Men’s Hat Styling Guide

Panama Hats

Panama Hats are lightweight hats that are also light in color and breathable. Some say that the finest and genuine panama hats should be able to hold a gallon of water without letting even a single drop to leak. These hats are usually associated with the seaside and hence can be best complemented with loafers, sunglasses and summer-weight suits.

Trilby Hats

This hat is a fedora with a narrow-brim and is also known as “crumpled fedora”. Traditionally, it was made from rabbit hair but with the evolving time and fashion trends, it is now made from various materials like straw, tweed, and nylon/wool blends. It can be worn with cotton t-shirts, espadrilles and slim-fit shorts or cotton suits and driving shoes.

Flat Caps

These caps are ideal for working environment and at the same time can be great for a casual outfit too as this cap can be worn with pretty much any outfit. You can experiment this hat with cotton shirts, polo shirts, slim fit jeans, oxford shirts and also waist coats.


This is most commonly worn hat by all men. The pinch at the front with a crease of crown and snap of brim makes this hat style most personal and expressive. You can wear this with straight leg trousers, slim fit cotton shirts and also light weight blazers. This look can be a final touch with circular sunglasses and suede brogues.

Baseball Cap

This is probably the most common hat of all the options that are available in the market. It is one of the rare style pieces, which has changed very little over time. This cap can be seen as a part of outfit in everyday casual wear, so it is pointless to mention that it can work well with almost anything in between jeans, casual trousers, cotton t-shirts, sneakers, jackets and also suede boots.