Pure Cashmere Cardigans

In today’s economy, if a manufacturer can save a few pennies then it will, even if this means cutting a few corners. In the world of cashmere, this can mean blending the fibres with another material such as camel hair or another type of wool. Items made from this blended material can still make good items of clothing, but when they’re being advertised as 100% pure cashmere and contain the corresponding price tag, this is wrong. This is what you need to look out for when shopping for cashmere cardigans.

There are a few signs to look for when out shopping. The first is the feel of it. Does it feel rough against your hand? This could be evidence of a second material being added. Pure cashmere is smooth and there shouldn’t be any roughness at all. The second is the way it drapes. Because cashmere is so soft and light in weight, it moulds against you and drapes with a graceful ease that other, stiffer wools would struggle to do.

Cashmere also has a certain spring about it. If you stretch your cashmere cardigans on the sides, it should spring back into its original shape without misshaping. If the garment seems to struggle to regain its shape then this is another indication that there could be an additional material blended in. Also, most cashmere cardigans, depending on the style, will look as if they are made from one piece of material as opposed to parts such as sleeves, collars and cuffs being stitched on, giving it seams.