Suspender Tights

This timeless look has been simply and effectively portrayed by turning it into a pair of fabulous suspender tights. Worn with short dresses or hot pants for a night out, as Rihanna does on a normal day, these tights look phenomenal in enhancing natural feminine curves whilst retaining a significant slice of class and sophistication. The most commonly worn tights that are perfect for the office or other formal occasions are the Pretty Polly suspender tights. If you wish to add an unconventional twist to the reinvention of classic stockings why not go for plenty of other cute designs such as flowers and patterns produced by brands such as Pamela Mann and Henry Holland.

It is hard for others not to notice the difference between a carefree girl and a refined lady if she correctly pairs a set of these mock suspender tights with a classic black or burgundy dress. Even if the dress is really short the majority of it gets covered with the thick, black texture of the tights, only allowing a peak of the top sheer suspender area to be seen. To balance out a really quirky style of dress allowing it to appear more elegant, simply wear it over a pair of Pretty Polly suspender tights as they are less flashy than the other prints available.

If you tend to go more daring with your sense of fashion, it’s fun to embellish the perfect outfit with a pair of Henry Holland suspender tights. What’s more by varying an outfit with the eclectic variety available in the Henry Holland range of tights, you can get as bold as you like or remain conservative with the mock style suspender tights that can be used to obtain a more corporate or urban look. The tights portray a look of confidence and style that is something that does not come natural to most in this day and age.