Silk Scarf Worn Bandana Style

In most cases, bandanas consist of large pieces of cotton material. To create a fashionable bandana, the designers often take the basics and twist the norm. This could be the style and/or the material. If you want to create a new, yet practical look, grab a piece of silk and use it to make a bandana. This incongruous combination of fabric and style makes it very noticeable.

The traditional place to wear a bandana is around the neck. It can be pulled up to cover the head or placed around the forehead. You can replicate each type by starting with the basics – a single square silk scarf. You then fold it in half slantways. If you want to start off easy, create a headband. Do so by simply rolling the fabric from the bottom corner upwards into a tube-like length of material. Place it around your forehead tying it into place at the back or side with a sturdy knot.

You can also create a variety of looks if you decide to wear it around your neck. Folding it lengthwise or to form a triangle may be necessary for some styles. If you decide upon a triangle, simply place it in front. You then tie the material at the back. Alternatively, you can cross the right and left pints of the fabric at the back, bring them forward and tie off.

Since Johnny Depp strode the screen as Captain Jack, the popularity of the pirate, biker or skull cap style has increased. To obtain this favorite effect, you begin by folding the square silk fabric in half transversely. Next you position the longer edge over the top of your forehead drawing both the left and right points to the back to tie firmly beneath the hair. The knot may be tied either above or below the fabric trailing down the back. If you want to emphasize the feminine, leave the knotted ends loose. They will then trail down your back. If this is not your preference, simply tuck them out of sight.

Skull Bandana with Various Styles

Pirate design skull bandanas

Probably the most popular (or at least well known) design is the classic black or red colored pirate style head scarf. It goes well with almost every type of attire and accessorizes your dress well.

Skull caps in bandana style

These skull caps which are styled as bandanas are one impressive form of art and creativity. The fabric which is generally used is of polyester on the inside and nylon on the outside for good fitting and comfort. This type of unique material combination helps to soak the moisture and keeps your head sweat free.

Skull face masks

This is a version that covers your face completely. It is especially popular among bikers and snowboarders.This is also the version that is most often worn for functional purposes. It shields your face from insects and dirt when riding a bike. And when snowboarding, you can wear one made from thermal fleece and it will prevent your face from freezing.

Skull bandana for the kids

The designs made for the kids come with the logo of superhero characters like of the batman (bat logo) or the superman logo etc. The other type of designs may include the art work inspired from famous cartoons like Powerpuff girls or Popeye etc. They are designed in such way that they could be accessorized in various ways like as wristbands, skull caps, scarves, head bands etc. They not only make the kids look stylish but also act as a shield against cold and keep them warm.

Generally, the kids literally throw a tantrum when they are told to wear ordinary scarves or caps. However, when they see the same scarf or cap in batman laced design, they are enticed to it and wear it voluntarily. This is also one other reason why parents buy these designed or printed head bandanas.

How to Fold a Bandana

Fold your bandana once into a triangle. Place the triangle on your head so that the top of the triangle (widest angle) is resting on the back of your head and the base is wrapped around your forehead. The two side points of the triangle should hang over each ear. Take one of the side points in each hand, and pull them to the back of your head. Tie them in a knot that rests on the top part of the triangle.

Again fold your bandana into a triangle once. This style is for those with short hair or hair that is wound tightly in a bun. Place the wide section of the triangle against the back of your head so that the widest angle is pointing towards the ground. Pull the opposing side points to your forehead and tie in a simple knot at the base of your hairline.

Leave your bandana in a square and fold down one of the corners about a hand’s length down the fabric. Now you should have a bandanna that looks diamond shaped. (Not like a baseball diamond, but a real diamond in a side view.) Place the folded edge of the bandana against your forehead, with the folded down corner so you can’t see it underneath. Let the rest of the bandana drape over your head. Take the two corners hanging over your ears are and tie together so they are on top of the corner hanging over your neck. This is similar to the first way of folding a bandana but it leaves more fabric hanging down to protect your neck from the sun or give you a bohemian look.