Choose A Figure Flattering Dress

The first thing that you need to do is identify your body type. There are four body types, and they are as follows:

  • Triangle: broad hips and thighs with the torso drawing in to narrow shoulders
  • Inverted Triangle: broad shoulders which draw in to narrow hips and thighs
  • Boy Shape/Rectangle: evenly spaced hips, thighs, torso and shoulders – barely noticeable curves
  • Hourglass: this is the curvy figure with large busts and shoulders, narrower waist, and buxom buttocks, hips and thighs

Now, most people fall into one of these categories more than they do the others, but they are not strictly defined. There are a few rules for each aspect of the body shape. For example, there is a rule for slimming wide shoulders, and a rule for emphasising hips if you have none. We describe these rules below, as well as some rules pertaining to each of the four categories. Mix and match these rules according to your particular body shape to find the perfectly tailored solution. We recommend that you note these rules for future reference, just in case you cannot find this article at a later date.

  • Fuller tummy or boy shape: choose a skirt with a fuller body-one that flares out from the hips-to disguise a heavier tummy and to create curves at the hips.
  • Larger rectangular: to slim down a fuller figure, you need to choose floating fabrics and not those that cling too heavily.
  • Fuller tummy that is low set: you need to draw attention away from the larger part of the tummy (i.e. that bit just above the hips), and you can do this by wearing a dress with a higher waistline, or one that has a slight elastication just below the bust.
  • Larger shoulders: you need to wear dresses that sport an asymmetrical neckline. This will draw attention away from your shoulders and towards the bust and neck area. Avoid anything that emphasises the shoulders, such as a frilly collar or voluminous sleeves.
  • Large bust: if you want to downplay your breast size, then choose a square neckline to even out the curves. A v-shaped neckline will emphasise your cleavage, which in some cases can be slimming if you have a wide bust, but not a particularly protruding bust.
  • Small bust: choose a v-shaped neckline to emphasise the bust, but also try to choose a dress with a focal point in that area as it draws attention to the area, which naturally gives them an emphasis.