Orthaheel Mia Supportive Sandals

The footwear also features an inbuilt podiatrist design. It helps to provide arch support and to restore natural alignment of the foot. They are also medium width sandals that allow you to walk comfortably on wood, asphalt and concrete. It also helps to provide maximum support, stability and prevent any misalignment on the ankles, hips, knees and heels. Additionally, it helps to prevent excessive pressure on your back and they are designed in a unique way to avoid flattening your arches.
Orthaheel Mia Sandals feature lightweight construction and are highly versatile. They are therefore good for persons suffering from plantar fasciitis because they combine design and functionality to relieve pain associated with the condition.

There are also available in footwear and insole models. Therefore, you have freedom to choose the most ideal for your needs. Some of the most popular styles you will find in the market include: Slides; Clogs; Flip flops; Athletic shoes; Boots; Slip on shoes; Slippers among others.

They feature Tri Planar motion design to provide maximum support and stability to the feet. Therefore, they can be used by athletes because they enhance your performance and provide all day comfort. Similarly, they help the feet to recover and prevent any possible pain on the ankle, heel and the feet in general. The sandals are also easily customizable and are designed with quality cushioning in the forefoot and heels to ensure high levels of comfort after sports, when out for a beach walk or when running simple errands.

The shoes also feature triple density midsoles, outsoles and footbeds. They help to keep the feet comfortable all day long. They are the kind of footwear that you can wear if you want to achieve superior motion control. This is based on the type of material used on the footwear as well as overall contouring design.