Diamond Earrings As Gifts


The simple diamond stud is a great example of the idea “less is more”. While small and simple, this little addition to your outfit places a touch of class to even the most casual wardrobe. Diamond studs are definitely a classic piece of jewelry. These tiny flashes of style are as popular today as they always have been, spanning the decades. Their simplicity and class just add the right touch to whatever you are wearing, no matter where you are.


Diamond hoops are obviously larger than studs and are mainly worn to create a visual impact. They come in various attractive styles and usually go well with a more dressy outfit. Hoops definitely stand out and come in all kinds of styles, going from smaller hoops to larger hoops. Shapes vary also, such as breaking out of the conventional circle into the classic heart shape. This is maybe not a great gift idea since different aspects come into consideration, such as face shape, clothes and hair style. Just remember, hoops don’t suit everyone.


Nothing says glamor like having diamonds dripping from your ears onto your shoulders. For the ultimate in dramatic effect, and usually those who can “carry it off” such as showbiz celebrities and the rich and famous, this is the way to dress up your party outfit. There are so many designs and ways to achieve this glamorous look it would take hours, maybe even weeks to choose the just the right pair. What a dilemma to have, indeed. Of course, this style of earring is probably not a great gift choice either because, as with the hoops, the personal taste and style of the individual comes very much into play.