Scarves Rock

Scarves also add color and pattern which can help to boost any outfit and bring it from ordinary to va-va-voom!

Furthermore, scarves add dimension to outfits because there are thousands of ways you can wear a scarf when you change the type of scarf, the knot you use or even the accessory you use, such as adding a scarf ring. Although there are so many ways you can wear a scarf, so many styles could be overwhelming so we wanted to break it down into 3 easy tips that you could use for any outfit.

Grab some scarves from your collection or your favorite boutique and follow these three basic steps on how to wear a scarf.

  • The Fold and Loop- this kind of fold is best worn when your scarf is a light-weight pashmina. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and wrap it around your neck. One end of the scarf will be a loop and the other end with be the tail ends of the scarf. With the loop end, take the scarf tails and pull them through. This knot is also called the European Loop and is great over a coat or with a blouse.
  • The Basic Neck Wrap- This style is good for long and narrow scarves. You just simply wrap around the scarf on your neck once and let the tails of the scarf hang down your back. This style is appropriate for indoor wear and also look great when you want to add small detail but nothing to take away from the main focus of another fashion accessory.
  • The Square Cowboy- Small to medium sized square scarves are appropriate for this style. Fold the scarf once in a triangle and then place the long folded edge around the front of your neck, with the scarf tails at the back. Then you will tie the scarf tails in a basic knot (just like you would tie the first knot when tying your shoes). You can do another basic knot so the scarf doesn’t slip off or you can use a scarf ring.