Straw Hats

There are straw hats to suit virtually any and everyone’s taste. There are bucket styles, ones with wide brims, and more classic cowboy and lifeguard-type varieties that have chin straps. Although most are typically kept in their traditional neutral, straw color, there are also many options for colored hats as well. Some also come with a colorful bandana trim for a bit of whimsical charm. Therefore, it is easy to find a style for any sort of setting, whether it is lounging around at a resort or doing work in the yard.

One of the best things about straw hats is that they expertly mix style and functionality. Although wide brimmed hats come in many different shapes and in virtually every color of the rainbow, they play an important part in keeping one cool during the hot summer months and in shielding the face from the harsh and damaging UV rays of the sun. The larger the hat, the more sun protection and, luckily, these large hats have become all the rage among resort patrons and beach goers alike.

However, other than giving some much needed sun protection, people simply love wearing these classic hats. They have an aesthetic that appeals to many different people. Folks who enjoy a laid-back style and those who like a more natural look can all take pleasure in wearing this functional, yet fashionable, headwear. They also can be a great way to add a bit of western flair to your outfit without needing to invest a lot of money. Cowboy hats can cost a pretty penny, but straw hats can give you a similar vibe for a fraction of the cost.


Wear Drop Or Dangle Earrings

Danglers hang below the earlobe and they move with the body. The chain or wire used to attach the beads, stones or charms is flexible and loose. A hook is the usual hanger for this style which facilitates the movement. It can be a single strand or branch out into several. The lengths also go from one extreme to the other-just below the earlobe all the way to the shoulder.

How to choose?

  • Comfort: Every woman has given up comfort for style at some point in her life. Shoes and earrings are the most common accessories that fall into that category. However, for these two styles it is important to choose the lightest weight possible because not only does weight play a role, but gravity is a factor as well. Less so for the drop style, but danglers can really wreak havoc on an earlobe and the hole.

We’ve all seen those elongated holes that look red ugly and red after years of wearing heavy pieces. Choose the perfect pair, but use supportive backings and limit the amount of time they are worn if they have some weight to them.

  • Occasion: For a night out on the town with the girls or for an elegant New Year’s ball, dangle earrings are perfect. Long gold strands with a kicky outfit are fun for clubbing while sparkling crystals cascading from the earlobe put the finishing touches on a gown. While these are more for play, drop earrings are more conservative. Oh, they can be fun too, but they are more appropriate for the office or for more serious occasions.
  • Personal Style: Of course, personal taste is a huge factor. Women tend to love one particular style a wear that one often. Earrings can tell a lot about someone and their personality. It can also be indicative of her mood at that very moment. Long dangling neon colored beads show a fun and quirky personality whereas a simple diamond drop says she’s feeling sophisticated.
  • Hair: Yes, hair should play a part in choosing the right style. Long dangle earrings look elegant with short hair or with an updo because it highlights the length of the neck, which is one of the sexiest parts of the body. The drop style can be worn with pretty much any hair style.
  • Age: Its not that older women can’t wear long dangling styles, but they are less likely to. The longer the dangle earrings, the better for younger women. While it’s not a rule, it’s kind of like hairstyles. As women age, the hair gets shorter and it’s the same with earring style.

Earrings have been worn as status symbols, in religious ceremonies and as an expression of style dating back to at least 2500 B.C. As the times change, the styles change with them. The drop and dangle earrings styles are just two of the ways this accessory has evolved to fit a woman’s personality and taste.