Ways To Style A Scarf

Ascot Knot

This is similar to the way you tie shoelaces. Wrap the scarf all the way around your neck, and without letting go of the ends, cross them behind your back and bring them back to the front. One end should be longer than the other. Cross the long end with the short one and pull the long end through the loop. Arrange the ends so that the shorter end is covered by the longer one across your chest. This is the most recommended way of tying a scarf for cold places. Remember to put the ends of the scarf under your jacket/coat and not let them hang outside.

Fake Knot

This style requires a medium-length scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck such that the ends hang flat across your chest. One end should reach your mid-chest while the other should reach your upper waist. Make a knot on one end and slip the other end through it. Pull the knot to tighten. If the knot is too tight for the other end to pass through, loosen the knot without undoing it. Note that a patterned or chequered scarf is better for this purpose since the knot will be easier to see.

Once or Twice Around

For this style, choose a long scarf. Hang the scarf around your neck so that the ends sew hanging across your chest. Now throw one end of the scarf across your opposite shoulder and then bring it back to the front for a once-around. In case of twice around, pass the long end of the scarf around your neck once more to make a snug fit. This style can either be moderate or warm and can be worn with all kinds of coats and jackets.

Ways to Wear a Short Scarf

Scarves can be categorized as short scarves or long scarves. Some long scarves are called shawls. Scarves and shawls have different purposes and they create different style effects. There are tremendous ways of wearing a scarf or a shawl. Knowing these different ways would help you optimize the entire possible fashionable looks that can be created by these accessories.

There are three ways of wearing short scarf for a more fashionable look. It can be worn as a head wear, as a garment or as an accessory.

We can identify some reasons why people wear scarf as a head wear. It can be worn for protection such as from the heat of the sun, as a uniform or as an identity, or as a fashion. Wearing short scarf as a head wear has different functions too. There is a specific way of wearing a scarf as a head wear if you are going fishing, dining, strolling or partying.

There are also varied ways of wearing short scarf as a garment. How would you wear a scarf if you are going swimming in a beach? How would you wear this same scarf if you are going dining with your love or with your family and friends? How would you wear a scarf if it is summer or if it is winter?

Most significantly, there is a long list of ways on how to wear short scarf as an accessory. Would you want to sport to a party that same bag you bring everyday to work? How would you create a different look for your bag through a short scarf? Tired of plain pony tails? How would you want to flash a fresh look on your hair through a scarf by not covering it entirely? How would you tie a scarf on your neck? And so much more…

Knowing how to wear a short scarf as a head wear, a garment or an accessory is very essential because it can top all the possible looks you can create from an outfit in a much fashionable way. Orienting yourself on how to experiment from your apparels and other accessories by accessorizing them with a short scarf is not only fashionable but is also practical.

Match Scarf Knot Style With Mood

  • Belt beauty – This is for the corporate gal who is ready to take on any challenge. Fold the scarf or roll it long then thread it through each loop of the belt. Tie a regular knot in front and let the ends fall. You can turn the knot to the side for a little change in this bold style.
  • Sporty Sally – This type is for those who have an energetic style. Run the scarf like a bandana across your shoulders. The right way to do this is to fold it into a triangle first and then start rolling the broader end towards the narrower part. Roll only half the scarf and then throw it around your shoulders. Keep it in place with a simple knot.
  • Neat winter look – If you could not be bothered with people who are careless about things in their life but are the serious kind of woman then the double ascot knot is for you. Fold the scarf long into a belt like strip at least five inches in width. Put it around your neck with one end hanging at least one half longer than the other. Take the longer side and run it around your neck bringing it back to fold through the first loop of the scarf. Do this twice if you wish and then adjust according to length.
  • Head wrap – Want to tie up your hair in a trendy and neat way? Use a scarf in combination with your headband. Fold the scarf square and use the crease fold to align the scarf with your hairline. Take both the ends back beneath your hear and make a single knot. If you have a long enough scarf, you can bring the loose ends back to the front and tie another knot or simple let the scarf ends fall over your shoulders. A variation of this is the crown wrap in which you do not fold the scarf square but fold it all the way into a six inch wide belt. Then, align it with the hair and tie as before. The gypsy variation of this type of scarf use is when you tuck in the loose ends of the scarf instead of letting them hang beyond the knot.
  • Gym visit – This is just the ideal way to wrap your scarf if you are heading for the gym. Take an oblong scarf and fold it into half. You then have to pleat it lengthwise and place it across the front of your forehead. Hold it in place, take the ends back, and tuck them into a knot. You can slide it to the side and let the loose ends hang. However, whether you are going for a date or to a business meeting, you can toss a scarf around your neck without a knot and you are ready to go. It will still make you look trendy. That is the magic of scarves!

