Wear A Circle Scarf

If your circle scarf is just enough and not too huge, a loose cowl neck style would do the trick. Simply place it over your head. Smaller circle scarves are often seen with this style because their length is not enough for more complex styles. There are also extra long ones that need to be wrapped around twice for a fashionable looking cowl. You will achieve a cowl that is just in line with your bust line or above it. For longer circle scarves, always loop it two times to have the appearance of a gorgeous cowl.

Another tip on how to wear a circle scarf is by wearing it like a turtleneck. Take your scarf and place it around your neck several times to make a turtleneck fashion. You can control how loose or tight you want your scarf to be. It is not like your regular turtleneck top which has a fixed look.

You can also wear it as a hood. Wear it around the head and then twist to loop it back for a hood look. A lot of women use this style especially when it is too cold outside or too sunny. Either way, it looks absolutely fashionable when worn the right way. There is no need to worry what the right way is, as long as it covers your head as a hood would do, you are good to go.

If you are more of a shawl person, you can wear it like a traditional shawl. Simply place the circle scarf on your shoulders and let it drape at the back like a shawl. This works well with a longer circle scarf as it is easier to maneuver. When you experiment the ways on how to wear a circle scarf, be sure to keep in mind that the seam does not show. This is for the short and long scarves. If you are having trouble selecting the length for you, remember that short and long ones have different styles you can have; it is up to you if you are comfortable with its length and weight. Circle scarves, often called as infinity scarves, are highly stylish fashion accessories for every lady. Wear it the way you want it depending on the weather and mood you are in.