Carry Belts

You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about and researching your perfect gun and holster. Now it’s time to think about your belt.

A concealed carry belt must be thick and it must be firm. It needs to be made of leather (or a very thick, heavy duty canvas for casual/tactical wear), and has to have been expertly crafted.

You will be looking at a belt that is about 1.25-1.75 inches wide and could be.25 inches thick. Overall, a very thick, heavy belt.

Make sure the buckle is not overlooked. It must be as high quality as the rest of the belt to keep everything in place and not break.

First and foremost, a concealed carry belt is to keep your holster rigid.

When you need your firearm, you are going to go by instinct and draw. If your belt is not strong enough, your holster will pull and warp and come with the gun to some degree.

Even this one or two second slow-down caused by a ‘floppy’ holster can cost you your life in a situation where you need to draw your gun.

You want to be able to pull your gun up and out of the holster without much movement from the holster.

Secondly, your belt should keep the weight of your firearm, extra ammunition, and accessories distributed evenly.

Not only should you be thinking about utility, but also comfort.

It is vital that you consider comfort in all of your choices when it comes to CCW. If something is uncomfortable, you are a lot less likely to do it.

Furthermore, if you are struggling with discomfort, you might fidget, adjust your belt/pants, or even be distracted. All of these things can give you away and might even stop you from performing well when you need to use your weapon. If you’re uncomfortable, you can’t put your full attention to scanning your surroundings for threats.

Make sure that you choose a belt that you will actually wear. Don’t pick a casual belt if you typically carry when you are wearing a suit. Don’t pick a dress belt if you never wear a suit or dress clothes. Not only will you not like wearing it, but it could give you away.

This leads to a final point on remaining inconspicuous.