Retro Hats

It’s not uncommon for hats that were popular decades ago to still be the envy of the chic. The wide brimmed decorated wool hat is one such example that became popular in the sixties. This type of hat is still readily available at the local mall, retailers and on-line vendors.

One astonishing popular hat from the 20’s and 30’s was the feather hat, made entirely of feathers on a wool base. An example of this classic style is a single, but excessive feather, which increased the height to the individual as well as appeal to the outfit. This kind of feathered design is still a common hat in the current accessory marketplace.

When the feathered hats were first introduced, it’s interesting to note that only the flamboyant and lavish were the ones wearing them. However, the trend quickly changed and even the conservative and reserved began wearing the feathered hat more frequently. As with all fashion tendencies, what goes around, comes around, so it’s no surprise that they are hot again with the young and hip.

Another interesting period that introduced many entertaining and intriguing hats was the 70’s. The humble and moderate pill box hat was re-made in a more exploded looking pill box hat, for lack of a better description. The new pill box was much larger than the moderate original, decorated with paisley arrangements, and metallic thread, which all added to its silliness. These hats that were once popular were outdated by the eighties. Nowadays, this kind of hat brings a high price and are yet again the joy of classic hat enthusiasts.