Cashmere Jumpers

Clothes go through a huge amount of stress throughout their lifetime, so it’s no surprise that after a certain amount of time garments can become misshaped, stretched, shrunken, worn, torn and covered in pills. With this in mind it’s hard to see anything lasting forever, but Cashmere wool is different. There are people who continue to wear their cashmere jumpers after years and years of owning them and they still appear as if they were woven and bought yesterday.

This is because they’ve embraced the quality that cashmere offers and have shown their garments the respect they deserve. This includes following all care instructions throughout their life. Those who have only owned their cashmere jumpers for a short while are still discovering this, and if they follow in the steps of others, they too will have an item that will continue to be worn far into the future.

So how have these people managed this? It’s not so difficult. Most cashmere jumpers come with a ‘hand wash’ label which spells far too much effort for some, but really it’s not that difficult. When it comes to hand washing, it doesn’t need much. A gentle kneed and a little soak – but not for too long – and the use of a specialised cashmere shampoo is all it takes. Then gently squeeze and leave to dry on a flat surface, preferably on a towel so as to absorb any excess water. That’s it. No effort at all.

Taking care of those pills is another way to prolong the life of cashmere jumpers. Simply invest in a cashmere comb and after washing just comb the material. This gently removes those annoying little balls, and by doing this you’re actually consolidating the fibres, making the material more resilient and softer to the touch.
This is really all you need to do in an a bid to respect your garment – this and ensuring it is stored properly during the summer months, keeping it far away from the threat of wool-eating moths. Naturally wear and tear will play a huge factor, but even these can be prevented or resolved. If the material snags or tears, all you need to do is simply re-weave it and fix it.