Essential Items for a Girls Wardrobe

The Little Black Dress

You may have heard this like a million times, a little black dress is one of the most essential items for every girl’s wardrobe. A little black dress will never disappoint you. Whatever may be the occasion, you can never go wrong when armed with this dress. You can wear it to the office with some simple silver accessories or can wear it to a party with some chunky jewelry. Wear it with a bright colorful scarf and stockings and you are perfectly dressed for a girl’s night out. Make sure you buy a dress according to your body type, try working on your strengths, and accessorize right.

A White Shirt

This is one more piece of clothing that is very versatile. A white shirt paired with blue jeans is a classic combination. You can wear it to work and pair it up with a black, blue, grey, or cream trouser or skirt. In fact, you could pair it with a bottom of any color of your choice. Pair it up with denim shorts, just peeking out beneath your shirt, and you are dressed for the beach. Accessorizing right is the key to any look. If you pick the wrong accessories you could even go wrong with something as simple as the white shirt.

Beige Heels

These heels will go with any look because of the sheer nature of the color. Beige is a color that can easily blend in with any type of look. It also has a calming effect, as in if your look is too loud you can balance that out with beige heels. Now, the choice of heels completely depends on your comfort level and confidence. You can go in for stilettos, wedges, pumps or kitten heels according to you’re the dress you are wearing. The most preferred heels are pumps as they are suitable for both work and parties

A Bright Scarf

It is a chilly winter morning and you are all covered up in a dull and boring overall. What you need is a dash of color that would lift up your whole outfit. A bright red scarf, or blue, or yellow scarf could give you that effect. You can also go in for other colors but make sure you choose the bright ones. Avoid colors like black, grey and beige; because the idea here is to add a dash of color to a boring outfit and not just to add another layer of clothing. These scarves would also blend in seamlessly with your little black dress and the classic white shirt.