Tie a Winter Scarf

The first style is the balance scarf knot. This works with wool and cotton scarves that can deliver the winter feeling with their fringes. These complement loose and huge thermal wear. As the name of the style denotes, it truly balances your outfit. It relieves you of the heavy feeling you might get from a bulky jacket as well as add a little touch of fashion. You can apply this when you are outdooors. The best colors that work with this look are bright ones like green, pink and orange. For the men, they can still choose darker shades such as brown and navy blue. To achieve this look, place the scarf around your neck and make a knot when each side meet – the top end of your scarf encircles your neck through the back; the end covering coming from the behind passes through the space between your scarf and neck; alter a little to maintain exactly the same size through the two ends and keep the balance.

Another style good for wool and cotton scarves is the slim knot. Scarves with solid colors go well with turtle neck sweaters. It can also be worn with a coat. To add more taste to your winter wear, choose a two toned scarf. However, you must remember that the color of your coat or sweater should be simple and not too bright. Otherwise, it will be too bright to look at. The way of tying this is the same but the difference is it is altered whenever you use a different dress. How you can tie this particular knot will be the this: Cover your neck; create a knot behind your neck and then an additional knot from the front. The largest benefit is that it is easy to understand so that it is one of the simple tying knot for those heavy scarves. It is also quick as well as will save you time to the lazy males.

The graceful knot fits square silk scarves. If you scarf has patterns in it, select shirts with solid colors to match it. If it is plain, you can go with patterned tops. The workplace is the best place to wear these. For example, a purple colored winter scarf will go well with a light colored sweater. Make the scarf into a triangle by folding it into half.. Fold your silk scarf into a triangular shape after which roll it slightly from the lengthier side. Leave the large sufficient space for the next procedure. Place the triangular portion in front of the chest and create a knot behind. Get a good realignment to really make it sleek and delightful. How to tie a winter scarf need not be a tedious process as long as you know what kind of scarf you have.

Motorcycle Scarf

Women like being fashionable that is why a motorcycle scarf is beneficial for them not only because they could use it for added protection but also to help them make a fashion statement. Known also as bandana, it is considered to be the most flexible and versatile fashion accessory there is. The ones made from cotton materials are inexpensive and quite frankly… are not as good as the silk variety. They come in a wide array of colors, patterns, textures and designs and they are very easy to launder and dry. In addition they are very easy and light to wear unlike other pieces of clothing accessory. There are hundreds of styles for using a motorcycle scarf but you should be familiar with the proper way of doing them.

Of all the styles there is, the Skullcap is said to be the trickiest and most challenging but then as they say if takes a bit of a challenge before you get it and actually not forget it. For one to be able to wear a bandana, one must need to know how to fold and tie them properly.

Almost all the styles begin with some kind of base. To learn it by heart you must practice it over and over again until you are good enough to make all the styles in one waive of a hand! The different bandana bases include: triangle base; adjusted triangle base; bind base; rolled bind base; square bind base; rolled square bind base; and the perfect bind base. After you have familiarized yourself with the bandana bases, you could go on with the bandana styles. For the Head Styles: skull cap; scarf look; over the face; and headband. For the Body Styles: protect the neck; necklace; bracelet or wrist; leg, knee or thigh; and bicep, elbow or forearm.

