Arm Candy Trend

Day to night arm candy is always right, and perfect for women at any age. Everyone needs a little arm candy whether you are teenage girl who wants to show off her latest fashion finds, or a working adult who wants to add somwthing extra to your everyday look. When putting together my plethora of bracelets and bangles, I try to base my look off of 1-2 statement bracelets and then add 2-3 simple bracelets to compliment the statement bracelets. I try to change it up a little everyday, but stay true to my favorite staple pieces. My personal everyday arm candy look consists of two colorful statement bracelets, and two simple gold and silver bracelets to add a little extra to the overall look.

The Stacked wrist trend gives you the freedom to show off more of your jewelry collection and dust off those pieces you dont get to use as often. Do not be shy to pull out that bright and glamorous bangle you bought, but have yet to use! Incorporate your everyday jewelry with your fashion jewelry to display and fashionable and chic look. For those of you still catching on and getting comfortable with the trend, create a stacked polished look on one hand and wear a watch or a simple bracelet on the other. This is also a great tip for women who are in a formal work environment, but still want to show off their fashionista side.

Creating the perfect stacked bracelet look does not always have to be loud and crazy, it can be as simple as a few rhinestoned or diamond bangles with simple gold and silver bracelets to compliment. Tailor your look to your personal style and preferences. Make your look your own based on your mood and occasion for that day or night. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Arm candy is meant to be noticeable and fun, so don’t feel shy once you assemble your look! Flaunt it!