Crafting Stunning Earrings

When it comes to making items, either to keep for yourself or to give as gifts, the average person tends to feel that it is a task which is somewhat beyond them. After all, not many people have sufficient skills in carpentry to make furniture, such as, or are good enough at stitching and sewing to be able to design and create unique one off items of clothing. The good news, however, is that there’s a type of item which absolutely anyone can have a go at creating and which, with little knowledge or experience, can be made to the highest possible standard.

The items in question are pieces of jewellery. Since they are small objects, items of jewellery might seem to be natural choices for people to be able to craft in their own homes, but this is before taking into consideration the actual materials from which the items are crafted. Naturally, not many people are in a position to be able to purchase gold, silver or precious stones to work with, and so the challenge is to find materials which are aesthetically pleasing whilst, at the same time, being affordable.

The answer to this conundrum is to adopt the use of a feather motif around which to base your self- created jewellery. Whilst many people adopt peacock feathers with which to decorate their homes, the use of large feathers such as these is something which cannot be applied in the field of personal jewellery. When it comes to crafting items such as earrings, it’s clear that smaller feathers have to be used, although slightly longer versions might be effective as pendant style earrings.

The point is that, whether you opt for feather boas, black feathers or white feathers, they represent a material which is both natural and yet cutting edge and stylish. Even the simplest feather is multi-faceted and designed by nature to be eye catching, features which make them perfect for the design of bespoke jewellery.