Design A Snap Back Hat

Meet The Snap Back Hat

You’ve seen these hats your whole life. These are the immediately recognizable baseball caps, sometimes called trucker hats. The basic construction is the same no matter where you buy them: flat or curved bill, bendable rim with 5-6 triangular fabric panels that meet at the crown. The whole thing is topped with a button and has an adjustable exposed snap fastener at the back of it.

Things That Affect The Design Of A Snap Back Hat

  • Location. When you design a snap back hat, chances are you’ll have the graphic embroidered right on the front, above the bill. You could also have embroidery on the sides or anywhere else on the fabric, but the bill is the most common place for graphics.
  • Workable Area. Any image must fit within the embroiderable area. If it’s the front of the cap, this is generally 2 1/4 inches tall by 4 1/4 inches wide. Keep these parameters in mind when you create your graphic.
  • Detailing. Don’t overdo the details. Fine details will be lost on an embroidered hat and if the design is too busy, clarity can be lost once the image is shrunk down to fit on the cap. Stick with clean and simple lines for the best embroidery. Skip the details and aim for the big picture.

Getting Help From An Embroiderer

Of course a good embroiderer is the key component of creating a great hat. Before you hire one to help you design a snap back hat, ask them a few questions. This will give you an idea of their capabilities and experience with these types of hats. Expertise is important because these caps have some curve to them, which can be tricky to embroider on.

  • What is your level of experience embroidering snap back hats? The more experience they have, the better. They’ll be familiar with all the little tricks that can make the project go smoothly and have plenty of experience to draw on when working on your project. Embroiderers who work with these type of caps regularly will also have the tools needed to ensure your design is centered, solidly constructed and not flawed in any way.
  • Do you use hoops and stabilizers? Hoops and stabilizers hold the cap in place while it’s being embroidered. Without these tools you run the risk of crooked or puckered designs.
  • Do you have frames to fit my caps? Embroidery is done by computers nowadays. Frames work with the hoops and stabilizers to keep the cap centered and where it should be as it gets embroidered. Just as there are many different hat styles, there are many different sizes frames; you need one that fits your hat or the design will be off.
  • What file format do you use? Again, designs are embroidered by computers, not people; therefore you need to provide a digital file of your design that can be loaded into the computers that control the embroidery machines. You’ll probably have to provide a stitch file (.EXP, .DST, etc.) or an outline file (.CND, etc.). Most embroiderers will be able to digitize the image for you.