Match Scarf Knot Style With Mood

  • Belt beauty – This is for the corporate gal who is ready to take on any challenge. Fold the scarf or roll it long then thread it through each loop of the belt. Tie a regular knot in front and let the ends fall. You can turn the knot to the side for a little change in this bold style.
  • Sporty Sally – This type is for those who have an energetic style. Run the scarf like a bandana across your shoulders. The right way to do this is to fold it into a triangle first and then start rolling the broader end towards the narrower part. Roll only half the scarf and then throw it around your shoulders. Keep it in place with a simple knot.
  • Neat winter look – If you could not be bothered with people who are careless about things in their life but are the serious kind of woman then the double ascot knot is for you. Fold the scarf long into a belt like strip at least five inches in width. Put it around your neck with one end hanging at least one half longer than the other. Take the longer side and run it around your neck bringing it back to fold through the first loop of the scarf. Do this twice if you wish and then adjust according to length.
  • Head wrap – Want to tie up your hair in a trendy and neat way? Use a scarf in combination with your headband. Fold the scarf square and use the crease fold to align the scarf with your hairline. Take both the ends back beneath your hear and make a single knot. If you have a long enough scarf, you can bring the loose ends back to the front and tie another knot or simple let the scarf ends fall over your shoulders. A variation of this is the crown wrap in which you do not fold the scarf square but fold it all the way into a six inch wide belt. Then, align it with the hair and tie as before. The gypsy variation of this type of scarf use is when you tuck in the loose ends of the scarf instead of letting them hang beyond the knot.
  • Gym visit – This is just the ideal way to wrap your scarf if you are heading for the gym. Take an oblong scarf and fold it into half. You then have to pleat it lengthwise and place it across the front of your forehead. Hold it in place, take the ends back, and tuck them into a knot. You can slide it to the side and let the loose ends hang. However, whether you are going for a date or to a business meeting, you can toss a scarf around your neck without a knot and you are ready to go. It will still make you look trendy. That is the magic of scarves!