Choose Long Sleeved Dresses

Femininity – Sure, strapless dresses do make you look alluring. Full sleeves, however, can also be highly feminine. Long sleeved dresses are the perfect way to reflect your beauty without baring your shoulders. They are perfect for looking feminine while also being highly classy. You can enhance the look of these dresses by making sure that the sleeves are stitched to fit the shape of your arms.

Ideal for Dailyhawker – Are you one of those who love wearing dresses to the office but can obviously not wear those strapless ones stacked in your cupboard? This is where this kind of dresses can come to your aid. Because your shoulders are covered, these dresses look highly formal and sophisticated. Wearing these is the perfect way to stay sexy while still giving off a formal look. You can also wear these at dinner parties and other formal events.

They are different – If you are one of those who want to show up at a party wearing something different than what others are wearing, long sleeved dresses are for you. At a party where probably everyone would be wearing sleeveless or strapless dresses, you can look highly elegant and different wearing a dress with long sleeves. Such a dress will give you a highly classy and unique look.

All in all, long sleeved dresses can be perfect for any event. However, you need to make them work in order to look good in them. For one, you need to focus on the stitching. If the sleeves are loose and out of shape, you may not get the look you are looking for. You should also go for shorter dresses instead of longer ones. This is because a long dress with full sleeves may cover too much skin. Keeping your arms covered and your legs bare is what does the trick!

Reasons to Buy Vintage Dresses

The clothes we wear these days are so common that we never stop to realize that we are actually very fond of vintage dresses. A very common example is that of maxis. These floor-length dresses came into being a long while ago and have stuck around because of the comfort they provide. From loose nightdresses to formal gowns, maxis have taken several forms. They can be worn in many styles. For example, you may go for spaghetti straps, full sleeves, halter tops or even strapless designs. Another type of vintage dresses is the mini. Sure enough, we do wear short skirts. However, the ones we are talking about here end several inches above the knee. These have been popular ever since they came into being in the 1970’s, though they are now majorly limited to night clubs and informal parties.

Vintage dressing is not only defined by the types of dresses but also by the style they are presented in. For example, a modern dress may give off a vintage look if it has large floral prints on it. Such traditional touches can be added to any dress in order to make it look more traditional than it really is. You can also go for accessorizing a simple dress in a way that will give it a 70’s look!

If you are one of those who are fond of traditional vintage dresses and want to buy the original styles instead of the evolved ones, you may be wondering where to find these. In fact, there are more sellers of this type of clothing than you may be aware of. Vintage clothing can be found in several stores that specialize in it. You may also find it in second hand shops where people sell old dresses. The ideal way to find vintage dresses, however, is to search for them over the internet. You can simply hit the search button and get access to all the sellers. Conveniently, you can browse these dresses and also order them online. The variety of the choices will make sure that you find what you are looking for!


Sweat Dresses for Winter

For one, sweater dresses must be paired up with the perfect leggings. In fact, what you wear with these totally depends on your choice. For any dark or light colored sweater, black leggings may be ideal. You can also go for dark stockings, as long as they protect you from the winter chills. If you do not prefer wearing leggings at all, you can always go for jeans. In fact, skinny jeans are very commonly worn with sweater dresses. You just need to make sure that you match the right color with your dress. For example, while red skinny jeans are very popular, they should not be worn with a dress unless it is a black or grey one. Apart from this, you should always go for black, blue or grey jeans.

Sweater dresses are often seen as informal wear that can be handy when going to a party. This, however, may not necessarily be the case. Wearing leggings with a dress in a decent color can actually look very formal. In fact, going from a casual look to a formal one totally depends on your style. If you go for a beige sweater dress with black leggings and pumps or high heels, you would look extremely attractive while still being perfectly formal. On the other hand, bright colored sweaters paired up with up with colored leggings can create a very informal look. Therefore, there is no specific look that these dresses have to create.

