleeves. Only the back ends will be left, then place the front part over the back one with the mark ends outside, and stitch over the inner line to combine all the parts. Turn it inside out, and your coat will be ready.
  7. Make two cuts at the lower part of the coat on one side with reasonable distance. Do the buttonhole stitch on them, and stitch the buttons on the other end.

Once done, just iron the waistcoat and its ready to be used.So, by following these steps you can make your waistcoat at home.