Wear Emerald Green

Emerald green is a gorgeous color. Deep and intense, it works best on someone with cool and deep coloring and is not the best shade of green for everyone. But I don’t want that to stop you from bringing green into your wardrobe in some form or fashion.

Green, as with any color, has many shades. If a particular shade, like emerald, isn’t your absolute best shade, I want to help you understand how you can wear green and look fabulous!

Because Emerald is the color of the year is not reason enough to wear it if it doesn’t look good on you. Look closely at how this green looks around your face. Does it wash you out? Does it light you up? If it’s not your best green, the good news is that there are many shades of green in stores right now so choosing one that is your very best should not be very hard at all.

If your coloring is warm, opt for shades of chartreuse, celadon, olive, sage, moss or grass. Your green has more yellow undertones and will flatter your yellow-toned skin.

If your coloring is cool, then embrace greens with blue undertones such as emerald, kelly green, lime, sea, jade, teal, shamrock and pine.

If you’re wearing multiple shades of green, be careful. I once had a college professor show up in no less than 10 different shades of green and it was all the class could do to hear what she had to say. Limit yourself to no more than 3 complementary shades of green, and err on the side of being conservative. Blending greens with other hues, especially shades of turquoise and blue, can be especially pretty and flattering.

If you suspect you’re not wearing the best shade for you, you’re probably right! Try a shade closer that will better flatter your personal coloring and see how it can transform your image!