Be Gothic on a Budget

  • Sort Through Your Wardrobe
    Goth style is flexible and inclusive, so only a few basic rules determine whether a piece of clothing is Goth. First, look for any black or dark gray items in your wardrobe; these will almost certainly be appropriate for you to wear. Next, look out for any pieces in dark hues like midnight blue or deep purple, as these will complement your black base. Finally, certain other colors like white, red, and neon colors can also set off black outfits. If you happen to have any clothes that reflect Victorian or earlier eras, or are Punk, hang onto those, too.
  • Find Goth Clothes on the Cheap
    In this age, there are many options for finding quality goth clothes. Thrift stores and consignment stores have clothes in good condition that are affordable. It’s easy to find vintage pieces there as well. Look for black clothing (such as black velvet pieces or those with lace), and try to buy an entire outfit at once. That way, you know you’re not buying items that don’t work with what you already have.

Alternatively, the internet is an important source of cheap goth clothes. Look for online goth stores with reasonable prices.

  • Get Essential Accessories
    The right accessories can signal that you’re Goth without a lot of other cues. Pentagram or cross necklaces are particularly associated with Goths. Other common symbols include skulls, snakes, roses and spiders. For a punk look, you can experiment with tearing old clothes and placing safety pins on them. Fishnet stocking are also a staple of the Goth punk look.
  • Simple Goth Hair and Makeup
    Goths don’t have to wear any makeup or a particular hairstyle, but doing so can add glamor and individuality to your appearance. Dying your hair black is a classic Goth move. Some modern Goths tease their hair (give it volume by agitating it with a hair brush), then keep it in place with hairspray. Other simple and affordable techniques involve curls or braids.