Fashionable Pregnancy

Slip-on Shoes

Your baby bump can make strolling a little harder. Forget about wearing heels for the mean time and invest in flat slip-on shoes. It provides comfort while visiting your doctor or roaming around the mall for shopping. Slip-on shoes can also make you look slimmer despite your weight gain. Look for shoes with slightly pointy toes to make your legs look shorter. These can be great investments, as you can still step out in style using these pieces even after your pregnancy.

Maternity Dress

Pregnant women usually experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One of the common sentiments they have is not feeling attractive anymore. Their weight gain and body changes can have a huge impact in intensifying this kind of feeling. You do not have to undergo this, too. Maintain your appealing look and self-confidence by remaining fashionable; go buy stylish dresses that deserve a second look.

Look for dresses that can do the trick in making you look slimmer and emphasizing your assets. For instance, a wrap dress may play up your shape without restricting it. Dresses with V-neck showcase your growing bust line. Those with cross over ties or belts will help differentiate your breasts from your belly. This will help accentuate your feminine form, making you feel as if you do not have that bump at all.


Wearing leggings can make you fashionable all throughout your pregnancy. Get this must-have piece to make the mix-and-match of fashion pieces easier and more comfortable. Even if leggings are simple, you can make your outfit standout by pairing them with knee-high boots or ballet flats. This is the best maternity piece; they will never leave you as they also grow as your belly grows.