Bikini Muffin Top

So in the last 5 years fashion trends have changed dramatically. Skinny is out, curvy is in so a little bikini muffin top is not a bad thing; it’s just part of the curves.

Most articles are going to tell you to go to the gym and do 10,000 sit-ups and run 10 miles three times a week until you can’t move and hate the gym.

We think differently, we think you should work out to stay healthy not to look great in your bikini, we think you look great already so simply stay healthy.

Now back to the point of this article, you have some bikini muffin top, rock it, it’s in style and most men think it’s attractive.

As for bikinis you have some options if you are concerned about it.

The string bikini is an excellent option, the strings typically will ride slightly below your bikini muffin top so they will not dig in or push up on the area. Wearing the string bikini is a great way to draw attention away from the area and it will not cause the area to bulge.

The banded bikini is another option for the bikini muffin top. The banded bikini has a much higher waist line that tends to not only control your waist but tends to hide the muffin top all together.

Monroe style shaping bikinis are made for this style of body. The idea behind a shaping bikini is to create an illusion of a longer torso which reduces the appearance of the bikini muffin top. The shaping bikinis are an excellent choice when it comes to slenderizing your appearance.

Sport or minimizing bikinis will control the muffin top area. In this case these full coverage bottoms will not only give you coverage but will also contour your body. The sport bikini is made of a spandex type material allowing full motion and control.

If you are really looking for coverage than the tankini might just be what you are looking for, typically the tankini bottom will give you control and confidence while the tankini top will cover up any extra. The tankini has become extremely popular in the last few years in all age groups.

Recently the vintage bikini has come back into style and they are great for bikini muffin top control. This style of bikini has an extremely high waist line virtually eliminating the area from view and tends to smooth things out.

There are also some really sexy belted or sashed bikinis on the market, they are really designed to conceal the area. Not only are these bikinis, functional but they are incredibly sexy and popular. The belt or sash offers some control but more importantly is covers the area in question.

The high waist minimizer bikini is an amazing bikini. It offers a wide waist band that not only covers the area but helps control the area. It has a build in, invisible control band that is incredibly comfortable and gives a great deal of control for your hip area.

Now were going to throw you a left curve and present to you the slider bikini. These bikinis are simply amazing. On each side of the bikini is a hidden sliding panel, so when you put the bikini bottom on, you can adjust how much hip area you want to cover. In other words, you can customize the bikini to your body type and show as much or as little area as you choose.

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