Simple Everyday Wear to Work Styles

  • Monday: Wear a black pencil skirt with a denim blouse worn untucked. Put a black belt around the denim shirt. Complete the outfit with a black handbag and black high heels or black ankle boots. For colder weather, wear this outfit with thick black tights.
  • Tuesday: Dress in a black or dark gray pants suit worn with a stylish t-shirt. Complete the outfit with black wedges.
  • Wednesday: Get a black or brown leather knee length skirt (can be a faux leather skirt for the budget-conscious or animal-conscious). Wear this with tucked-in white button-up blouse and black knee high boots. The boots can be flat riding boots or extra chic boots with a little heel height.
  • Thursday: Wear the black or gray pants from the suit on Tuesday. Top off the outfit with a colored blouse that has the tie at the neck that can be tied into a bow. Tuck the blouse into the pants and accessorize the outfit with an extra chic wide black belt and a pair of black high heels.
  • Friday: Put on a pair of dark denim jeans, a white top, and an embellished cardigan with some beading or sequins. Complete the outfit with pair of black ballet flats.

As promised, those are the five simple everyday wear to work styles. For more variety, move each bottom part of the outfit forward one day. So the black pencil skirt on Monday gets worn with the t-shirt and blazer on Tuesday. Now you have a total of 10 simple everyday wear to work styles.