Different Styles of Bikinis and the Importance of Reading Reviews about Them

Bikinis are every woman’s go-to. They are two-piece swimsuits with two triangles of fabric on the top covering the chest and two other triangle fabric covering the buttocks. Just as every woman has different body shapes and sizes and also prefers different styles of body wears, Bikinis come in various styles and sizes to fit every type of woman body shapes.

Reading about Frankies Bikinis will go a great deal to help in settling for the perfect Bikini size and style that suits one’s personality and taste.

High-Waisted Bikini

The High-Waisted Bikini is a perfect style for women who do not wish to reveal their waistline or have post-pregnancy stretch marks and are not comfortable showing them. This bikini style comes with a high waist bottom that covers the waistline but still looks elegant on the wearer.

String Bikini

The String Bikini style is for the women with enough confidence to own their body elegantly. The bikini comes in a string-like fabric that clings to the back down to the waistband. It is also quite revealing.


One of the good things about the Tankini is that it is a perfect fit and style for all body shapes. It is also one of the latest trends in fashion. There is a tank top with straps and a bikini bottom to go with it.

High-Neck Bikini

Women best wear the High –Neck Bikini when they have a full bust area as the upper half of the bikini, which is a high neck fabric, helps to accentuate the bust area. The style is also perfect wear for surfing, swimming, and other beach activities.


The Trikini style is quite revealing and best suits the skinny women. It has a bikini bottom and two pieces of fabric in the triangular shape covering the breasts.

Strapless Bikini

The Strapless Bikini is also popularly known as “Bandini” or “Bandeaukini.” This style is at its best with the hourglass-shaped woman wearing it. It has a bandeau bra and briefs to go with it.


This type of Bikini style is also a lovely one that is quite revealing. It covers the essential part of the genitals of both the women and men’s bodies. Just like the string bikini, the Microkini is worn by the confident and courageous.

Suspender Bikini

The suspender bikini is also known as the “Sling” or “Slingshot bikini.” The style perfectly fits women with a well-toned skin as it provides little coverage with straps around the neck to the lower back, leaving the midriff section of the body bare.

Flounce Bikini

Women with a full bust usually use this bikini style. The style helps to create the perfect look for them with its flounce halter parts.

Knowing the different styles of bikini is not enough. One also has to know the perfect fit and the latest styles in fashion. All these become possible through the adequate knowledge gained from reading reviews. Through reviews, one is intimated about the brand better, clients’ remarks or complaints about the brand’s level of satisfaction through their products and services rendered.