Different Styles of Bikinis and the Importance of Reading Reviews about Them

Bikinis are every woman’s go-to. They are two-piece swimsuits with two triangles of fabric on the top covering the chest and two other triangle fabric covering the buttocks. Just as every woman has different body shapes and sizes and also prefers different styles of body wears, Bikinis come in various styles and sizes to fit every type of woman body shapes.

Reading about Frankies Bikinis will go a great deal to help in settling for the perfect Bikini size and style that suits one’s personality and taste.

High-Waisted Bikini

The High-Waisted Bikini is a perfect style for women who do not wish to reveal their waistline or have post-pregnancy stretch marks and are not comfortable showing them. This bikini style comes with a high waist bottom that covers the waistline but still looks elegant on the wearer.

String Bikini

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