Clothing Styles for Big and Tall Men

Size matters a lot

Whenever you buy your clothes you should know your measurements. Because one common problem that is noticed while doing shopping for plus size men’s clothing is the lack of variety in colors and styles. So, take your size measurements correctly. Measure your chest across the shoulder blades and sleeves. Also make sure your pant size should be equal to your waist size and also correctly take the neck measurement which is often overlooked.

Jacket Style

When choosing your jacket try to buy a jacket that best fits you. The perfect style is a 2-button jacket with 1 button left undone. Make sure you can button the jacket up without any pulling and bunching because it’s necessary that the jacket goes to your hips in straight line. Also take one thing in your consideration that your arms move freely and you can sit down easily without too much pull on the seams in the jacket.

No difference between Big and Tall

There is no distinction between big and tall, it’s usually the combination of big and tall sizes. Many clothing items are made for tall men with huge size and for big men who are taller. It seems more difficult for the big men who are short and for tall man who are thin. But you can find a variety of sizes in plus size men’s clothing at online clothing stores.


If you are overweight then choose pants that properly fit on your waist especially if you carry weight in the stomach region. Find pants without pleats that provide a better fit as pants pleats always fall straight. But keep in mind, depending on the footwear you are wearing that pleats may lie differently. Pants are made with elastic and stretchable fabric that allows comfort. Be sure finding the right big and tall clothing that offers classic, up to date and a trendy look.