Motorcycle Scarf

Women like being fashionable that is why a motorcycle scarf is beneficial for them not only because they could use it for added protection but also to help them make a fashion statement. Known also as bandana, it is considered to be the most flexible and versatile fashion accessory there is. The ones made from cotton materials are inexpensive and quite frankly… are not as good as the silk variety. They come in a wide array of colors, patterns, textures and designs and they are very easy to launder and dry. In addition they are very easy and light to wear unlike other pieces of clothing accessory. There are hundreds of styles for using a motorcycle scarf but you should be familiar with the proper way of doing them.

Of all the styles there is, the Skullcap is said to be the trickiest and most challenging but then as they say if takes a bit of a challenge before you get it and actually not forget it. For one to be able to wear a bandana, one must need to know how to fold and tie them properly.

Almost all the styles begin with some kind of base. To learn it by heart you must practice it over and over again until you are good enough to make all the styles in one waive of a hand! The different bandana bases include: triangle base; adjusted triangle base; bind base; rolled bind base; square bind base; rolled square bind base; and the perfect bind base. After you have familiarized yourself with the bandana bases, you could go on with the bandana styles. For the Head Styles: skull cap; scarf look; over the face; and headband. For the Body Styles: protect the neck; necklace; bracelet or wrist; leg, knee or thigh; and bicep, elbow or forearm.

There is also another style known as “pocket”. This is done by bringing the bind bases together and then you tuck the folded end into your pocket, and you are done. After you have been familiarized with the bandana basics, you may proceed to adding some more edge into your look by putting some adornment into your bandanas.

You could add bling, brooches and even jewelry. You could actually use rhinestones, charms and iron on decals. You could also attach bits and pieces with a thread, glue or even safety pins. If you are more eccentric in detail, you might want to add unusual but charming metallic buttons. Laces, tassels, small badges and pins could also be added. You could be downright playful and creative in making your own motorcycle scarf or bandana. You could go as far as acrylic paints and glitter. You could sew your name or embroider it with your favorite emblem or design. You could always use your bandanas, even for an everyday use. Just be creative and be confident when wearing it.

Who says motorcycle scarves are just for boys? With more than a dozen ways to wear them for ladies, you’ll never run out of style. Trying to look tough and able is the way to say it, but there are also styles that show more of a lady. Wear your motorcycle scarf and make a statement.