The accessories that go with these dresses totally depend on your choice. When it comes to shoes, you can go for knee-high boots if you are wearing jeans. On the other hand, if you are wearing leggings, you can go for high heels or pumps. If you feel that you look too simple for a party or a night out, you can match a belt with your sweater. Ideally, your belt should be of a very moderate color. For example, a thin white belt can be perfect with a dark colored sweater dress. You should avoid those large belts, since they can take the attention away from the rest of your attire.

Finding Cheap Dresses

One of the best places to start is by looking for clearance sales on dresses. Retailers need to replace existing stock with new designs for the new seasons, and in order to clear away existing inventory, prices are cut drastically. This is especially true in the clothing industry, which is much more seasonal than other areas such as electronics, where products that are 5 years old can still command a price premium.

Not only can sales be seasonal, but they are also based on holidays, and retailers regularly hold holiday themed sales. A quick glance at the calendar, will reveal the consecutive holiday themes sales than can be expected during any calendar year. With proper planning you, will very easily realize that it is during those times, that you can expect to get some of the best bargains on cheap dresses.

Holiday themes are often controlled by fashion, colors and trends, Red may be popular around Valentines’ Day, green may be more prominent around St. Patrick’s’ Day, and at Easter, flowers, and light yellows may predominate. In the colder months, you are more likely to find longer dresses. You are more likely to be less frustrated, if you plan your shopping with the events and activities in mind.

Another easy way to ensure that you get ready and easy access to cheap dresses, is by signing up to be notified. Many of the online retailers now have alerts system, where loyal customers are notified of sales on specific categories of items. They may even be specific enough to notify you when the exact item or one that is very similar becomes available. One of the advantages that you can have with notifications, is that many of the sales may not normally be advertised, and they may be for extremely limited times.

Sales may last for a few hours to a few days, and may be designed to clear a specific category of items. Perhaps one of the best places to find clearances sales, is online. Many retailers are continually inviting customers to visit the websites to make purchases. It makes perfect sense for retailers as they can reduce the costs of running the operation.

Choose A Figure Flattering Dress

The first thing that you need to do is identify your body type. There are four body types, and they are as follows:

  • Triangle: broad hips and thighs with the torso drawing in to narrow shoulders
  • Inverted Triangle: broad shoulders which draw in to narrow hips and thighs
  • Boy Shape/Rectangle: evenly spaced hips, thighs, torso and shoulders – barely noticeable curves
  • Hourglass: this is the curvy figure with large busts and shoulders, narrower waist, and buxom buttocks, hips and thighs

Now, most people fall into one of these categories more than they do the others, but they are not strictly defined. There are a few rules for each aspect of the body shape. For example, there is a rule for slimming wide shoulders, and a rule for emphasising hips if you have none. We describe these rules below, as well as some rules pertaining to each of the four categories. Mix and match these rules according to your particular body shape to find the perfectly tailored solution. We recommend that you note these rules for future reference, just in case you cannot find this article at a later date.

  • Fuller tummy or boy shape: choose a skirt with a fuller body-one that flares out from the hips-to disguise a heavier tummy and to create curves at the hips.
  • Larger rectangular: to slim down a fuller figure, you need to choose floating fabrics and not those that cling too heavily.
  • Fuller tummy that is low set: you need to draw attention away from the larger part of the tummy (i.e. that bit just above the hips), and you can do this by wearing a dress with a higher waistline, or one that has a slight elastication just below the bust.
  • Larger shoulders: you need to wear dresses that sport an asymmetrical neckline. This will draw attention away from your shoulders and towards the bust and neck area. Avoid anything that emphasises the shoulders, such as a frilly collar or voluminous sleeves.
  • Large bust: if you want to downplay your breast size, then choose a square neckline to even out the curves. A v-shaped neckline will emphasise your cleavage, which in some cases can be slimming if you have a wide bust, but not a particularly protruding bust.
  • Small bust: choose a v-shaped neckline to emphasise the bust, but also try to choose a dress with a focal point in that area as it draws attention to the area, which naturally gives them an emphasis.