Make Snooki Sunglasses

In order to make a pair of your own Snooki Rhinestone Sunglasses, you will need a pair of over-sized aviator-style Sunglasses. If you’re not certain what the Snooki Sunglass style looks like, all you have to do is search Google for “Snooki Sunglasses.” There are plenty of pictures of Snooki wearing her’s. In fact, it’s a good idea to print out a picture, so you have something to refer to.

Secondly, you will need to buy some loose clear crystals, in various shapes and sizes. This task also requires a glue gun and glue.

So, let’s re-cap, here’s a list of the required items you will need: Snooki-style Sunglasses. Clear Crystals. Glue gun with Glue.

Before you actually start gluing the crystals onto the lenses, you should plan out a pattern. This is important, because you really want the lenses to be fully covered in crystals, with little to no empty spaces left over.

Now that your crystal pattern is worked out, start by dabbing a little droplet of hot glue onto the back-side of your first crystal. Begin your pattern from outside of the lenses towards the center, by firmly pressing and holding the crystal until it is securely adhered.

Then, just rinse and repeat this process until your lenses are completely covered with your crystals. The Rhinestones on Snooki’s Sunglasses are not perfectly laid out and yours don’t have to be either. The ultimate goal is to end up with sunglasses that are full covered in crystals, without very much empty space.