There is also another style known as “pocket”. This is done by bringing the bind bases together and then you tuck the folded end into your pocket, and you are done. After you have been familiarized with the bandana basics, you may proceed to adding some more edge into your look by putting some adornment into your bandanas.

You could add bling, brooches and even jewelry. You could actually use rhinestones, charms and iron on decals. You could also attach bits and pieces with a thread, glue or even safety pins. If you are more eccentric in detail, you might want to add unusual but charming metallic buttons. Laces, tassels, small badges and pins could also be added. You could be downright playful and creative in making your own motorcycle scarf or bandana. You could go as far as acrylic paints and glitter. You could sew your name or embroider it with your favorite emblem or design. You could always use your bandanas, even for an everyday use. Just be creative and be confident when wearing it.

Who says motorcycle scarves are just for boys? With more than a dozen ways to wear them for ladies, you’ll never run out of style. Trying to look tough and able is the way to say it, but there are also styles that show more of a lady. Wear your motorcycle scarf and make a statement.

How To Tie a Long Scarf

As with most women, being fashionable becomes a passion. From head to toe, it is an enjoyable experience to get familiar with the various fashion accessories. You can find a lot of women who are always with a lovely accessory. A scarf, particularly a long scarf can be an accessory for more than one purpose. You can use it as a headscarf or tie it in different ways above your shoulder. It can be used as something to protect you from the coldness of the day or as an adornment on your stunning night gown.

Different ways on how to tie a long scarf:

A popular way is the ascot style. Some people use this method in winter time. It is not a complicated style and gives the wearer warmth with its chic look. You can get this look by folding your scarf in two, place it around your neck, then bring the two ends together to from a loop. The loop is seen when you fold the scarf.

The reverse type is well-liked when wearing a formal evening gown. Get a shawl that will enhance your dress and let it hang freely above your shoulders with the ends at the back. The manner of how you let the scarf drape on your shoulders makes it stylish and pleasant. This style is most suitable for ladies who are slim and tall. When you feel like securing the scarf more, simply tie the ends at the back to form a simple knot. With casual wear, you can use the same scarf as a scarf belt. Fold your scarf lengthwise until it becomes just a couple of inches thick. You can choose to insert it in the belt hoops or leave it be and tie it around the waist or hips. Tie it on one side, either left or right, and let the scarf hang by your side.

When you do not want to do any extra folding with your scarf, you can choose a simple style of wearing it. Fold your scarf into a triangular shape. Place it at the back of your shoulders and let the ends meet in front. Secure it by tying the ends into a square knot or any knot that you know. Since there are people who do not feel like doing so, you can also use a brooch or shawl pin to bring the ends together. The ways on how to tie a long scarf will be applicable if you love to explore and experiment. Even if you feel like playing safe, you do not have to worry. Long scarves can be worn at any place and event. It can be in winter time and even summer.

Wear a Triangle Scarf


Place the wide corner of the scarf at your forehead just a little above your eyebrow. Place the ends of the wide corner of the scarf at the back of your head or at your nape. You can either loose the top flap of the scarf or tuck it under the knot at the back of your head.


Fold your triangle scarf until it forms a strip. Adjust its thickness depending on what style you want to achieve. Place the center of the folded scarf at the top of your head, just like a headband, and pull the ends at your nape. Secure the band by tying the ends together.

Peasant look scarf

Place the widest part at the top of your head. Bring down the ends under your chin and tie them together. This style great when you’re traveling and don’t want to ruin your hair style.

Neck scarf

You’ll need a stiff triangle scarf for this one because silk scarves won’t hold much for this kind of style. With the triangle at your chest, drape the triangle scarf around your neck and tie the ends at the back of the neck.

Hip wrap

This is a great cover up for any bathing suit or for belly dancing. Wrap the widest part of your triangle scarf around your hip and tie the ends at one side. Twist it to either side to your desired angle.


You need a large triangle scarf for this. Drape the widest part of it around your shoulders with the body of the scarf at your back. It should look like an inverted triangle at your back. You can tie the ends of the scarf at the front or let them fall on each of your arms.