Square Scarf

Scarves can come in different colors and textures based on the material that it was made from and can come in various designs and patterns to suit your taste. The colors can be bright, single shades on a piece of cloth or it can be an elaborate explosion of colors depending on the artistry or creativity of the maker. The prints and designs can also be hand crafted by a skillful artist or mass produced with the same commercial design. Whatever preference a person has with a particular piece, there is surely one that could meet her requirements.

A scarf can also come in different lengths and sizes or it can be sewn as a square or as a rectangle to give more options for those who choose to wear them. A long scarf is very much preferred by people wearing them as the extra length can give them more flexibility in using them as a fashion accessory. The extra length can give them a bigger room to be more creative on how to wear them on their heads, their necks and their waists.

There are several creative ways in which anyone who would like to use these as fashion accessories can follow and use as a guide. One way is to tie two distinct sheets together at one end then twisting them together to create a single scarf with alternative bands of colors or designs. You can twist them tightly or as loosely as you prefer them to be and make them shorter or wider according to your preference. An alternative to this is to tie a second knot on the opposite end to give another way to wear them.

Of course, anyone can use his or her own creativity on how to use and how to wear long scarves. The possibilities can be endless and it all depends on how far you will let your imagination run free. The most important consideration here is that the way you decide to wear your scarf should be complimentary to what you are wearing or the other accessories that you have and not give you a clash in style or design that would look awkward and unappealing.