Pink Ed Hardy Hat

Ed Hardy’s unique brand of artwork is highly respected in the tattoo world, and his images have been popularized since the 1980’s, but first pioneering his tattoo artwork in his San Francisco studio in the late ’70’s. The clothing line has these images embroidered into them, which make them exclusive.

The original hat style was a trucker’s hat, similar in shape and form as a baseball cap. Now, however, you can purchase very nice Ed Hardy decorated hat that you wouldn’t want to work on the engine with. The Pink Ed Hardy hat comes in a limited number of styles and designs, and even has a small offshoot line of rhinestone covered caps.

These hats are beautiful in their design and artwork. There are images of dragons, snakes, roses, birds, skulls, or a combination of two or more, all embroidered beautifully and with added rhinestones for a wonderful and eye-catching sparkle. These hats are done mostly in pink fabric that is both sturdy and lightweight. You can seriously make an impression at a party or the concert with a hat of this caliber!

These exciting hats are of limited quantity; so if you buy one new, keep it nice. Down the road, there may be a serious collector needing your hat that would pay a dear price to have one! Collect them all, so you have a different one to wear as a statement or accent with your other clothing styles and situations.