Neutral Brown Scarf

Accessories are what make an outfit work. It usually is a make or break situation, really. Sometimes, it is better to not have accessories on you but sometimes, an outfit needs a little extra touch of this. A brown scarf might not be the first choice that comes into mind when looking for an accessory but the subtle effect that it gives to an outfit is actually much better to the more obvious results of wearing a bright pink scarf or even a green scarf.

If you want an earthy feel or a warmer touch to your outfit, you should go for a brown scarf. It tones down whatever crazy colors that you have on you. It may look really bland at first but if you style it the right way, it can do wonders to your ensemble. Wearing a scarf in this color can also make you look really relaxed and not too dressed up. It basically just gives you a down-to-earth laid back look. Whenever you want to take this approach, make sure that you know how to mix your colors. Brown is not always complementary to other hues.

The best way to style a brown scarf is by going boho. This way of dressing up is really big in a Fashion sense and it actually requires a great deal of creativity and experimentation to make something like this work and look chic and not at all hideous. Warm tones can automatically achieve this boho look. All you really have to do is pile on layers of clothes, mostly loose tops and then top it off with a scarf. Of course, there are so many aspects to this genre. If you are unsure what to do but you want to attempt such way of dressing up, it is best to go online and look for pictures of celebrities that love to sport this look. There are also a lot of video tutorials that can instruct you on what to do and how to do this well. After going over them, surely, you will be able to perfectly pull off this kind of look.

A green scarf in a warm hue is very complementary to a brown scarf. Both colors are part of the warmer tones and wearing them can either make you look really fashionable in an eclectic way or make you look really dull and hideous. You just have to be careful with what colors you match them with. Wear textured pieces in order to avoid looking plain and monotonous. Just because you are wearing a brown scarf does not mean that you immediately come off as boring. Use your creativity to prove people wrong. Brown can be as chic as any other color there is.