Mix and Match Scarfs

Pairing up accessories could be a hassle but matching it up with the occasion wouldn’t be as bad as you think. Comfort and style shouldn’t be neglected in your everyday rituals. There are many styles of scarf to choose from but matching it with the rest of your wardrobe might be a problem when the prints and designs are just too crazy.

Settle in for neutrals for an elegant and safe choice. Simplicity won’t break the cycle, being too dressy will. Try pairing up long and narrow scarf with jeans and a badass blazer. When aiming for that monochromatic look, play with texture to avoid getting a dull overall look. Long and narrow pieces look great to with a simple sun dress and a pair of slip-on for that city chic feel.

Feeling preppy? You don’t have to be magical to wear a two-toned scarf. As a matter of fact, it’s a choice most preferred by students who wear uniforms. Great color coordination could lead to a perfect over all look. A bit of color to a monochromatic outfit would always look great. Just think, British education paired with stylish uniforms is just perfection.

On more laid back days you would want your mood to match with your over all look. Toss a soft chiffon scarf to match that laid back attire and hideaway in your favorite coffee shop or maybe a nice stroll in the park. Avoid throwing in random scarfs. Remember to keep the proportions of clothing. Loose clothing shouldn’t be paired with long thin ones.

Brighten up your day with vibrant colored pieces. Vibrant, solid colored ones do make a fashion forward statement. Not only does it catch attention it catches a bit of sunshine to your day. Soften up your outfit with various textures such as wool, pashmina, cashmere and chiffon. Match up a fitted graffiti tee with ones that bursts with colors.

Is the weather getting too cold for a formal event? Not to worry, cover up in style with elegant pashmina and knitted scarfs. When picking the right kind for a formal gathering, try to match your dress with one that has the same look. It is better to create an illusion that the scarf came with the dress rather than it rendered as a separate piece.

Wearing these fabulous accessories on special occasions calls for additional accessories as well. Secure it in place with a beautifully embellished brooch. Since there is no use wearing a necklace when it is resting on your shoulders, a matching brooch would accentuate your dress. Toss the other end of the fabric and rest it on your back for that more elegant feel. When aiming for that sweet image, let it hang loosely on your neck down to your abdomen.

Men shouldn’t worry about wearing scarfs as well. In fact, men wearing these are basically the trend these days. Casual savvy men pair up their perfect white tee with vests and scarfs hanging down the neck to accentuate their beautiful shoulders. Neutral pieces are much preferred than hounds hoot prints for men. It gives a nice and clean appearance without looking boring. Make the scarf hang loosely for that sexy vibe.