Cashmere Cardigans

If you want a fashionable layered look a cashmere cardigan would be a perfect choice in the mix.The most popular style of cardigan for both women and men is probably the simple v neck, however you can find interesting designs with edge patterns and finishes which do not have to be anything other than subtle, as often less is more. For example you can find contemporary rolled edged cardigans for women, where the sleeves, base and necklines have a gentle roll over effect. There are also cardigans with shawl collars which give added warmth as well as style.

Other styles include a ballet wrap for which can be worn tied at the front or left to hang loosely which in itself can look very fetching and flattering. Cardigans can also be done up by buttons, zippers, tie belts or belts. Another interesting twist to the zipped up cardigan is one with a hood added which gives a certain sporty and youthful look. Cashmere hoodies have a certain elegance that your normal cotton or woollen hoodies cannot achieve.

Cardigans come in a variety of lengths from the cropped to the full length cardigan and anything in between. Longer length cardigans can often be used to replace a coat, and look fabulous worn with a hat and a scarf, especially when made from cashmere. For example a base of black top and trousers and a top layer of silver grey cardigan, boots, hat and scarf would look really classy. Alternatively try a scarf in bright red, pink or a bright turquoise blue for a splash of colour. If you like to live in blue jeans but still want to look classy a sand or camel colour set against blue looks lovely, so team your jeans with maybe a navy top and a long length camel cardigan and accessories.

You can find them in an array of colours and styles, so you just need to be careful to select good quality cashmere. If you buy one made from one ply yarn it will not perform as well as one made from 2 ply or higher. You could consider purchasing from a specialist cashmere brand who give you details of the manufacturing side of their business rather than a high street store where getting this kind of information is rather more difficult.