Peplum Style

The peplum style has been trending for a while now and if you’re a woman you should have at least one pair of this style in your closet. This style works for all shapes! What makes it suiting for most shapes is the flared extra material that’s laid on top of a fitted base whether it is a dress, shirt, skirt or jacket.

If I can further describe it, it is like an over skirt thrown on top of you most fitted dress, skirt of shirt like a pencil or narrow skirt.

The skirt part of the peplum can come in all ways. It can be short, long, or even restricted to the sides of the waist. I have seen it execrated, protruding, almost 3-D like as well.

The advantage of the peplum to a curvy shape is it further accentuates the curves; the flared material allowing for the waist to look even slimmer. As for slimmer figures it creates the allusion of curves because of the balance of material (tight and loose). Voila now they, too, can look like an hourglass! And an added plus is if your trying to hide a pouch, well the over-skirt covers it!

Besides the fact that it can be worn by anyone, other advantage it holds is versatility. As mentioned earlier peplums can be seen in dress, shirts, skirt and jackets. No one has thought of putting it on pants yet,I have yet to see that. Historically, it was longer and that has yet to resurface but as they say fashion goes around so we’ll see.

Versatility wise, the peplum, can be worn pretty much anywhere; from the office to a night out in town. Of course, this includes taking fitting and length in consideration in an office setting. A less dramatic over skirt would be more fitting for a professional setting. Also, a darker color would be more fitting-if color blocked it should still be with dark colors. As for your night out and festivities have fun! One can easily further cinch their waist in this style by throwing on a statement belt or rock it with a fitted skinny jeans underneath. It’s your peplum, style it as you please, it’s hard to go wrong with this ubiquitous trend!