Pantone Color

Pantone colors – the bible for every company to color reference- the factories making the designs in Asia, India and Central America who are responsible for dying the merchandise wouldn’t have a color reference to achieve.

Every year, the company hosts a vote for a particular color for the upcoming year. Colorist leaders around the globe have presentations and debate on the matter. In the fashion and interior realm, designers and staff use these little color swatch cards to create their upcoming collections based on the colors chosen. It is the key piece of communication between the designers in New York and their fulfillment factories in China. Interior designers use the new color combinations to create textiles for the home that reflect the primary color and further translate it for consumers.

The 2013 color of the year is Emerald Green. This warm jewel tone is the hue of new life, beauty, and new prosperity. Within different cultures and religions around the globe in agreement with this colors meaning, color forecasters feel like this color will rejuvenate people within the home and with the fashion industry collectively. This hue will be translated to all price points for consumers as well as the beauty industry. The beauty and fragrance retailer, Sephora, plans to even launch their first pallet of eye shadows in relation to the Pantone color this upcoming March. The limited edition pallet will include hues of greens and blues for women to create the perfect jewel tone eye.

Whether you’re in personal agreement for the popular color of the season or not, Pantone LLC makes the rules. If you’re favorite color happens to be in agreement with the presidential color, may you redecorate with ease. However, all other colors do not take the back seat and are forgotten throughout the year. Some colors maybe harder to obtain in stores and online though because of this reason. Not to worry, many retailers keep the rest of the rainbow in mind while designing their collections.