Features of Orthaheel Julie Strap Sandals

Among the most noticeable features of this product include:

  • A Built in podiatrist that has been tested before being used. This is designed and fitted in a way that ensures arch support to the wearer.
  • This outfit is also designed in a way that facilitates restoration of neutral or natural alignment of the foot. The manufacturer of this shoe came up with this design to ensure that the wearer achieves a dynamic functioning of the ankles, feet and the legs after wearing it for a while.
  • The motion control system for Tri-planar of this product is designed to ensure stability and support.
  • It is designed with a lightweight and flexible construction. The adjustable straps on the heels of this product add to the customization and stability of the outfit.
  • With the Tri-planar system for motion control, this outfit can be worn by people with over pronation or fasciitis conditions. Studies have also revealed that this product can be used in reducing pain associated with over pronation.
  • It has features that make it suitable for wearing by people with ankle and heel pain.
  • Some buyers says that this outfit gives them comfort after wearing it throughout the day due to the material used in its manufacture and its design.
  • Customization features of this product which include the adjustable straps are among the most highlighted feature of this outfit. They make it possible for people with different orthotics to wear it with ease. In addition, they make it possible to wear this product with ease during the day since one can adjust it whenever they want.