New Designer Sunglasses Staples

A favourite accessory of celebrities, designer shades are versatile, not only protecting eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, but also hiding tired or all-partied-out eyes. They can signify that the wearer is up with the latest trends, and can be all-important for creating those red carpet statements. With increased availability, giving off the same vibe as a much-admired idol is now easier than ever.

All sunglasses now conform to rigorous standards when it comes to eye protection, so its purely down to personal preference as to which style is chosen to hide behind. Classic styles such as Aviator or Wayfarer are iconic years after they first appeared on the scene, and buyers can choose from original Ray-Ban frames, or sunglasses inspired by these evergreen fashion items.

One of the best-loved designs of fashion sunglasses, Wayfarers are one of the enduring styles of fashion eyewear. The plastic-framed sunglasses were introduced in 1956, and just their new-fangled material and construction made them a break from the metal-framed sunglasses of which had gone before. Most popular in the 1950s and 1960s, the early 1980s saw them reach the height of their popularity, and they have been enjoying a renaissance and have come back in style since the mid-2000s.

Lens technology has moved on, since those pioneering days, too, and the latest styles of designer sunglasses offer polarizing filters and features, graduated tints, and harmful UV-filtering properties, so wearers can be both stylish and safe. Cool Polar EQ technology, for example, protects against both 100% UVA and UVB light, has the benefits of superior eye protection and glare reduction, by filtering out unwanted, indirect light.

An equalizer (or EQ) is used in the music industry to remove excess noise, such as unwanted feedback or a squeaky pedal, while enhancing the tone to create an ideal mix of sound. Polar EQ polarised lenses provide an ideal mix of eye protection, filtering out unwanted sun glare while improving contrast and increasing visual clarity. Large temple arms and wraparound sunglasses styles can help to stop unwlecome light entering into the area behind the eyes, too.